Artist Otis Frampton really embraced the whole “Christmas is about giving” thing. He’s worked on such popular web series as Stan’s Rants and How It Should Have Ended, and now he’s released a number of original Tolkien-themed Facebook cover pictures. But the best part? The denizens of the Internet can use them, free of charge. All he asks is that you give him proper credit in the description portion of the pic.

Thanks a bunch, Otis!

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lego rivendell

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Alice Finch and David Frank are obsessed with two things in life: The Lord of the Rings and Lego. That explains why they took the time to create an astounding recreation of Rivendell using 200,000 bricks.

After watching the first three LOTR films, they poured over the details of the elven city, and started building. It took them most of the year to complete, and they spent a good deal of time on BrickLink looking for the perfect custom pieces.

The Lego-lovin’ duo stopped by The Brothers Brick for an in depth interview on the entire construction process, so if you’re thinking about creating something similar (got a lot of free time these days, huh?) then you’ll want to check it out.

You can also see a huge gallery of images from the build on Alice Finch’s Flickr.

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LOTR Tarot Emperor

Deviant Artist Sceith Ailm is a nerd in the best possible way.

Not only does her Deviant Art page sport drawings of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Tilda Swinton as the angel Gabriel (which I LOVE) that are part of a geek calendar, but she’s also working on the Major Arcana for a Lord Of The Rings Tarot series.

Currently, she has 16 cards done. Hopefully she’ll keep going. I have a feeling this would be a huge hit with LOTR fans.

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ian mckellen underwear

So this is Sir Ian McKellen dropping trou on stage during the Broadway production of Only Make Believe earlier this week. Can you guess what happens next?

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Gandalf Is On The Staff


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fiery signal

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You Shall Not Pass!

No Pass

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LOTR in 9 Panels

Works for me.

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Lord of the Ponies

Lord of the Rings and My Little Pony? These two franchises couldn’t be more different from the other, but here we are right now, with a mash-up that shows your favorite little ponies re-enacting several key scenes from the Lord of the Rings.

The product of this unlikely coupling is unexpectedly good. Check out the My Little Pony LOTR parody after the break!

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Hobbit Halloween

Merry and Pippin have always been mischievous hobbits. But it looks like they went a little too far in this not-so-little prank they pulled on Sam and Frodo where they dressed up as two spooky wraiths.

Aragorn comes riding in and teaches them a lesson, but just when they think they’re out of the doghouse, someone else comes along to finish what they started–only this time, it’s not a joke anymore.

Hit the break to check out the hilarious clip, LEGO-style!

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