play arts kai venom 2

Square Enix does it again with the new Marvel Universe Venom Variant Play Arts Kai figure. Standing 10 inches tall, this thing is so good it literally freaks me out.

It’s not quite as crazy as some other Play Arts figures, but between the sculpt and the paint, it’s amazing looking and it has a range of motion that allows for some awesome poses.

Accessories include interchangeable hands, effect parts that show symbiote appendages reaching out like massive hands, an alternate head, and a display stand.

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marvel dino

The Avengers recently passed the record-setting opening weekend torch to Jurassic World, and the folks at Marvel handled the news with class. They published a fantastic cartoon by Andy Park (who has been instrumental in developing the look of Marvel films) to congratulate the team behind Jurassic World on their success.

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Holy Mother of Asgard, Square Enix has added a Thor variant to their already incredible Play Arts series of figures.

There’s tiny crackling detail in his armor, woven texture to the cape, and friggin’ veins popping from his gigantic biceps.

Other features include a swappable face, Mjolnir, a swinging Mjolnir attachment (aka awesome swish hammer), a lightning effect and three sets of interchangeable hands. He’ll be available in September for about $149.99.

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Bandai has debuted their Figuarts Mark 44 limited edition Hulkbuster figure and, man, is it pretty.

The figure is in the same scale as other Avengers: Age of Ultron Figuarts at 10 inches tall, with all sorts of articulation and even moving armor pieces for punching or repulsor blast poses. It also has LED’s and gold die cast armor highlights.

So. Pretty.

Pre-orders are available now and it’s estimated to be available the first part of 2016.

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black widow intro

A Black Widow movie may not be a reality (yet), but this brilliant fan-made title sequence certainly is. It was created by Christopher Haley for his After Effects class final project. He even came up with a synopsis and cast list:

Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place. . . For this speculative title sequence of a Black Widow film I decided Black Widow’s villain would be. . . Black Widow. Yelena Belova, to be specific. Belova believes herself to be the superior Black Widow, and in some ways she is right. Swift and ruthless, Belova is the most talented assassin to graduate from the Red Room–and now she is Hydra’s most deadly weapon. At Belova’s side is a super-soldier of her own, Alexi Shostakov–the Red Guardian, who also happens to be Natasha’s former lover. When the new heads of Hydra make a play for the power of the infinity stones it is up to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top agent to stop them.

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) – Scarlett Johansson
Yelena Belova (other Black Widow) – Rosamund Pike
Alexi Shostakov (Red Guardian) – Samuli Edelmann
Phil Coulson – Clark Gregg
Melinda May – Ming-Na Wen

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live size avengers

You’ve already seen the $21,500 Hulkbuster statue from Beast Kingdom, and now you can add Captain America, Thor, Iron-Man and War Machine to the list of ridiculous things you probably can’t afford.

These are all 1:1 scale life-size statues, they’re individually hand-painted, and all of them light up in one way or another except for Thor. Maybe that’s why he costs a paltry $7100.

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There are always plenty of Easter eggs in Marvel movies, but it can be hard to catch them all while watching a movie in the theater. Not to worry though, because the following video conveniently collects them all in one place with explanations. How many did you catch in the theater?

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Here’s some awesome news. Marvel has just announced that Martin Freeman will be joining the cast of Captain America: Civil War. This marks Freeman’s Marvel debut and the role has yet to be specified, but I’m fairly sure this can’t be anything but awesome.

With Andy Serkis returning as Klaw, we have an LOTR reunion of sorts. I wonder of Cumberbatch may make an appearance as Dr. Strange?

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marvelone copy

Honestly, who isn’t beyond stoked for Avengers: Age of Ultron? I mean, I was already pretty excited about the movie, but then I watched this video tribute featuring all the movies in the Marvel Universe, and now I’m pretty much through the roof.

Robert Jones took adrenaline-pumping scenes from the films, spliced everything together and added Linkin Park’s “A Light That Never Comes” to create one totally epic music video-esque tribute to all things Marvel.

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Chinese Illustrator and Weibo user Xia-a (xia1205), painted this awesome mash-up featuring the men and women of Marvel’s Avengers as the Eight Immortals of Chinese mythology.

These famous deities, icons of longevity and prosperity, each have their own distinct magical instrument that they use on their mythical adventures. One well-known adventure takes the group by sea to a celestial gathering, which is the inspiration for this crossover piece.

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