This fantastic meta LEGO spaceman composition was created in Blender by aido k because, let’s face it—not many people have the cash to put this together in real life.

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women of nasa lego

From computer scientist Margaret Hamilton to astronaut Sally Ride, women have played a critical role in shaping our nation’s space program. Now, a few LEGO fans want to highlight some of these NASA pioneers by creating an official Women of NASA LEGO set.

The set, which was submitted to LEGO ideas, will feature five famous female astronauts scientists, and all-around space pioneers: [click to continue…]

life size lego

LEGO is all up in SDCC with life-size models and exclusives. If you are unable to see them in person at booth #2829 in Hall D than continue on for all the pics and info. [click to continue…]


Back in March we revealed that LEGO was going to make its first Adventure Time set. Well, here’s your first look a the finished product.

The 495-piece set will feature eight characters and will be available starting January 1st for $49.99. LEGO fans can also check out the set at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, where it’ll be on display. With any luck there will be more elaborate sets in the future featuring locations from the show.

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This LEGO Walt Disney World Resort Cinderella Castle Set IS OFFICIAL.

Try and remain calm. Deep breaths.

The LEGO The Disney Castle is 4,080 pieces and measures approximately 29 x 17 x 12″. It’ll be available for sale directly through LEGO beginning September 1, 2016 for $349.99.

The castle comes with five minifigures: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell. Each room in the castle has special features from famous Disney animated films like the Magic Mirror, Mickey’s Sorcerer hat and magic mop, Aurora’s snpinning wheel, Aladdin’s lamp and more.

The front of the castle is an incredibly detailed facade of the Castle Disneyland fans will instantly recognize and the back shows the details of all five floors with more awesome Disney details.

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17741837136_1082d8092f_z 2

Lego artist Robert Lundmark specializes in crafting Star Wars vehicles and aliens like Rey’s boxy speeder and the Luggabeast from The Force Awakens. He also recently created a series of Star Wars vehicle specification sheets, which feature a detailed LEGO model of the listed vehicle (the T-65 X-Wing has to be my favorite) along with all the necessary specifications and related information.

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The world needs a Futurama LEGO set, and this Planet Express ship design from Nicola Stocchi would be ideal. The render was created in LEGO Digital Designer using 5112 parts.

Check out more pics on Stocchi’s Flickr page.

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iuxjq0vtb83fcbv5vafa copy

The mysteries of the Doctor Strange Lego set have been revealed—but it’s resulted in even more mysteries.

Thanks to Amazon Japan, we have our first look at the upcoming Lego set for Doctor Strange. It appears that the set is a recreation of Strange’s “Sanctum Sanctorum” in New York. The details—like the Vishanti seal on the window—are fantastic, but the set also raises plenty of questions. Like, for instance, what gives with the giant tentacle demon monster? Is that something we’ll see in the film?

The set will be available later this August. [click to continue…]


LEGO artist The Deathly Halliwell crafted his own LEGO-version of the Infinity Gauntlet and we can only hope that he can be trusted with the power. Otherwise, Lego could rain down from the sky to clog throats, destroy our feet and eventually bury us all.

Halliwell also added Thanos to the mix and used LifeLites to recreate the glowing Infinity Gems and add appropriate menace to Thanos’ eyes.

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Official MST3K Lego sets are, to put it mildly, a longshot—but it’s fun to dream about.

Clearly, harsh reality hasn’t deterred Sparkless9 who delivered another MST3K concept that focuses on the entire Satellite of Love. Features include: [click to continue…]