The internet has a penchant for turning things into animals. We’ve seen Disney princesses as sloths, manatees dressed like superheroes, and now we have all the original Pokémon as alpacas. Why not? DeviantArt user Lopaki came up with the Alpacamon, and I’ve got to say that the makeover makes the pocket monsters even cuter. I want Alpacamon plushes!

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harry potter scott pilgrim

YouTube user The Unusual Suspect has mad skills when it comes to putting together different franchises. He’s the genius behind the Star Wars cut to the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer mash-up, and now he’s sliced footage from all the Harry Potter films in Scott Pilgrim trailer style. It’s freaking brilliant. The addition of comic book style sound effect lettering pushes it over the top. I love it.

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What if characters from Final Fantasy got confused and ended up as Pokémon trainers? It turns out they look like a natural fit. DeviantArt user Andrew Ryan put some thought into which type of trainers the character would become. For example, with Final Fantasy VII, he thought Barrett would be a good rock type Pokémon trainer since he grew up in a small mining town. Plus, I have to agree with Andrew that he looks cool with a Poké Ball arm launcher.

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disney hogwarts 1

Though I like Harry, Ron, and Hermione plenty, seeing Disney characters in Hogwarts school uniforms makes me feel giddy. Disney has its own kind of magic and combining it with the world of Harry Potter means sparks! DeviantArt user Eira1893 came up with this crossover and created illustrations featuring over 20 characters in the school setting.

My favorite part, other than seeing the cute couples, is noting which house the artist sorted the characters into. Anna and Kristoff from Frozen are both in Hufflepuff while Ariel and Prince Eric are in Gryffindor. She goes into detail about her process for choosing the houses on some of the pieces at DeviantArt.

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sesame street fighter

You never know where mash-up art will lead. DeviantArt user gavacho13 created an illustration pairing Sesame Street with Street Fighter, and now it’s a playable game. Thanks, internet! Game developer Cocoalasca took the idea and ran with it and recently made Sesame Street Fighter available.

The HTML5 game pits character combinations against each other. For example, Bert and Ryu are merged into one creature. You fight by being the first to type in a series of words. The concept is laugh out loud funny to me, and the game is kind of addictive.

Now, go forth and play Sesame Street Fighter!

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lorde voldemort

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These mash-ups of Star Wars action figures with historical/pop-culture characters are the work of artist Michael Leavitt. He’s taken the bodies of traditional Star Wars action figures and given them the heads of people like Abraham Lincoln, Einstein and Ghandi. Each is a one-of-a-kind wooden sculpture that is currently on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.

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This Adventure Time artwork was created by Larry Quach and isn’t necessarily intended to be a Pacific Rim mash up, but you can’t help but see that given the movie’s popularity. He set out to make just a mecha version of the show, but these guys would look perfect fighting Kaiju.

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It’s really not all that surprising that little Stewie makes the perfect Joffrey in these Game of Thrones/Family Guy mash-ups. They’re the work of redditor Eric LaSorda who’s taken Stewie, Meg and the whole gang and set them down in the middle of Westeros. If you haven’t seen season three, be warned, the last image in the series is a bit of a spoiler!

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This is one of the most beautiful Disney princess mash-ups that I’ve seen, in large part because each image is so complete. DeviantArtist racookie3 has given each princess a bending or fighting style from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The princesses look amazing, but check out the backgrounds and you’ll see how other characters from their movies have been incorporated into the scene. I love Jasmine’s pet tiger Rajah and the fairies with Sleeping Beauty.

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