When they’re not wishing on stars or chasing after silly princes, Disney princesses can actually be frightening little monsters. This series by Jennifer, a.k.a. NoFlutter on DeviantArt, turns the characters into vampires, zombies, and more. The art definitely has a Tim Burton vibe, and I hope cosplayers tackle real life versions of these designs.

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These Ikea-style instructions for building monsters are the work of artist Ed Harrington. Everyone from Edward Scissorhands to Jason Voorhees to the Human Centipede gets a pictorial breakdown, including warnings of what not to do with your newly assembled monster.

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Yes, that’s an AT-AT walking through a beautiful landscape painting. It’s a part of The Ancient Kaiju Project by German artist Oliver Wetter. He’s inserted all sorts of monsters into classic Hudson River School paintings as a way of improving his ability to replicate the styles. He’s done an incredible job, with the creatures looking like they were always a part of the art.

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What if lovable cartoon characters like Ariel and Dora the Explorer transformed and became absolute badasses? Well, for one thing, it would be awesome. We’ve seen some of DeviantArt user Tohad’s “Badass” series before when he added some blood and gore to characters like Barbie, and he’s since continued the series to include new and once precious subjects. Though the Ariel-anglerfish monster pictured above is my favorite, I also love his takes on Dora and the Powerpuff Girls!

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The latest Disney animated feature to get the Pop! vinyl treatment is Wreck It Ralph. You’ll be able to get Ralph, Felix, King Candy, and Turbo. They’re also releasing two Minis two-packs. There will be The Little Mermaid with Ariel and Ursula and Monsters, Inc. with Mike and Sulley. All the figures can be preordered in our Nerd Approved Shop for delivery in November.

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This Lego version of Mothra created by Olive Sean captures one of the most famous of Japanese monsters. She’s destroying New Kirk City despite the valiant efforts of the military shooting her with a tank-mounted laser beam. Mothra has trapped them all with her silken spray and doesn’t look at all bothered by their puny defenses. Although Mothra is a scratch-built piece, the buildings are Lego building sets that are perfectly incorporated into the overall scene.

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Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.09.33 PM

The stars of Pacific Rim, which opens on July 12th, aren’t the people or even the mechs but the incredible Kaiju. After the break you’ll find tons of pictures and behind-the-scenes videos featuring the Kaiju in action.

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You might think that action figures of the US Presidents would be boring and stuffy, but that’s only because you never imagined them as movie monsters. These 8″ action figures take seven presidents and do just that. They’ve even been clever monster names like Zombush, Baracula and Lincolnstein. Just think how cool these would look on display at Halloween.

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Make your iPad a little more huggable with this furry Cyclops case. It’s padded on the back for extra protection and works with all generations of the iPad. Not only does it look cute, but it helps keep your iPad clean, too. His little floppy hands are actually microfiber screen cleaner pads. If you see a smudge, just grab his little hands and rub it clean.

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It’s all fun and games until you put on a Ghillie suit, step into the middle of the road, and get struck and killed by a car. Randy Lee Tenley thought it would be fun to put on the suit, like the ones snipers use to camouflage themselves, and then stand in the middle of the road. In the dark. He was hoping to get someone to call in a Bigfoot sighting, but instead was struck by two cars and killed. Reports are that alcohol may have been involved. You think?

(The Denver Channel via Geekologie)