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Yoshi is arguably one of the cutest sidekicks in all of gaming. Given that, imagine how Mario must feel every time he loses his companion. That kind of emotional punch in the gut can’t be easy to bear. Artist Tom Preston takes a look at what happens and presents Yoshi’s Story in a comic that will give you a good case of the warm and fuzzies.

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Mario Dorkly1

Spoiler alert: this story does not end well. But at least you can hit start and try again. Hit the break to check out the rest of the comic.

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Mario Bros Cat Tree

Cat trees are yet another way to express your creativity and nerdom. Your kitty friends probably don’t care what they’re climbing on or scratching, but you can add a whole other level of geekiness to your decor by modifying or building a fancy cat tree. Geckoo_Designs built one to resemble a Mario game. It features the Super Mario Brothers pipes, plant, and question box!  Here’s hoping he plays music from the game in the background while his cat runs around on it.

A how-to is coming soon to the link below.

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This incredibly detailed Super Mario Brothers wall art was done by Alfonso Mellone for a game store. It took him about a month to create this 10 square meter mural. What really makes it unique is that there are 3D elements added throughout the mural to make it feel even more real. Look closely and you’ll see that the flower pots and bricks are actually stuck to the all. My favorite bit is the vine that’s growing right into the ceiling.

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These headphones are undoubtedly “stylish”, but I must warn you that wearing these things is accompanied by certain risks. If you find yourself being upper-cutted by a small Italian man wearing a red hat and overalls, don’t be surprised. Furthermore, when this same man grabs your headphones from off the ground, ingests them, and afterwards grows in a rapid fashion don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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I’ve seen large mario mushroom “massagers” before, but this version is small enough to use in the bedroom when you and the wife dress up like Mario and the Princess. Looks like Mario might actually score this time.

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