There are times when Tolkien is ridiculously verbose and provides every last detail about a scene, but there are times when he doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Were you confused by the One Ring when you finished reading The Lord of the Rings? This video by CGP Grey explains it all along with great artwork by Knut J Håland which you can own by supporting the project on Patreon.

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dwarf merida

Created by Cherry Garcia

(via Jill Pantozzi)


There has been much grumbling about The Hobbit being released as three films. So, it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to condense the trilogy. A diehard Tolkien fan, aptly named “TolkienEditor,” stepped up to the plate and created “The Tolkien Edit,” which runs for roughly four hours and 21 minutes (as compared to over nine hours for the original trilogy).

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From Dick Masterson On Tumblr:

I want a movie where literally everyone dies. Everyone. Like by some wild natural disaster or something.

It’s just like an hour and a half of showing desolated countries and cities and whatnot. There are no humans left.

And then, with thirty seconds of film left, Sean Bean crawls out from underneath the rubble of a fallen building and starts laughing.


The team at Man at Arms: Reforged is taking us all back to Middle-Earth as they build Sauron’s Mace. He takes out legions of men in one swing with this thing in the movies, and the version these guys create looks almost, but not quite as deadly.

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iphone pics 1

The constant presence of smartphones have helped us see the world in a different way. Many of us are guilty of spending too much time with our heads turned downward looking at our phone, but the device can also inspire us. History professor Francois Dourlen uses his iPhone to insert scenes from movies into real life settings; it’s creative and the effect is amusing. Dourlen explains:

Like many people, I always imagine weird things when I walk in the street, when I work or when I’m home. But I never found a good way to tell what goes through my head.

One day, wanting to make a joke with friends, I replaced a statue of Napoleon in Cherbourg with a picture of my little pony in my phone and took a picture. I had so much fun that I put it on facebook, people immediately liked.

He’s made memorable images with scenes from Lord of the Rings, Thor, Edward Scissorhands, and more. They’re all fantastic.

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Yes, this beautiful recreation of a Hobbit hole from Lord of the Rings hides a litter box for a very lucky cat. It was created by the Hollywood prop builders at Super-Fan Builds for a guy who is a huge Tolkien fan. Everything on it is perfectly cat-safe and there’s even an Eye of Sauron scratching post so your cat can scratch his all-seeing eye out and save the day.

Clearly, the Fellowship didn’t consider using giant cats. It would have saved them a lot of trouble.

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In case you missed it over the weekend, Saturday Night Live did a mashup of The Office with everyone from Middle-Earth and it’s simply brilliant. It’s a spin on the UK version of course, and the impressions are spot on, especially with Martin Freeman returning to The Office as Bilbo. Hey, they had to do something once all the epic battles were over, why not work in an office selling paper?

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LotR deaths

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is epic. The three films include battles of all sizes, and that means a lot of deaths. Orcs, humans, elves – they all lose lives in big numbers. Digg put together a six minute video that cuts together every on-screen death in the films, and there are over 212,000 in that span. As you’ll see, that estimate appears to be wild speculation, but still….It boggles the mind.

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eye of sauron

The final installment of The Hobbit trilogy will be out soon, and Moscow City planned to welcome it in style. Russian art group Svechenie came up with the idea of installing a re-creation of the Eye of Sauron on the Moscow City skyline. The Hollywood Reporter stated the light installation would be set up on the roof of the “IQ-quarter complex” and would draw in fans of Middle-earth and Lord of the Rings.

However, City Lab reports the idea was shut down almost immediately. The Russian Orthodox Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin protested the Eye of Sauron installation. I see where the church is coming from, but if it was only up for a single night as a promotional gag, I don’t see the harm.

(Reddit via Tor)