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In the latest edition of Comic Book Resources’ The Line It Is Drawn series, they asked their artists to think of some dream teams for superhero titles. Artist Axel Medellin came up with the perfect pairing: Leonardo da Vinci on an Iron Man book. He could have designed Tony Stark’s suit of armor and probably even have made it better. Yeah, I said it.

Medellin created a series of illustrations imagining what the designs would look like, and I’m completely sold on this concept.

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Remember Nick Fury’s flying fortress the Helicarrier, HQ for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Well, Hot Toys is making their own version, and you know it will be huge and beyond spectacular. This is just one of three new products Hot Toys is teasing that relate to Marvel Studios properties.

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Robert Downey Jr. celebrated his 49th birthday on April 4th which was opening day for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Prior to the big day he said he planned to celebrate by inviting 50 kids over to his place to watch the movie with him, and this picture is the proof that he followed through on his promise.

Adding to the awesome that is Robert Downey Jr. is a story involving Jamie Foxx’s daughter. She had an Iron Man themed party and told everyone that she was personal friends with the real Tony Stark and that he’d be making an appearance. Foxx decided to ask Downey if there was any way he could come by, and not only did he say yes, he showed up with a bunch of Iron Man toys for the kids and stayed through the whole party.

Now that’s a superhero if ever there was one.

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Toy modder Chris Hooton (otherwise known as Sabretooth) is pretty talented when it comes to making unique action figures. Case in point: recently, he took a Monster High doll and transformed it into a teenage girl version of Iron Man. She still has full mobility (but can’t fly, sorry), and her face plate is removable too.

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iron man armor suitcase

Iron Man 2 isn’t one of the best Marvel movies, but it did have plenty of eye candy. The scene on the race track where Tony Stark’s armor springs to life from a suitcase is the most memorable of the film, and you can almost re-live it with this prop replica. The Mark V armor suitcase fuel cell is a 1/4 scale replica, and it was made from official Marvel references such as the original prop and 3D digital files.

Besides looking spectacular, the suitcase serves as a power supply to keep your phones, mobile devices, and gaming consoles charged and at full power. Tony Stark would appreciate both the look and function.

Pre-order now for an estimated ship date of April.

Product Page ($99.99)

Iron Bat

Iron Bat by BossLogic.


President Obama recently announced a new military initiative that should be of interest to us all. Specifically, he said “We’re building Iron Man”.

Sure, he tried to downplay it after he said it. I’m sure it just slipped out and then he had to cover, but we have a theory that there’s more going on here than the President may be suggesting.

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iron man sailor moon

Tony Stark transforms into a superhero when he puts on Iron Man armor. If he just added the right music and a little flair, he could transform just like Sailor Moon. The colorful makeover works for Stark and it’s he kind of thing you could picture him doing when he’s had too much to drink. Maybe. This mash-up was made by students at the Chungkang College of Cultural Industries. They deserve passing grades just for coming up with this.

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