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While some of us may be recovered from the series finale of Hannibal, many fans might still be wandering in a haze of feelings.

That having been said, I’d like to personally thank Lecterings on Tumblr for these incredible gifsets of Hannibal Lecter telling cheesy jokes. They help to ease the pain.

See some of my favorites after the break.

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coma niddy

We like jokes and, as geeks, we like science jokes. Even bad jokes can be fun—and these jokes are awesomely terrible.

You Tube’s own Coma Niddy caused me to do the laugh/groan that is the sign of a great bad joke.

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Every since I was a kid, the sound of the Emergency Broadcast System alert blaring from the television has made my heart skip a beat. I always expected some dire news, maybe an earthquake or a pending tornado, but it was always just a test. If you happened to be watching KRTV in Montana recently, then your heart must have really skipped a beat when they announced the zombie apocalypse. The familiar alert tone was followed by a voiceover announcing the details complete with a scrollbar of affected areas. It was a prank, and the station quickly set viewers straight, but four people still called the police, just in case it was true.

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The Star Wars character everyone loves to hate has been combined with the practical joke toy every twelve-year-old loves. It’s a plush Jar Jar Binks whoopee cushion that was (up until now) an exclusive to Star Wars Celebration VI. Just imagine putting this on your boss’s chair. Hey, I said imagine. If you do it and get fired, don’t blame me.

This is available in very limited quantities so order now!

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Pull My Finger Keychain

Why have people touch your actual finger to play the “pull my finger” game? Everyone knows how it ends. All you get by using your own finger is the germs from someone else’s hand. And I highly doubt that your sound effects are as good as those that this hand can emit.

Fart jokes are understood by people of all ages, and enjoyed by men boys of all ages.

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