Michal Kazmierczak, the man behind the massive Gates of Erebor build we featured previously has updated his work with an interior and it’s frickin’ insane.

Standing 7-feet tall, 5 1/2 feet deep, and 6-feet wide, this build used 120,000 bricks and weighs approximately 286 pounds. He’s even thinking about finding a professional cameraman to make a movie using this as a set.

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Jim McDonough is a fisherman and naval history buff. He also appears to be a Lego master.

McDonough spent the last three years building this incredibly massive replica of the USS Missouri using LEGO bricks. Aside from the giant 1:40 scale of this WWII vessel, his attention to detail is like none other.

On McDonough’s MOCpages he writes:

“At last its just about finished a few pieces and rigging but until i have a better place to display it, it will have to do. nearly 3 years building this one, 10,000s of parts, as for size it now stands 4ft 6 inches high. 3ft wide and a massive 24ft 3 inches long, not counted the studs LOL. The stern crane is motorized, and the bridge has lights as you have seen in my other updates. it was a struggle to get the turrets to sit with the weight of them but bricks on their side worked well in the end, this is the ww2 version with as many guns as it had at the wars end, big thanks to Raymond Drum who gave me the idea to build this and his vast knowledge has been most helpful as has all your comments and advice in the past, Also Michael K who,s missouri was very hepful to building this one.”

McDonough’s superior detailing is a remarkable feat and can be seen in his other massive builds that include a 14′ Japanese destroyer, 10′ Japanese military transport, and a Star Wars X-wing fighter. They are made even more impressive when you learn that he doesn’t use glue in any of his builds.

“I don’t use glue and everything can be taken apart. If you go to Legoland it’s all glued together, which to me is cheating because anyone can glue stuff together.”

McDonough is planning to start building a giant LEGO Saratoga (CV-3) in the near future. In the meantime, check out more detailed images of this impressive brick ship after the break.

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As we’ve seen time and time again, amazing things can be built with Lego bricks. But have you ever wondered what could be built if those bricks were bigger? This “toy” could have very practical applications.

Arnon Rosan imagined the greater possibilities of giant sized bricks and founded EverBlock, a modular system of full-scale plastic blocks that stack together.

The polypropylene blocks can be assembled into practically anything from bar tables and couches to small dwellings. Everblock comes in 14 colors and three sizes: full (twelve inches), half (six inches), and quarter (three inches), and a finishing cap. The website offers a virtual builder tool to assist in creating designs. They are also compiling a library of instructions to carry out more popular designs.

Building forts in your living room would be infinitely cooler with these blocks. Check out more examples of EverBlock creations after the break. 

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To pay homage to his favorite game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Joseph Zawada spent over two years recreating the iconic castle in LEGO bricks. He meticulously built each section of the castle, noting that the round roofs were the most challenging aspect of the build.

The gigantic castle island and surrounding vegetation breaks down into about 40 pieces. It’s massive, looks amazing, and Zawada should be proud of his LEGO Zelda tribute.

Check out a video about the build after the break.

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75105 Millennium Falcon

Over the weekend images of upcoming LEGO sets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens leaked, and assuming these are genuine, there’s some pretty cool stuff here. The Millennium Falcon, a First Order TIE, Poe’s X-Wing, Rey’s speeder, and more.

A few ships are technically spoilers, so keep that in mind before heading after the break…

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The iconic Marvel man himself, Stan Lee, is now making a cameo on LEGO Ideas as a 649-piece bust set.

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If busts aren’t your thing, then check out Stan Lee’s LEGO Office set which was just proposed last month. The 134-piece set includes two Stan Lee and Spider-Man minifigs, as well as office memorabilia like Captain America’s shield, Iron-Man’s helmet, Thor’s hammer, and even a photo of Jack Kirby.

As you know, LEGO Ideas projects need 10,000 votes to get an official review by LEGO, and these are probably longshots. However there’s still plenty of time to gain support.

Check out all the Stan Lee LEGO images after the break.

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Becoming besties at a LEGO robotics club, Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley tapped into their love of Star Wars to make this massive 28-pound Lego Technic Sandcrawler using 10,000 bricks. And their 500 hours of hard work was rewarded with the title “Best Mechanical Creation” from Chicago’s Brickworld Lego convention.

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Harkema spoke with Michigan Live about this impressive build:

The idea for the Sandcrawler was born in Hartley’s basement “that is “literally devoted to Lego” with tables, plastic tubs and an entire wall with drawers full of building elements. They chose the Sandcrawler because it provided a lot of interesting challenges when it came to the mechanics. The original building team started out with five, but gradually “whittled itself down to just the two of them,” said Harkema.

Check out images from their gigantic LEGO lair and a video of the Sandcrawler after the break.

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The reveal of that crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku was one of the big highlights of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. The idea of one of the most fearsome ships in the galaxy being a wreck really got to me.

It got to LEGO builder KevFett2011 as well, only he didn’t just think about it. He decided to recreate his own version of that crashed Star Destroyer in LEGO.

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lego brickumentary

LEGOholics have another film to check out–if you’d rather not spend your time with a 584th viewing of The LEGO Movie, that is. A LEGO Brickumentary, a documentary (as its title would indicate) by directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge and narrated by minifig Jason Bateman, hit theaters and VOD (including iTunes) over the weekend. For a little amuse brick bouche, here are 15 facts you (yes, you) can learn from the film.

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Holy crap, I really want to see Danny Benedettelli use this Lego exoskeleton on something like this.

It was built using the Lego Mindstorms NXT system and an Android phone on which he was running a proprietary app. The robot is controlled via a Bluetooth connection.

As cool as it looks, he says it’s just a prototype. He is planning to continue working on the project, adding things like controls to open and close the hands.

See the Lego exoskeleton in action after the break.

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