You might remember the case that turns your iPhone into a real, working Game Boy that Hyperkin jokingly / seriously teased for April Fool’s Day last year. Well, Neowin made an interesting discovery at E3 expo in Los Angeles this week. They got a chance to see the thing working fo’ real on the show floor. [click to continue…]


Hyperkin (makers of the RetroN 5 game console) pulled an internet April Fool’s product joke straight from ThinkGeek’s playbook to gather feedback on their new product. With tons of retro gaming emulators on the market for your PC, the “Smart Boy” will actually let you play old Nintendo Game Boy cartridges on your iPhone.

Chris Gallizzi, of Hyperkin’s design and product development team, released a few photos of the iPhone case design on Reddit. It started out as a “joke”, but was quickly greenlit. He even revealed that an open side-panel version for Android phones is in the works.

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batmobile iphone case

We were obsessed with making phones smaller and smaller. Lately, Apple has been obsessed with making phones bigger and thinner. Now you’re obsessed with making your phone into a perfect replica of a Tim Burton-era Batmobile. Thats what I call progress.

Seriously though, if you don’t mind your iPhone 6 becoming completely unwieldy, this Batmobile case is undeniably badass. It looks great, but there are also features like LED lighting, a utility belt covering the home button and a friggin’ projector on the back that shines the Batman logo on the wall.

It’s waaaaay over-the-top, and that’s why we love it. Check out more pics and a demo video after the break…

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iphone pics 1

The constant presence of smartphones have helped us see the world in a different way. Many of us are guilty of spending too much time with our heads turned downward looking at our phone, but the device can also inspire us. History professor Francois Dourlen uses his iPhone to insert scenes from movies into real life settings; it’s creative and the effect is amusing. Dourlen explains:

Like many people, I always imagine weird things when I walk in the street, when I work or when I’m home. But I never found a good way to tell what goes through my head.

One day, wanting to make a joke with friends, I replaced a statue of Napoleon in Cherbourg with a picture of my little pony in my phone and took a picture. I had so much fun that I put it on facebook, people immediately liked.

He’s made memorable images with scenes from Lord of the Rings, Thor, Edward Scissorhands, and more. They’re all fantastic.

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You don’t need magic to keep your cell phone free of scratches, but a Harry Potter themed case certainly wouldn’t hurt. Etsy seller The Sorcerer’s Phone crafts creative cases by hand with sealers and papers. It’s a minimalist take on the Boy Who Lived, and it can live with you for an affordable price. Turnaround time for the case is 30 days and it can me made for a wide range of phones including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Product Page ($25.99 via Oh Gizmo)


Sure, The Doctor may have his sonic screwdriver, but we 21st-century humans have something almost as good: smartphones! The only drawback is that you have to charge them frequently. But now Doctor Who fans can charge their smartphones, especially their iPhones, with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand. It’s laser-etched, and is made from blue acrylic. It also holds a notch for a charger. Added bonus: you don’t need The Eye of Harmony to power this TARDIS! You’re welcome.

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zombiephone copy

This iPhone video prank is devious, hilarious and all-around pretty clever: Jack Vale asked random strangers to take a picture of him with his cellphone. But what the people didn’t know is that he’d installed a pre-recorded video of a fake “ghost girl” walking through the camera frame. So when they pick up the camera to take the picture, said ghost girl drifts by mysteriously. Scary stuff, right?

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There are all sorts of cute little phone docks out there, but this one is the most impressive we’ll likely ever see. It was built by George Dinkel and took him six months of work. The iReliquary 1.0 includes rhinestones, polymer clay and gold and silver powder. It’s also a Bluetooth sound system. What’s he going to do when Apple changes they shape of their phones again?

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Universal Uclick has had online access to many classic comic strips but now they’ve partnered with GoComics to create a free GoComics mobile app that gives readers access to its catalog of comic strips, comic panels and editorial cartoons. This free app will include comics like Peanuts, Bloom County, Doonesbury, Garfield and even Calvin and Hobbes.

Though this is the first place to legally read Calvin and Hobbes online, it is unclear whether or not Bill Watterson gave his blessing. As most fans know, Watterson has historically been steadfast objecting to commercialization of his work. On that note, The Far Side is notably absent due to Gary Larson’s continuing determination to avoid online publication of his work. He writes:

These cartoons are my “children,” of sorts, and like a parent, I’m concerned about where they go at night without telling me. And, seeing them at someone’s web site is like getting the call at 2:00 a.m. that goes, “Uh, Dad, you’re not going to like this much, but guess where I am.”

Well, whatever happens, the good news is the app is free and the catalog seems to be growing. Currently it offers users “20 years of back issues of comic strips,” with the ability to bookmark and share favorites. The bad news may be that I’ll be killing my iPhone battery daily.

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There are four fantastic designs to choose from in this series of limited edition Star Wars cases for the iPhone 5. You can get R2-D2, C-3P0, Darth Vader or Chewbacca (which even has fur so it’s like the walking carpet of phone cases). The droids are available right now, but you can preorder Vader and Chewie to be notified as soon as they’re in stock.

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