Gamer and LEGO builder Nick “Nick Brick” Jensen has created an impressive, life-size replica of the Halo 5: Guardians MA5D Assault Rifle using a whopping 3,250 bricks. The massive weapon includes all the bells and whistles from the game like a BR sight, DMR scope, Suppressor, and an Energy bayonet. Measuring 33-inches, the LEGO rifle weighs 5.5 pounds and even has a squeezable trigger.

Jensen’s Halo 5 gun will be on display during BrickCon 2015 next month in Seattle if you want to check it out in person. In the meantime, more awesome images and a video are available after the break.

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This bit of gaming wizardry is the work of Jimmy Boswell who pulls off an incredible shot in Halo. It ricochets off of no less than six different surfaces before killing the enemy with a headshot. If that wasn’t enough, the shot was also part of a double kill.

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The Needler is an iconic weapon from Halo, and soon you’ll be able to play with a toy dart gun version from Mattel that appears to be based on the BOOMco Twisted Spinner.

It was spotted at Toy Fair in New York City over the weekend and it’s got darts that glow and will stick to specially treated surfaces.

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This model of the Pillar of Autumn from the game Halo might not be scale, but it’s absolutely huge! It measures 7′ long, weighs 200 pounds and took Lee Jones 3.5 years to build.  He estimates that all those Lego cost about $7,000.

It was shown at BrickWorld and BrickCon earlier this year, and you get a real sense of this thing’s size when you see the people milling about in the background. The BrickPodcast also interviewed Jones at BrickWorld to find out more about this incredible build.

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You haven’t played Halo until you’ve played the Nic Cage edition. This mod puts his face on everything. He is Master Chief. He is also a moon, a butt, and a pair of boobs. I am not making this up. You simply have to watch the video to appreciate what Nic Cage can do for Halo.

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halo singing

The latest craze these days seems to be finding somehwere with suitable acoustics and singing the theme from Halo. We’ve heard a guy bust out the haunting tune in a stairwell, and now Max has done the same in an empty chapel in Switzerland. The reverb in the church makes his a cappella performance sound like an entire choir is singing. It’s spine-tingling.

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We’re not sure how this Halo 3 Easter Egg remained a secret for so long–seven years to be precise–but the cat’s out of the bag now. Team Beyond noted that Bungie has been teasing this Egg for a bit. In fact, former Bungie developer Adrian Perez, currently at Sucker Punch, once said the following in a community Q&A:

Q: What is your proudest moment in your time at Bungie?

A: Showing my wife the Easter egg I put in the halo 3 loading screen for her – the one that nobody has found yet.

YouTuber Lord Zedd finally found the Egg, and it seems that if you click in both thumbsticks while waiting on the Halo 3 loading screen on December 25, a special video will start. Once you slow the whole thing down, you’ll see a simple birthday message that Perez wrote for his wife, Lauren.

Oh, all the feels!

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There’s a new record for beating Halo: Combat Evolved and it belongs to Andrew “goatrope” Halabourda who did it in just 1 hour and 38 minutes. The exact record is 1:38:57 which beat the old record of 1:41:15 which was also set by Halabourda. It’s incredible to see how quickly he reacts to enemies since he knows exactly where they’re hiding. His knowledge of the game is so detailed that he’s even shared it through docs detailing glitches and how combat affects game time.

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Tony Swatton of Man at Arms loves crafting his own personal takes on famous weapons from popular movies, TV shows and video games, and he’s finally done the big one: the energy sword from Halo. I wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to pull it off, but Tony, as expected, didn’t disappoint.

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This unbelievable model of the Halo UNSC Spirit of Fire colony ship measures 7-feet long and took over four years to build. It was put together by Mark Kelso who received the ship’s specifications from designer Heikki Anttila who worked on the original 3D modeling for the ship. It’s got an insane level of detail that included removing all the Lego studs to make the ship look like a real scale model.

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