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Hold on to your Lasso of Truth because LEGO is actually producing a set with Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Ahhh! Unlike this hilarious parody, the jet is real and is constructed from clear LEGO bricks. It included as part of a Justice League set called “Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas” and will be available in 2015. According to the schedule of LEGO releases slated for next year, we can expect it to arrive in April along with four other Justice League sets.

Yep, I’m sold.

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lego sets top

You’re probably hoping to get a Lego set or two under the tree this year, but some sets aren’t arriving until 2015. Head after the break to check out a full release schedule.

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LEGO Age of Ultron Sets

Toys are giving away all the Avengers: Age of Ultron secrets. Okay, not all of them, but they are giving us sneak peeks. We got a close look at Iron Man’s new armor yesterday thanks to a Hot Toys figure, and today LEGO brings us hints of some action sequences in the Avengers sequel.

MGF Customs posted an image from the latest LEGO catalog on Twitter and it showcases a variety of sets with an army of LEGO minifigs. Comic Book Movie describes the sets (stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything about the film):

Iron Man vs. Ultron (Iron Man MK 43, Ultron Officer, and 2 Ultron Soldier), Duel with Hydra (Hydra Henchman, Hawkeye, Thor), Hulkbuster Rescue Mission (Hulk, Ultron Prime, Scarlet Witch, and Iron Man MK 43), The Avengers Quinjet Chase (Captain America, Vision, Black Widow, Ultimate Ultron, and Iron Man MK 43), Attack on Avengers Tower ( Iron Man MK 43, Thor, 2 Iron Legion Drones, Ultron), and Burglary in the Hydra Fortress (Quicksilver, Hydra Henchman, Baron Von Strucker, Hulk, and Captain America)

Sadly, I don’t have room for any big LEGO sets on my shelves, but I’m going to need to get the Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver minifigs.

Be sure to click the above image to enlarge it and see all the details.

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This fantastic Lego Pokémon Center is full of all the things that a trainer could ever need. It was designed by Savath_Bunny and is currently up for voting over on Lego Ideas. The set comes with 5 minifigures and 5 Pokémon starters along with all sorts of accessories. There’s even a backstory on the Lego Ideas page that reads:

Our heroes have traveled to Kalos City where some much needed rest and relaxation is in store for this group’s Pokémon. Stopping at the local Pokémon Center the team bumps into the knowledgeable Professor Oak. He reminds the friends to always be kind to their Pokémon if they hope to see them evolve someday. After stocking up on essential potions, pokeballs and updating their Pokedex, this band of adventurers are off once again in the pursuit of more gym badges!

If you want to catch this Lego set, then cast your vote to help it get up to the 10,000 necessary for official consideration.

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This Star Wars Imperial Hot Tub Lego set is currently up on Lego Ideas seeking out the requisite 10,000 votes required in order to be seriously considered for production. This set is based on a scene in the Lego Star Wars 2 game and would be just hilarious to have as an official product. Darthpapercut says in the Lego Ideas description of the set:

As a Stormtrooper, you know bringing peace to the galaxy is difficult and stressful work. The Empire understands that. That’s why troopers are permitted to spend their rec time at either the firing range or the Imperial Hot Tub.

Before you jump in, let me show you around. Along with the Imperial Hot Tub, you can order a frosty drink at the snack bar! Once you get enough tub time, you can cool off at the game table. While you are lounging, take a moment to check out the wanted posters.

As you know, the destruction of the Death Star brought about a lot of changes, including the “buckets on” rule. That means all Stormtroopers are required to keep their helmets on whenever possible in order to have maximum readiness. So keep your helmet on and enjoy the Imperial Hot Tub!!

It’s a long shot, but let’s hope this one gets enough votes so our Lego stormtroopers can kick back and relax in style.

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These aren’t officially licensed Destiny and Star Wars minifigs, but that doesn’t matter much considering the level of quality on display. David Hall makes all sorts of custom Lego minifigs with these just being his most recent creations. They may be expensive, but they also have details you don’t often find on the real deal making them more than worth the price.

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It wasn’t long ago that we got an incredible Female Lego Scientist Set. However, designer Alatariel has already proposed a follow-up called Science Adventures. It features an archaeologist, a wildlife biologist, and a geologist, each with accessories to carry along on their adventures.

The set is currently up for voting so head on over to Lego’s website to cast your vote and make this incredible set a reality.

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lego arcade christmas ornament

LEGO artist Chris McVeigh is skilled at coming up with plans for small and geeky Christmas ornaments. He also is generous enough to make those plans free to download. He’s designed ornaments such as the TARDIS, the Death Star, and the Millennium Falcon in the past, and he’s come up with a vintage arcade machine ornament for this year.

You can download the PDF for the little LEGO machines – as well as McVeigh’s other ornaments – at his website.

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It’s amazing to see what can be built with Lego, but watching it all come together in a time-lapse video is simply fascinating. This giant Lego tree was built in Sydney, Australia and measures 32.8 feet tall and weighs over 3.5 tons. The tree will be on display at the Pitt Street Mall until December 26th.

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lego tfa

The first teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released on Friday, and it wasn’t long before fans got to work making art based on what they saw in the 88 seconds of footage. YouTuber Snooperking was one of those fans, and since he had nothing to do on Friday, he built sets, gathered minifigs, and set to filming. It took him all day and then some to complete, but the result is pretty fantastic. It’s simply amazing that he turned around something this decent within a day of the teaser being released.

Watch the LEGO version of the trailer after the break.

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