This Lego diorama of one of the most pivotal scenes in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was created for Swedish LUG Swebrick‘s annual build contest. This year, the challenge was to build a scene from an ’80s movie that featured a vehicle. Etzel87 won first place for recreating the moment that Cameron completely snaps and launches his Dad’s Ferrari out the window.

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Pate-keetongu is quite a Tolkien aficionado: he spent nearly two years completely recreating Bilbo Baggins and his compatriots using only LEGO. These custom minifigs are truly one of a kind: after the break, make sure to check out all of the extra details that he added to each characters. It’s pretty astounding stuff!

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This fantastic Lego creation is the work of markus19840420. He’s turned the Millennium Falcon into a steampunk wonder. It was all a part of FBTB’s Steam Wars Returns contest. The exterior looks great with plenty of chains and little spinning rotors and it even has an inside to match. Wonder if it could take out this steampunk AT-AT?

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LEGO Bender Is A Browncoat

bender and serenity

LEGO builder Adrian Drake may have proven that there is no such thing as “too much gray” with this picture.

Drake posted this image over on Reddit of his two LEGO Serenity ships and his six foot Bender just sort of chilling together.

Still, I want to test this “too much gray” theory. Adrian, can you maybe build a Millennium Falcon or a Star Destroyer and then take a picture? Y’know, for research purposes.

(via Reddit)

gotg lego

One of the more impressive parts about Guardians of the Galaxy is that Peter Quill’s mixtape from his mother played perfectly despite 20 years of use. Presumably, he was smart enough to reengineer it from time to time, but the Brotherhood Workshop created a stop-action LEGO video imagining what the Awesome Mix would sound like if the quality degraded. As you can imagine, the tunes aren’t quite as catchy.

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everything is awesome

If you’ve purchased a LEGO set recently, you’ve been instrumental in helping LEGO Group beat out Hasbro and even Mattel and their Barbie franchise to become the world’s top toymaker based on revenue and profit.

LEGO has seen double digit increases due in large part to the popularity of the LEGO Movie along with wildly popular sets like the Research Institute set (aka the Female Scientist set) which sold out in a weekend.

The question will be if they can keep the momentum going throughout the year. LEGO says they see the bulk of their sales in the period leading up to the holidays, so the big question will be if the LEGO power stays strong or if Hasbro and Mattel come back towards the end of the year to take the lead.

(via CNN)

lego slave 1

LEGO has done versions of Boba Fett’s ship before, but none of them have looked quite like this. The new Slave I will be out this fall and features 1,996 pieces. Eurobricks user just2good shared the first images of the box, bricks, and minifigs, and I can’t get over how slick it looks. The ship comes with Boba Fett, Han in Carbonite, a Stormtrooper, and a Bespin guard.

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Dylan Prunty is just 8-years-old and he’s spent most of the last two years at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He suffers from mitochondrial disease and has found that playing with Lego is the perfect distraction to the pain. From the CHLA website:

Fittingly named “Honorary LEGO Master Builder” by the LEGO Group, Dylan was invited to LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, Calif. to spend a day engulfed in his favorite hobby and pick up a LEGO kit designed especially for him, courtesy of Make-a-Wish Foundation. The kit was a 4,000 piece model of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles that features specific places in the hospital that hold distinctive meaning to Dylan and also houses one of his favorite doctors, Mimi Kim, MD, assistant professor of Clinical Pediatrics at CHLA.

“I wanted to design Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, because they saved my life and we live here,” says Dylan. “I want to auction off the model and hope that it will make a lot of money for research at CHLA.”

Dylan, who has not had any solid food in the past two years due to his digestive issues, has stayed at CHLA for as long as six months and when he is not inpatient, he makes daily visits to the outpatient towers. “He is usually in a lot of pain from kidney stones,” says Dylan’s mother, Kapka Prunty. “It takes three months to a year for someone to develop a kidney stone. Dylan makes them sometimes in minutes, hours, days. He can pass up to 100 kidney stones a day.”

“It [LEGO Bricks] has helped distract from the pain. It’s like, the best pain medicine,” says Dylan.

Dylan also had his spirits lifted with a little help from Chris Pratt. The actor recently visited the hospital and put on his Star Lord costume to cheer up the kids, and took some time to recite lines from Dylan’s favorite movie, The Lego Movie.

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lego mobility

Normally, economic explanations about income equality or mobility come in the form of graphs or charts. Instead, Brookings Institution economist Richard Reeves has used LEGO to show how your upward mobility can vary due to several factors including race, education, and marriage status.

There’s something about the use of the LEGO that bought this into a different perspective for me. It’s a simple trick, but it’s effective.

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fawlty towers lego 1

I always love seeing what LEGO builders decide to focus their talents on, and I must say Nathan’s choice of a Fawlty Towers diorama impressed me. He built the hotel from the late ’70s BBC sitcom starring John Cleese and Connie Booth for BrickFair. He included the moose head with the broken antler, the umbrella stands, a bell on the desk, and even a perfect floor pattern. Bravo, sir, bravo.

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