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We’ve seen a lot of a cappella vocal tracks over the years, but this impressive performance by Dan Buckley is about reproducing voices—66 of them to be exact—as part of his cover for “This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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This iPhone video prank is devious, hilarious and all-around pretty clever: Jack Vale asked random strangers to take a picture of him with his cellphone. But what the people didn’t know is that he’d installed a pre-recorded video of a fake “ghost girl” walking through the camera frame. So when they pick up the camera to take the picture, said ghost girl drifts by mysteriously. Scary stuff, right?

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Renaissance faires are loud and bright and full of people having fun, but the buildings of the abandoned Virginia Renaissance Faire are the stuff of nightmares. The faire ran from 1996 to 1999 and since then it’s been slowly decaying. It would make the perfect location for a haunted Halloween adventure, if you were brave enough to wander on the grounds after dark.

Photographs: Sean Toler Photo

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Youtuber and innovative decorator treehorn89 is pulling out all of the stops this Halloween: He’s created an impressive light show outside of his home that’s synchronized to Awolnation’s killer song “Sail.”

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Guillermo del Toro directed the opening sequence to this year’s Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode and it’s as brilliant and epic as you would expect. Check out the video after the break and see how many horror movie references you can find.

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genius idea

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cabin in the woods

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are infamous. I’m too much of a wimp to check out the event, but fans of horror and being scared seem to love attending every fall. This year they’re going for an extra special twist by working with director Drew Goddard to create a maze based on his film The Cabin in the Woods. It’s a smart marketing move. Universal recently spoke to Zap2it about the plan:

“We are building the cabin completely. You’re going to walk through a forest to get there. You’re going into the cabin. You’re going to go into the cube cells. We’re literally taking everything we can in the film and giving you a kind of best-of montage of the film with this kind of linking story,” Universal Orlando Entertainment Team member Michael Aiello tells Zap2it. “You’re going to be in the control room when merman attacks.”

Guests entering the maze will be inserted into the story. Plot points will be incorporated, and it will definitely be like a movie walk through of sorts. They’ll change some parts – the final scene definitely won’t be the same. Goddard and team are still developing the script, but you can bet whatever they create for fans will be incredibly memorable.

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Hobbit Halloween

Merry and Pippin have always been mischievous hobbits. But it looks like they went a little too far in this not-so-little prank they pulled on Sam and Frodo where they dressed up as two spooky wraiths.

Aragorn comes riding in and teaches them a lesson, but just when they think they’re out of the doghouse, someone else comes along to finish what they started–only this time, it’s not a joke anymore.

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New York Botanical Gardens gets into the Halloween spirit by putting up a giant carved pumpkin display every year, and this year’s version is extra awesome. They had Villafane Studios design and build a 6′ zombie with its insides falling out. It’s also pulling a host of undead out of the ground. Creepy.

It looks amazing, and it was quite the feat. Ray Villafane and his team carved three of the largest pumpkins grown in the U.S. to make the display – one of them weighed in at 1,872 pounds! The zombie pumpkins will be up at the Gardens until 10/31; go see them before they rot.

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