lego train

See the sights—like man-eating cats that are as big as buildings!

YouTuber TrainGuy 659 has built a seriously elaborate LEGO train network that runs in and around his house. And now you can go along for the ride thanks to a GoPro.

It’s a pretty wild ride, especially if you keep the music on.

Watch the video below.

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Johnny Five, the hero of the two delightful if ideologically disparate Short Circuit movies, might just be making his way to the LEGO department of a toy store near you.

As you probably know, LEGO allows builders to submit their concepts to the LEGO Ideas site for review. This process that has resulted in official LEGO sets based on franchises like Back to the FutureGhostbusters, and Doctor Who. It looks like LEGO Ideas user PepaQuin was riding that same wave of ’80s nostalgia when he submitted his design for a Johnny Five set back last year.

The set recently crossed the required 10,000-vote threshold for LEGO to consider making it as an actual, factual set—which is what they’re now doing. A proper decision will be made in May, and if things work out, Short Circuit enthusiasts could be bringing a Johnny Five of their own to life before the end of the year. Neat!

Check out more pics below.

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lego star destroyer

In 2014, LEGO put out a Star Wars Star Destroyer kit that was 19″ long and contained 1359 individual pieces. LEGO enthusiast Doomhandle has made his own Star Destroyer that’s just a wee bit bigger at 56″ long.

Doomhandle’s Star Destroyer even has internal compartments – the command bridge opens up to reveal LEGO minifigs sitting in stations, meeting rooms and even a Sith meditation chamber. The whole ship is also wired for LED lights, but Doomhandle hasn’t gotten as far as setting those up yet.

It’s an impressive bit of kit. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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The opening of Half-Life features a bleary and confused Gordon Freeman waking up in a severely damaged test chamber. It’s an iconic scene, and Dorian Glacet tackled the moments leading up to it superbly with this awesome LEGO diorama rendered using LDD and Mecabricks.

Check out more pics below.

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Seriously. This 16-inch tall Voltron set is one of the coolest Lego Ideas submissions we’ve seen to date.

Not only does it look fantastic, it’s actually comprised of five separate lions that each have their own unique articulation.

Check out more pics below.

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The Nebulon-B Medical Frigate is one of the coolest looking vessels in the Star Wars universe. It popped up for the first time in The Empire Strikes Back (Luke was on one of these frigates when he got his new hand!) and Star Wars fan Morten_Svendsen decided to recreate the awesome ship in Lego form. The final product, as you can see, is stunning and super detailed.

Check out more pics below.

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The BFG 9000 from Doom is, well, a big freaking gun. So it’s not surprising that it took YouTuber ZaziNombies well over 5,000 LEGO bricks to make this impressive recreation.

Unfortunately, if this BFG were to overheat and explode, the resulting LEGO minefield would be devastating.

See it from all angles in the video below.

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lego love story

Animator Kevin Ulrich is getting married this week! To mark the occasion, he decided to tell the nerdy love story of his relationship with his fiancé, Celina Frenn in LEGO. The video manages to break down two years of courtship in less than 73 seconds.

“I wanted to do a Lego video of my love story to surprise Celina,” Urich said during an interview with BuzzFeed.

Kevin highlighted his reluctance to date a coworker, before ultimately caving in thanks to Celina’s geeky prowess.

“Obviously a 73-second video can’t really sum up a two-year relationship,” said  Ulrich. “But both myself and our friends and family feel it does a great job at painting a charming cute little picture of what our love story looks and feels like.”

Check out the video below.

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LEGO has announced that their largest ever Minecraft set – the Village – is set to drop in June.

This 1,600-piece set includes buildings such as the watchtower, butcher, library, blacksmith and the marketplace and will retail for $199.99, which is money you could be putting towards that late phone bill. Or a car payment! Remember that? Priorities, man.

Ehhh…go with the Lego.

The set also includes new Minifigs of Steve, Alex, some villagers, a pig and it’s offspring, a zombie, a zombie villager, a Creeper, an Enderman, and an iron golem. Check out photos of the set below.

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Everybody loves Age of Empires, unless you’re me in which case you were probably playing The Settlers instead because you thought it was better. Time sure told on that one, eh readers? Nobody’s making LEGO recreations of buildings from The Settlers now, are they?

LEGO building collective InnovaLug have put their talents to work with these recreations of various buildings from Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Seven separate buildings were made, each by an individual builder, and they look pretty ruddy marvelous.

Check out a, haha, breakdown of these LEGO creations below.

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