Here’s the perfect thing for the gamer who takes the time to step away from the game console now and then. It’s an officially licensed bag for a real game of Mario golf. It’s faux leather with all sorts of great details like Super Star zippers and a Mushroom nametag. Look for this to be available in Japan sometime this summer.

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If there’s one thing about geeks, they know how to throw an impressive birthday party. For example,  Tom Scott recruited hackers and makers to build a crazy-amazing mini-golf course for his 10,000th day on Earth. He took over space in a Grade II listed building, and his team set up holes inspired by Portal, Minecraft, Crystal Maze, and more.

If you’re near the Derby Maker Faire on June 3, you can even play.

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Nerd Approved reader Tracey sent us a link to her Etsy shop where she is selling all sorts of geeky knitted headcovers. Even if you are playing horribly, you’ll have to smile ever time you reach for a club.

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By the looks of things, this Batman Tumbler golf cart can tear through just about any terrain. Considering how you play, you’ll need something like this to find your ball.

The cart is actually the very impressive work of a Batman superfan that happens to work on the Warner Bros. lot. It even features sound effects from the actual vehicle. Not sure if that jet engine is functional though. If it is, you could probably complete 18 holes in like 30 minutes.

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tiger woods condoms

Dropped by some of his biggest sponsors, Tiger Woods has stooped to endorsing condoms. Of course, Tiger really isn’t credible as a condom spokesman since he rarely ever uses them himself. Zing!

Product Page ($5)


You’ve already given your truck a nutsack, so why not your golf bag? Unfortunately, it’s not quite anatomically correct—one golf ball should be hanging lower than the other.

Product Page ($12)


This umbrella has enough features to keep your avid golfer satisfied. The umbrella has a handle that makes it appear as a golf club when put in your bag, it has an electronic score keeper in the bottom of that head and it will also show you what time it is. The ability to get you to the course on time, keep you dry and keep you from trying to keep score on a soaking wet scorecard all combine to make this a perfect Christmas present for the golfer geek in your family.

Product Page (£29.99, about $48)


Your typical ball marker in golf is a pretty tame affair, but these alien golf ball markers have a different way of marking it. Like your dog marks his territory, this alien is marking your spot on the green with a personal touch. Just look for where he left his mark to replace your ball in the correct spot. You can be pretty sure which ball marker is yours when you use this one.

Product Page ($15.99)

teed off

…the game “Teed Off” comes along. The objective is simple—get the golf ball on the tee. But, like the games you might find at a fair, that is probably easier said than done.

Product Page (£13 or $22)

div pro

Pray you never play golf behind a foursome making use of the Div Pro. Like other golf tools, it can fix divots, mark balls, clean the grooves on clubs and help to keep your grips in good shape—but it also has a couple unexpected features. It can hold cigars and puncture cans so you can shotgun beers.

Picture the guys in front of you laughing, smoking, drunk off their ass and hacking their way around the golf course. Will they let you play through? Of course not. You confront them, they don’t appreciate it, and the next thing you know you are teeing off on one of their faces with your driver. It happens all the time. Additional images are available after the break.

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