It’s hard to imagine Guardians of the Galaxy as being anything other than goofy and slightly quirky, but artist Justin Sweet posted some of his original Guardians concept art on his Facebook, and it looks like some of the first takes on the film’s characters were fairly dark and gritty.

As you’ll see after the break, most of the images (while absolutely stunning) have a very different thematic tone than the final product. Rocket (pictured above) is a good example of that. In the movie, he looked more or less like an average raccoon with a penchant for firearms, outbursts and walking on two legs. But Justin’s version looks a little older and war-weary, and definitely not as light-hearted as the Rocket we all know and love.

Check out some more concept art after the break…

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baby dancing groot flower

If you saw the homemade dancing Groot we posted recently and wanted one of your own, Patrick Delehanty has posted pictures and details on how it was made.

It’s a perfect example of what happens when know-how meets imagination, and the fact that Patrick’s sharing his DIY hints with others is very Groot of him.

The picture above represents what baby Groot started life as. Head after the break to see some of the in-progress shots.

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dancing groot video

Marvel is clearly drunk on the success of Guardians because they’ve made THAT scene available on the Internet. You know, one of the best scenes from the film, and now we can all watch it to our heart’s content.

If this doesn’t spawn a million gifs, I will be very disappointed.

You can watch it (and dance to it) after the break.

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matt smith and stan lee

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Because I’m still loathe to give away a spoiler, I’m tucking the Vine video by Patrick Delahanty featuring a certain version of Groot that he created.

Yep, I’ve met people who haven’t seen Guardians Of the Galaxy and I’m not gonna be the one who willingly spoils it for them. But, if you’ve seen it, hit the jump and enjoy.

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There were a lot of Easter eggs in Guardians of the Galaxy. Do you think you caught every single one of them? This six minute video of Easter Egg goodness includes all of them courtesy of Mr. Sunday Movies along with a little explanation. Spoiler warning big time on this one, not just for Guardians, but for all of the Marvel universe since there are references all over the place.

See the video after the break.

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firefly guardians

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Apparently, Marvel’s Kevin Fiege dropped a fantastic bit of news in an interview for this week’s Entertainment Weekly. Marvel has gotten back the movie rights for Blade, Punisher and Ghost Rider. When you add the recent return of Daredevil, that’s some serious awesome coming back to Marvel.

While Fiege said there aren’t current plans for the characters, it’s nice to know that they’re back within the MCU. It’ll be interesting to see if they make small appearances in upcoming Marvel movies that might set them up for a larger showcase down the road.

Just don’t hold your breath for Marvel to get back Spider-Man and Wolverine.

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sackhoff teaser

Katee Sackhoff has the internet abuzz with these images she recently tweeted about a “super secret job” on which she has just started work. Given that the actress wants to play female superheroes, we thought it might be the beginnings of Captain Marvel. However, she revealed that it isn’t a Marvel project. Just what is Katee Sackhoff up to?

See the tweets after the break.

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Bill Mantlo, co-creator of the character Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, suffered severe brain damage as the result of an accident in 1992. Currently, he is being looked after full-time in a health care facility. To their credit, Marvel made sure that Mantlo was able to see his character come to life by giving him a special private screening of the film. According to his brother, Michael Mantlo, Marvel has been treating Bill well right from the start:

Bill was treated in an exceptionally fair manner by Marvel/Disney, and on his behalf I can say with the utmost confidence that we are very pleased with the negotiated contract. And, unbeknownst to ALL, Marvel has made incredibly generous gestures apart from this particular contract (which ONLY pertains to the rights to the character Rocket Raccoon) to assist in Bill’s ongoing care & rehabilitation.

See Bill’s response after the screening and read what his brother had to say about his reaction after the break.

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