LEGO is planning a collection of 18 building sets and a new series of Minifigs inspired by moments and characters in the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie. We have an…extensive preview of five of those sets right here. [click to continue…]

It was only a matter of time before two of the internet’s favorite things collided, and the result is a new series of LEGO-style brick cat sculptures from Hong-Kong-based company JEKCA. [click to continue…]

The magnificent LEGO Apollo Saturn V rocket set finally went on sale June 1st. Thanks to the awesomeness and relative affordability of the set, they appear to have sold quickly and are currently doing a brisk and lucrative business on eBay. Adam Savage and the team at Tested were lucky enough to get their hands on one, and you can watch them put this impressive set together in the video below. [click to continue…]

LEGO has sent us all of the information about their upcoming Thor: Ragnarok Super Heroes building sets: 76084 The Ultimate Battle for Asgard and 76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash. Take a closer look at the sets and official details below (some of them are mildly spoilery). [click to continue…]

Today, LEGO announced the 21137 The Mountain Cave set with a whopping 2,853 pieces and an equally big price tag of $249.99. It will arrive online and in stores starting on July 1st, but you can get all of the details below, along with a ton of photos and a video. [click to continue…]

Strangely enough, it took an Ideas project to finally get Lego to release an official Apollo Saturn V rocket set. Seems like something that they should have done years ago. But, no matter—they’re making up for it in a big (and surprisingly affordable) way. [click to continue…]

Apparently, Mickey Mouse is done with the whole “rated G” charade. He’s got a badass mech thanks to Julius von Brunk, who actually submitted this concept to Lego Ideas. Something tells me that Disney wouldn’t approve of their mascot wreaking havoc in a gigantic war machine, but we can dream can’t we? Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

And here we thought that the Sarlacc plush would be the hot Star Wars Celebration exclusive. No, I believe that honor will go to the LEGO Detention Block Rescue set that recreates the scene from Episode IV in 220 pieces with Luke and Han figures in their Stormtrooper disguises. Unfortunately, getting one to resell for big bucks on eBay won’t be easy. [click to continue…]

Disney’s latest LEGO collaboration is a recap of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story told in around two minutes. It’s well done, but far less grim than the original. Apparently, Disney is under the impression that devastating sadness isn’t going to sell those Rogue One Blu-rays and LEGO sets. [click to continue…]

Claus-Marc Hahn of BricksCreations has completed one of the most ambitious Game of Thrones intro-inspired builds that we’ve ever seen. It took 125,000 pieces to build and four EV3 large servo motors to animate. You can see it in action in the video below. [click to continue…]