minecraft star wars

YouTuber Paradise Decay is working on a massive project: he’s making Star Wars: A New Hope in Minecraft. He’s got an hour and ten minutes completed so far, and that gave him more than enough footage to create a trailer. He’s making the fan film for fun and will make it freely available to everyone when the project’s done (hopefully sometime in 2015).

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the film on hand in order to sync the sound—a decision that was made in order to avoid copyright issues.

He says the project has been three years in the making with some sets taking up to six months to build. He clearly has the patience of a Jedi Master.

Watch a trailer for the blocky version of Episode IV after the break.

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Those stargates seem to open all over the place, so it was only natural that one would pop up in the world of Minecraft. This one is fully animated and it spins around with sound effects and even has chevrons that each lock one at a time until the stargate finally appears. It’s all the work of SethBling who is both a very adept Minecraft player and a huge Stargate fan.

See the stargate in action after the break.

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3D printers can print just about anything these days, even pizzas. But now, thanks to a program called Mineways, 3D printers can print actual Minecraft worlds. Dave Russell is a hardcore Minecraft fan, and he used the open source 3D program to bring his digital creations to life.

Photo Credit: Eric Haines (Mineways, Flickr)

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Now that The LEGO Movie has proven what little bricks and blocks can do, Minecraft wants to get in on the action.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros just acquired the rights to Minecraft with Lego Movie producer Roy Lee and Jill Messick on board.

It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with the adaptation given both the similarities and differences between the properties, but seeing as how The LEGO Movie turned out fantastic, I’m not worried.

How about you? Do you think Minecraft can make the transition?

(Deadline via The Mary Sue)


Yes, it may look like a door, but it’s actually a clock that is counting down to the end of the universe. The idea was to create the most useless machine possible in Minecraft and what YouTuber spumwack settled on is this countdown clock. It won’t stop counting down until the universe ends, completely and totally. None of us will be here to see the door open, and technically there won’t be any machine running that will be able to open the door which also won’t exist.

See the video after the break to see how it works…

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This Minecraft recreation of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is the painstaking work of Alan Becker. So far he has the bathhouse, ghost town and a few other areas ready but it’s still a work in progress. He’s done an incredible job of recreating what are very detailed bits of animation in the very blocky world of Minecraft.

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minecraft paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are an affordable way to add some geek to your holiday decorations, and there are plenty to download and cut. If you’ve already worked your way through the Game of Thrones house sigil designs, you can turn your attention to these Minecraft flakes by Instructables user Penolopy Bulnick. There are snowflakes representing weapons and a Creeper, and they are pixelated just like you’d expect them to be.

Get the free downloads and instructions at Instructables.


It’s not surprising that video games are once again being blamed for real-world violence, but it is surprising when a game like Minecraft is at the center of the controversy. A nine-year-old boy was sentenced to home confinement by a judge after he brought “an unloaded handgun, a magazine with six bullets inside, a steak knife and a small-handled sledge hammer,” into school.

“The boy’s father said he was playing a character he learned from the video game Minecraft,” WFTV reports.

“They use hammers to dig and knives and guns to protect themselves from zombies,” he said, according to the station.

While the father didn’t have enough good sense to prevent his child from accessing these items, at least the firing pin on the gun was removed. At any rate, it’s pretty clear that Minecraft is being used as a scapegoat for bad parenting here. Of course, “Bad Parenting Blamed For School Violence” isn’t a headline your likely to see anytime soon.

(WFTV via Kotaku)

nightmare before christmas

Themed Minecraft creations aren’t anything new, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out. They take a lot of time for builders to make and in the case of this Nightmare Before Christmas Minecraft roller coaster, it took two and a half months. Five people worked on creating this ride block by block, and it shows. The themes, colors, and music! All of it is cool and a lot of fun to sit back and watch. I want Jack Skellington to be part of roller coasters in real life.

Take a ride on “The Night Rail Before Christmas” in the video after the break.

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pacific rim trailer

The next big summer movie everyone is all abuzz about is Pacific Rim. Guillermo del Toro’s alien flick looks like it’s going to knock all of our socks off. The folks at Steelehouse Digital are so excited about the film that they made an homage to the trailer in Minecraft called “Pacific Realm.” I think it’s a test of a film when it looks just as intriguing in block form.

Check out the Minecraft creation after the break as well as the final extended trailer for the film.

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