There are more than a few Minecraft obsessed kids out there, but not many have a bedroom this cool.

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The cousin of redditor Azzurite222 made this for her son as a surprise while he was away overnight at a friend’s sleepover. Now he can totally immerse himself in his favorite game even while he sleeps.

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lego minecraft

Minecraft fans are going to want to build outside the game when they get a look at this incredible castle. It’s two feet tall and three feet wide and is constructed of over 20,000 bricks. The whole thing was built by ZaziNombies who managed to keep the very square look of the game while adding in lots of details. There are also several versions of minifig Steve and a fully accessorized interior.

And then there’s the cat.

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Prepare to wield the Force while building with blocks in Minecraft because Star Wars skins are here! You can dress up up the Minecraft world with a pack of 55 character skins that feature familiar heroes and villians from the original trilogy. Available characters include Luke Skywalker, Greedo, Princess Leia Organa, Bib Fortuna, Chewbacca, R2-D2, a wampa, and many more.

The Star Wars Classic Skin Pack is $2.99 and is currently available for Minecraft on Xbox One and Xbox 360. More downloadable Star Wars content is coming in the future.

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lego minecraft 1

Minecraft is all about building locations and characters with blocks so it’s basically a match made in heaven for LEGO. We got a first look at the sets back in August, and now they’re available to order. You can choose between the Mine, the Cave, the Farm, and more. If you want ‘em, I recommend purchasing them as soon as you can. Plus, there’s a limit of five sets per order.

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titan city

I’m going to go on record as saying that I think Duncan Parcells aka ColonialPuppet on XBox Live is probably going to take over the world someday. Anyone who dedicates 2 years to make this gorgeously detailed 4.5 million block city in Minecraft on the XBox has the ability to do anything when they put their mind to it.

He calls it Titan City and he plans to finish it up on XBox and permanently move it to PC where he can make it even larger.

Like I said, evil genius in the making.

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This is an incredibly detailed version of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII created entirely in Minecraft. It took two whole years to build by modder Killerx20. That’s understandable since it measures a massive 1290 x 1290 blocks.

“As a lot are probably wondering,” Killerx20 writes, “yes, more then 85% of this build WAS indeed hand placed. The only things that were not are the outer plates, tower, and reactors BUT that doesn’t mean they were completed when imported, they were basically detail-less empty shells and I wanted it that way so everything on/inside them had to be hand placed for optimal detail.”

You can download the map here and spend some time roaming around Midgar.

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mariovsminecraft copy

So, who do you think would win in a fight: Mario or Minecraft Steve? Filmmaker Andrew McMurry, who has a thing for filming epic video game free-for-alls (including this one clip that explores the dire consequences of stealing gold bricks from an army of superhero Lego), answered that all-important question in his latest video. As far as brutal gaming beat downs go, this one is pretty memorable.

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minecraft room header

If you’re in love with a game as a kid, it’s got to be pretty exciting to hear that your parents are going to use that game as the theme for your bedroom renovation. Kai-Lynn and Daniel play Minecraft with their son and daughter, and since the kids have been getting good grades, they decided to reward them with Minecraft themed bedrooms. The son’s room is all done, and it’s themed right down to the lighting. We call this a parenting win.

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Minecraft players and builders have added some fan-made Doctor Who touches, but the franchise is officially coming to the game in September. You have to play the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft to gain access to the Whovian additions, but it sounds like switching would be worth it. There will be several characters available according to Xbox:

Players will have access to a wide selection of the best characters from the entire 50 years of Doctor Who, with six Doctors in each skin pack – starting off with the 11th Doctor and five other Doctors, their companions, their biggest adversaries and the Doctors’ arch-enemy, the Daleks. Doctor Who puts you at the heart of an extraordinary adventure and Minecraft fans are in for the ride!

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Fans of Minecraft will be happy to hear that LEGO is coming out with some new minifigure-scale Minecraft sets, including The Cave (21113), which is pictured above, and the The Farm (21114), which you can check out after the break.

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