LEGO builder Brenden McMahon could have built the official LEGO Tower Of Orthanc (which is already pretty big with 2359 pieces), but he went even bigger with an 8-foot tall version. His Tower Of Orthanc has nine floors, plus a surrounding forest.

Take a closer look at this thing of beauty in the video after the break along with an interview with the creator.

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Continuing a trend that started with the female scientist set, LEGO is adding more female STEM figures to their sets and branching out into other fields.

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The Jurassic Park franchise is an ideal playground for Lego, which is why Sami Mustonen can’t stop won’t stop putting up concepts on Lego Ideas. He’s already launched Indominus Rex and Jurassic Park Tour Car concepts, and now he’s gone a step further with a new microscale Jurassic Park set.

Set includes main exterior scenes from the movie Jurassic Park in microscale:

Helicopter arrive
Brachiosaurus safari
Raptor Pit
Visitor center
Main Gate
Tyrannosaurus Rex paddock

There is also micro brick version for every main character (can you spot who is who? 😉 ) + Normal scale Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler minifigures.

If it gets the necessary 10,000 votes, the set might just make it to store shelves.

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It took a whole group of Lego artists to create this magnificent 14-foot long Lego StarCraft display. They worked together to come up with the idea and turn their vision into a reality over the course of three years. All of their hard work finally paid off when it was unveiled at Brickworld Chicago.

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Batman v Superman merch is starting to trickle in. Not surprisingly, the first two examples come from Lego and Funko.

The Lego Batmobile pictured above made its debut in the Wall Street Journal and is set to be on display at SDCC. The DC Super Heroes New Batmobile set will include 306 pieces, two stud shooters, opening doors, a new Batman outfit, two additional unnamed characters, and an additional vehicle for $29.99. It’s set go go on sale January 1st.

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Funko has also revealed their vinyl figures of Batman and Superman and they’re predictably adorable. You won’t have to wait to get your hands on these two as they’ll be on sale at SDCC with pricing not yet announced.

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When Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks set out to build a LEGO mosaic printer, he didn’t just plan to build the mosaics out of LEGO, but the printer as well.

The Bricasso uses the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 to scan an image and then recreates that image in LEGO mosaic using 1×1 LEGO plates. That’s already pretty cool, but the fact that the printer is also built out of LEGO is what really got me.

See it in action after the break.

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Gamer and Lego master Simon Liu got sucked right into Borderlands 2. When he emerged and returned to his love of Lego, he recreated a beloved character. This Claptrap stands 2.5 feet tall and was on display at Brickworld Chicago 2015.

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If you dream of owning a supercar, then now is your chance. The latest Lego Creator model is the iconic Ferrari F40. It has 1,158 pieces and is set to retail for $89.99 when it goes on sale in August. From the press release:

LEGO Ferrari F40 Specs:

The Lego Creator expert replica of the iconic sports car with its sleek aerodynamic lines, distinctive rear spoiler and racing-red bodywork is packed with authentic brick-built details, including on the outside:

-Pop-up headlights
-Side air intakes
-Special windscreen element with printed A-pillars
-Custom-made, molded rim inserts with sturdy, road-gripping tires
-Vented rear hatch that opens to reveal a twin-turbocharged, 90-degree V8 engine

Open the doors and you’ll discover complete authenticity:

-Crafted cabled door handles
-Steering wheel with Ferrari logo
-2 red racing seats
-While under the hood you’ll find a luggage compartment and tools

The model is 8 cm tall, 27 cm long and 14 cm wide and will be available online as well as in stores in Germany and Austria.

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The newest LEGO Group SDCC Exclusive has been revealed and it’s something unique that collectors will undoubtedly be clamoring for.

The LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Action Comics #1 Superman set will retail for $39.99, but make sure you read up on the changes they’ve made to their retail exclusives policy for the con. You have to win a drawing in order to purchase their SDCC sets this year. That might make it more difficult for people to buy up sets just to sell them on eBay.

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Let’s face it, the original Jurassic Park is still the best. For your nostalgic pleasure, this fantastic Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center build is currently up for voting on Lego Ideas.

The set will include the main entrance hall with two dinosaur skeletons, “Les Gigantes” restaurant with gift shop, kitchen, VIP dining room, emergency bunker, showcase theater, control room, and the genetics lab with cold storage room. There will also be minifigs of characters like John Hammond, Tim and Lex Murphy, Donald Gennaro, Ray Arnold, Robert Mulddon, and “The Big One” aka “Clever Girl.”

Give the project your vote and help make it a reality.

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