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Nicola Pavan of Pavan Wood Works has taken instrument making to a whole new nerdy level by utilizing LEGO in the construction of an electric guitar.

Pavan assembled the guitar over a six day period and pointed out that the hardest part was acquiring the necessary pieces. The whole thing is held together with a bit of glue and screws (even purists will probably give him a pass in this case) and you can see it in action in the video after the jump.

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tardis guitar 1

If you’re ready to make your music sound bigger on the inside, you need to order a Police Box cigar box guitar from R Brand Guitars. They designed this instrument to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and the box guitar features the blue TARDIS police box and Gallifreyan designs on the neck. They’re made to order, and R Brand Guitars is only crafting a limited number of these beauties. They’re $150 each, and while they probably can’t go through time and space, they can produce lovely tunes.

More photos of the custom guitar after the break.

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This cover of the theme song to Back to the Future is simply incredible. It’s the work of Gregory Johnson of Acoustic Labs who will make you wish you never gave up those guitar lessons you started taking when you were just a kid. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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lord of the rings guitar 4

Sharpies plus a guitar plus talent and creativity equals one hell of a piece of guitar art. The talented Vivian Xiao used permanent markers to illustrate the Lord of the Rings on an acoustic guitar. She included oliphants, Minas Tirith, Rivendell, Lothlorien, the Two Towers, an eagle, and even Bag End. How did she fit all of it on the surface?! It’s way too lovely to touch and risk smudging!

Check out more close-ups and the back of the guitar (it’s just as fabulous) after the break.

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This beautiful hand-painted Calvin and Hobbes guitar is a one-of-a-kind piece that was posted by Redditor BigWiggly1. It’s his old guitar, but his girlfriend gets all the credit for actually painting the image. They started by sanding it all the way down to the bare wood before painting it with acrylic paint. It’ll be finished up with a clear-coat to protect the image and he’s hoping it will be playable. If not, he plans to just display it on a wall.

(via Reddit)

This ridiculously high quality custom Mario guitar is actually available for sale for those willing to spend $489 AUD or around $505 US. Not a bad deal if you ask us. Plus each guitar is individually hand airbrushed.

As for the sound, you can check out a video of the guitar in action after the break along with a few extra pics. Skip to 7:30 to listen to the Mario theme.

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You can make guitars look like anything these days, and some creative folks are really pushing it. Travis Stevens just built this Han Solo frozen in carbonite guitar for Evanescence co-founder Ben Moody. I like the design even if it means the player is going to be strumming Han in some uh, interesting places.

Stevens isn’t a stranger to figuring out wacky custom instruments; he also came up with a rocking Millennium Falcon guitar. If you’re crazy about music and Star Wars, I think you should get in touch with the the artist, order these two guitars and add this R2-D2 design. Then again, I’m an enabler when it comes to buying anything Star Wars.

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Guitar builder James Hutchinson has announced The Cybertech T-RON—a TRON-inspired electric guitar that you can actually buy. From the press release:

The Cybertech T-RON draws its namesake from Disney’s 1982 Sci Fi classic ‘TRON’ by taking Hutchinson’s original Cybertech concept and applying a retro-futuristic ‘living circuit’ theme, with dazzling light pipe inlays across the body.

A pair of Gibson humbuckers provides iconic analog warmth which is easily transformed by the recessed XY Midipad and further augmented by the on board Ghost MIDI interface system. Incredible arrays of tones and effects have been painstakingly engineered into this guitar.

Locking tuners complement a custom made through-body string retainer in solid brass, assuring stable tuning and ample sustain. The high gloss paintwork has been evenly worn by hand, creating a finely textured surface to better showcase the lighting system, whilst offering a robust and roadworthy finish.

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Not a lot could make the Mos Eisley Cantina cooler, but it would have been pretty awesome to see a member of the Modal Nodes playing an R2-D2 guitar. Hey, it could still happen in the next extra special edition.

Anyways, this amazing electric guitar was customized by a guy named Doug. Who doesn’t need a musical instrument with a Star Wars theme? He found most of the parts to build the guitar on Craigslist:

The body is custom cut from 2 pieces of poplar. The neck was ordered from a custom place here in SF. Most of the guitar guts were from a used Ibanez I got off of Craigslist. The details of the guitar were hand painted with acrylic paint. The front and back are protected by clear acrylic sheet which I cut and beveled by hand using a Dremel (also found on Craigslist).

Yep. I still stand by my statement that everything is better when it looks like R2-D2.

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Arthur Yet Lew’s second TARDIS-themed guitar is appropriately titled “Patrick Troughton”.

(Arthur Yet Lew via Nerd Bastards)