If I ever meet LEGO builder Tim Schwalfenberg, I’m going to get on my knees and do the Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” thing because this LEGO The Last Of Us diorama is incredible. [click to continue…]

Chevrolet teamed up with LEGO to unveil a life-sized The LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past weekend. It clocks in at 344,187 pieces, which is just a tad too much for an official set. Sorry to burst your bubble on that. [click to continue…]

Just look at this space shuttle LEGO build by OliveSeon. But wait—let’s take a look at it in all it’s glory… [click to continue…]

With Stephen King’s Dark Tower series riding high on the upcoming film, David Collins recreated the Dark Tower itself in LEGO. The tower clocks in at two feet in height, and includes a Roland Deschain minifigure. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

You can count Kevin J. Walter among the talented LEGO masters that are willing to go to extreme lengths for a build. His Klingon Bird Of Prey took six years to and 25,000 bricks to perfect, but he managed to complete it just in time for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Building weapon replicas is one of the major pillars of LEGO engineering, and this faithful reproduction of the Nerf Maverick REV-6 Blaster by YouTuber AstonishingStudios is a prime example of what can be accomplished. As you’ll see in the video below, it can fire (mostly) standard darts using only bricks and a metal spring. [click to continue…]

James Cameron’s Aliens features plenty of cool gadgets and vehicles, but one of the most recognizable has to be Ripley’s power loader. LEGO artist Daniel Schlumpp has recreated the robotic suit and details are spot on (right down to Ripley’s perm). Plus, he’s created an easy-to-follow guide if you would like to make one yourself. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


I’ve been on board and ready to see Logan pretty much since I saw the first images, but the trailer was what tipped me over into the “MUST SEE IT” category.

This LEGO version by thebrickranger is both faithful to the trailer and gripping in its own right. It brought tears to my eyes, but that might be because I accidentally stepped on Lego Logan. Watch it below. [click to continue…]


LEGO fan Jason Middaugh has recreated the home from A Christmas Story complete with Ralphie, the family, those dreaded Bumpus hounds, and a leg lamp that actually lights up. But the best part is that the set may become a reality if it gathers enough support on Lego Ideas. [click to continue…]


Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks made a working LEGO Super Mario piranha plant and (some of) you can too! It all operates via a small hand crank, and you can see how the mechanism works in the video below. [click to continue…]