Over the years LEGO have released a lot of really cool robotics kits, ranging from simple programmable motors to more complex creations. One thing they haven’t done, however, is produce LEGO drones. Surprising, considering how popular and prolific drones have become over the last few years.

Thankfully, Flybrix have stepped in to fill the gap. These kits ship with instructions and all the LEGO bricks you need to knock out a working drone which can be remote-controlled via their iOS Android app. Not only that, but you can customize them with the LEGO bricks you already have. If you fancy slapping additional rotors to give it more lift, you can absolutely do that as well.

Flybrix kits can be purchased from their website – the basic kit costs $149, while the deluxe kit (which comes with its own dedicated remote control) is $189. See Flibrix in action below. [click to continue…]


Tegan and Sara’s Oscar-nominated tune Everything is Awesome from The LEGO Movie has been given a metal makeover by Norwegian musician Leo Moracchioli of Frog Leap Studios.

As you’ll see in the video below, the song includes all of the hallmarks of metal while retaining the original’s fun vibe. There are even smiles – which are especially unusual for the genre. [click to continue…]


LEGO fan chumuhou built this incredible replica of the ED-209 robot from Robocop. Apparently, he spend a great deal time ensuring that the robot had mobility in the legs but, thankfully, I’m guessing that the problem with stairs still hasn’t been worked out. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


The ARVO Brothers have been recreating elements from the Alien movies in LEGO as part of a book project for several years now. This spectacular chestburster is an improvement on a design they released back in 2007.

It wasn’t enough for them to simply recreate the sordid creature in LEGO bricks, was it? Oh no, they took it a step further, adding LEGO blood and LEGO viscera to the mix, resulting in this gruesome but impressive display. Take a closer look in the pic below. [click to continue…]


Star Wars LEGO fans are getting new sets for the Rogue One toy releases starting on September 30th.

If you want to stay 100% spoiler free, then you may not want to take a look at the pictures below, but where’s the fun in that? [click to continue…]


So, you likes you some Babylon 5, do you? Can’t say I blame you. It’s a corker of a scifi series, with its space station and its funky hair dos and… puppets? Is that the one with the puppets?

Alright, maybe Bab’ 5 (as me mam affectionately called it) hasn’t stood the test of time quite as well as some other genre series from the ’90s like Star Trek: The Next Generation or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But it has a dedicated and passionate fanbase, and that’s something we at Nerd Approved Media (a division of Happy Farmer Vegetable Bleaching LLC.) can definitely get behind, especially when they produce stuff like this – a LEGO recreation of the EAS Agamemnon.

Within the show lore, the Agamemnon was built by Earthforce after the Earth-Minbari War – one of the first Omega-class ships to have been built at that time, in fact. In reality, this LEGO behemoth was constructed by Ryan Olsen. There’s no specific count on the number of bricks used, but he counts it at 116 Studs long. Blimey! Check out more photos of Ryan’s amazing build below. [click to continue…]

29064102206_7e216743a1_z 2

We’ve seen many official and unofficial LEGO AT-AT builds over the years, but you have to admire Noah‘s 5000 piece build. It’s properly scaled to minifigs!

If that wasn’t enough, Noah also built a diorama of Hoth to go with it. Check out more pics and a video below. [click to continue…]


Metroid turned 30 this year, and like many 30 year-olds it probably still doesn’t quite have a solid idea of what it’s doing or where it’s going in life. Fortunately LEGOsman Jared Rosenblitt has opted to celebrate the anniversary by recreating the Parasite Queen, the very first boss fight in the Game Cube classic, Metroid Prime (a similar project by Rosenblitt went viral last year).

Rosenblitt showed off his LEGO rendering of the battle at Brickfair Virginia 2016 earlier this month, where Matthew Kay of Beyond The Brick interviewed him about his creation. Check out the video below. [click to continue…]


It’s, uh… it’s about midday-ish, isn’t it? Yeah, I think so.

YouTubesman ZaziNombies has once again brought an Overwatch weapon to life via the medium of LEGO. Last time we featured him on the site, he’d made a LEGO recreation of Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer. This time he’s turned his attention to McCree’s Peacekeeper. Built using approximately 420 bricks and incorporating a LEGO Technic gear as the spur, we think this thing looks pretty golly gosh darned good. Check out a video showing off the build below. [click to continue…]


LEGO builder LegoJalex is hoping that his LEGO Star Wars bobblehead concept will become a reality. We are too—I mean, just look at those LEGO heads wobble! The question is, how did he do it?

I was thinking about how a bobblehead could be made by LEGO bricks, and how the wobbling effect could be built. There is no real LEGO spring that can be used for this purpose, so I had to think of something else to use. After some trial and error I found a simple technic using an LEGO antenna piece which creates a wobbling effect that works really well.

I’ve seen LEGO and I’ve seen bobbleheads, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen them combined. Plus, the heads are swappable. Put Leia’s head on Vader’s body. How hilarious would that be? Check out more pictures and video below. [click to continue…]