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Admiral Ackbar Soap is doomed to be rubbed all over your nooks and crannies until he dissolves. Little hairs stuck on him and whatnot. The horror!

But he’s not alone. Nerdy Soap makes all kinds of, uh…nerdy soaps—including several Star Wars characters that you can lather up with. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


The Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT vehicle made her debut at SDCC and stole a lot of hearts. I saw that it is finally available for pre-order this morning and just about knocked myself out flailing. Having seen this thing up close and personal, I’ve never wanted a Star Wars vehicle more.

This baby walks via remote control, fires NERF darts, and comes with 3 3.75-inch action figures (Sergeant Jyn Erso, droid C2-B5, and an Imperial AT-ACT Driver). You can also take out the cargo crate and turn it into a playset, complete with a zipline.

It will be available at Target starting on December 1st, or you can pre-order online at Entertainment Earth to save yourself the shopping madness. Both are listing it at $299.99. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Kylo Ren has come to lead the ranks of the Build-a-Bear Order and the Dark Side has never been more adorable. It’s the latest addition to their cuddly Star Wars collection.

The Kylo Ren bear is priced at $35, and you can add his costume for $18 along with a plush version of his lightsaber that lights up and makes noise for $12. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


That’s right Star Wars fans, you can now get up in the middle of the night to pee with the light of Kylo Ren or Darth Vader’s lightsaber to guide you. Each lightsaber floor lamp stands over 5 1/2-feet tall and the brightness can be controlled with a remote. You know what it reminds me of? [click to continue…]


It appears that Jawas have grown tired of the desert, deciding instead to hang out on your lush green lawn. Curiously, all of the other lawn ornaments in the neighborhood have gone missing. Rumor has it that a Monster Gnome is in the works, and everyone is a little on edge about it. The fact that your 16-inch Jawa has glowing (solar powered) eyes isn’t helping.

Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornament ($79.99)


Stressed? Nerd Approved is your source for nerdy coloring books for adults. Therefore, it is our duty to inform you that Art of Coloring Star Wars: Rogue One is happening and it is available for pre-order now with shipping slated for December 20th 2016.

It’s early yet, but as the cover image reveals, there will be “100 images to inspire creativity”.

Art of Coloring Star Wars: Rogue One ($15.99)

star wars clock

If you find a cuckoo-style clock that’s Star Warsier than this, you buy it.

The clock features two sculpted figures of Luke and Darth Vader dueling with glowing lightsabers while Emperor Palpatine looks on. The clock itself resembles a Star Destroyer, and it features a pendulum that displays the Rebel and Imperial insignias along with two flanking lightsabers. And yes, it will play the Star Wars theme song—for 45 seconds every hour on the hour (or at the touch of a button). Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

build a bear boba action set

Build-A-Bear has a new addition to their Star Wars line and he’s the cutest (and fluffiest) bounty hunter ever.

The Boba Fett Bear comes with that signature armor and cape, and you can get his blaster either separately or as part of a set.

I wonder how Wicket would look with Boba’s blaster. Hmmmmmm.

You can build your Boba Fett today, so if you’re in the UK, you could have him in time for Celebration. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

star wars holograms

I think that every Star Wars fan wants a hologram-projecting droid. At least, I do.

These full-parallax Star Wars 3D hologram displays might be the next best thing. There’s one with R2 projecting Leia of course, but you can also get versions featuring Kylo Ren, the trench run battle and Han Solo in carbonite. There’s also a display that can be purchased separately to illuminate the holograms. See more designs after the break…


I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars bookends in my day, but I think I’ve just found my new favorites. Etsy seller MokuShop uses wood to create Star Wars bookends based on the Death Star and AT-ATs.

He also did a Deadpool versoin. You bet I put it in this post because, Deadpool. See more after the break…