This life-size Tomislav gun from Team Fortress 2 was built by YouTuber ZaziNobmies out of roughly 2,500 separate bricks. The finished product weighs 10 pounds and is about 42 inches long.

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ant man lego

YouTuber Toscano Bricks has upheld the time honored tradition of recreating movie trailers in Lego. This time, it’s Ant-Man and he went all out with it.

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Last week we featured a giant Lego Optimus Prime that actually transforms. We thought that would be a tough build to beat but lo and behold—this 1:23.5 scale version of the Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane is definitely a contender.

Created by Dawid Szmandra, the crane is drivable and functional thanks to 11 powerful LEGO motors tucked inside.

As you’ll see in the video after the break, the model’s support legs pop out, and the arm can be extended, turned, raised and lowered via remote control. It also has a surprisingly decent turning radius despite being so long.

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Etsy shop owner Legotings is starting a new career in wild LEGO builds with LED light systems. He built this one of a kind table from a wood base, covered it in colorful bricks, and then created a busy and seemingly random LEGO world on top using 250 minifigs.

The most fun part of this custom build is the LED system that provides 20 different color patterns to kick up the display. However, with a price tag of $7,221, this may not be an attainable treasure. If you do happen to have some deep pockets, Legotings will drive this table to your home anywhere in the UK. Sorry America, you’ll need to get it shipped.

Check out more images of the table’s light show and closeups of the minifig scene after the break.

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Chris Pratt is busy promoting Jurassic World across the globe and his minifig self from the movie is along for the ride. He’s also taking shots of the figure in the places he visits including the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and Happo-en garden in Japan. It’s the most well-traveled minifig on the planet.

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This Lego creation by Mad Physicist is a fully transforming Optimus Prime at 1/22 scale. He based the design on the Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Battle Blades Optimus Prime toy.

Needless to say, this must have been a complicated build.

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The UK’s Red Bull Soapbox Race brings about the most creative hand-made machines every year, but this Lego Batmobile has already won in my opinion. Team You Gotham Be Kidding Me (genius) was able to nail the up-scaled vehicle version with help of a team lead Kristian Howson, who happens to be a professional package designer. So the team had access to all the cardboard and materials they needed to bring their idea to life.

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LEGO’s ninja-themed Ninjago line will soon include a set featuring the Temple of Airjitzu, the blacksmith’s workshop, and the Smugglers’ Market which are connected with a bridge featuring two stone dragons on either side.

This incredibly detailed city showcases traditional pagoda-style buildings, sliding doors, and even a ninja training room with weapons holders. But the highlight to this entire set has to be the real working shadow theater. It comes with its own light brick and spine dial which promises to look awesome in the dark.

The Temple of Airjitzu Ninjago Lego set has over 2,000 pieces including 12 minifigures of Ninjago characters Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire, along with their assorted weapons. Hitting stores in September, this badass set should set you back about $200.

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lego hulk fight

The are usually some fantastic Lego sculptures on convention floors, but this Hulk vs Hulkbuster display at SDCC is more impressive than most.

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1325965542739399751 copy

Jared Rosenblitt recreated the semi-final battle from Metroid Prime in Lego and the details are pretty astounding–I mean, those cracks tho!

Check out a short video interview with Jared after the break to learn more about his work.

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