titan city

I’m going to go on record as saying that I think Duncan Parcells aka ColonialPuppet on XBox Live is probably going to take over the world someday. Anyone who dedicates 2 years to make this gorgeously detailed 4.5 million block city in Minecraft on the XBox has the ability to do anything when they put their mind to it.

He calls it Titan City and he plans to finish it up on XBox and permanently move it to PC where he can make it even larger.

Like I said, evil genius in the making.

Check out the images and video after the break to see all the detail.

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This is an incredibly detailed version of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII created entirely in Minecraft. It took two whole years to build by modder Killerx20. That’s understandable since it measures a massive 1290 x 1290 blocks.

“As a lot are probably wondering,” Killerx20 writes, “yes, more then 85% of this build WAS indeed hand placed. The only things that were not are the outer plates, tower, and reactors BUT that doesn’t mean they were completed when imported, they were basically detail-less empty shells and I wanted it that way so everything on/inside them had to be hand placed for optimal detail.”

You can download the map here and spend some time roaming around Midgar.

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mariovsminecraft copy

So, who do you think would win in a fight: Mario or Minecraft Steve? Filmmaker Andrew McMurry, who has a thing for filming epic video game free-for-alls (including this one clip that explores the dire consequences of stealing gold bricks from an army of superhero Lego), answered that all-important question in his latest video. As far as brutal gaming beat downs go, this one is pretty memorable.

Watch the pixelated fight after the break…

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minecraft room header

If you’re in love with a game as a kid, it’s got to be pretty exciting to hear that your parents are going to use that game as the theme for your bedroom renovation. Kai-Lynn and Daniel play Minecraft with their son and daughter, and since the kids have been getting good grades, they decided to reward them with Minecraft themed bedrooms. The son’s room is all done, and it’s themed right down to the lighting. We call this a parenting win.

See more photos of the blocky theme after the break.

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Minecraft players and builders have added some fan-made Doctor Who touches, but the franchise is officially coming to the game in September. You have to play the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft to gain access to the Whovian additions, but it sounds like switching would be worth it. There will be several characters available according to Xbox:

Players will have access to a wide selection of the best characters from the entire 50 years of Doctor Who, with six Doctors in each skin pack – starting off with the 11th Doctor and five other Doctors, their companions, their biggest adversaries and the Doctors’ arch-enemy, the Daleks. Doctor Who puts you at the heart of an extraordinary adventure and Minecraft fans are in for the ride!

(via Topless Robot)


Fans of Minecraft will be happy to hear that LEGO is coming out with some new minifigure-scale Minecraft sets, including The Cave (21113), which is pictured above, and the The Farm (21114), which you can check out after the break.

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minecraft star wars

YouTuber Paradise Decay is working on a massive project: he’s making Star Wars: A New Hope in Minecraft. He’s got an hour and ten minutes completed so far, and that gave him more than enough footage to create a trailer. He’s making the fan film for fun and will make it freely available to everyone when the project’s done (hopefully sometime in 2015).

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the film on hand in order to sync the sound—a decision that was made in order to avoid copyright issues.

He says the project has been three years in the making with some sets taking up to six months to build. He clearly has the patience of a Jedi Master.

Watch a trailer for the blocky version of Episode IV after the break.

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Those stargates seem to open all over the place, so it was only natural that one would pop up in the world of Minecraft. This one is fully animated and it spins around with sound effects and even has chevrons that each lock one at a time until the stargate finally appears. It’s all the work of SethBling who is both a very adept Minecraft player and a huge Stargate fan.

See the stargate in action after the break.

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jzuxalonymmf3r1dn2xe copy

3D printers can print just about anything these days, even pizzas. But now, thanks to a program called Mineways, 3D printers can print actual Minecraft worlds. Dave Russell is a hardcore Minecraft fan, and he used the open source 3D program to bring his digital creations to life.

Photo Credit: Eric Haines (Mineways, Flickr)

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Now that The LEGO Movie has proven what little bricks and blocks can do, Minecraft wants to get in on the action.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros just acquired the rights to Minecraft with Lego Movie producer Roy Lee and Jill Messick on board.

It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with the adaptation given both the similarities and differences between the properties, but seeing as how The LEGO Movie turned out fantastic, I’m not worried.

How about you? Do you think Minecraft can make the transition?

(Deadline via The Mary Sue)