No, not Harrison Ford. He’s doing just fine, other than a leg brace and a limp, and presumably has a valid passport that will take him wherever he wants to go next. The one having trouble is the real Han Solo who is unable to leave his native England. Star Wars fan Dominic Kimberley had his name legally changed to Han Solo, but it seems the change isn’t going over so well with the bureaucrats in charge of issuing passports. According to The Mirror:

The new name is on Han’s bank card but he can’t get a passport under the moniker because it is based on a fictional character.
Speaking to the Birmingham Mail , he admitted it took his mum, Catherine, some time to get used to the new name.

“She said: ‘You’ve gone a galaxy too far this time’,” he laughed. “But she saw the funny side.

“I’ve always been a fan of the films, and Han Solo was always my favourite character.

“Really, I just wanted to see how easy it was to change my name.

“I introduce myself as Han Solo and most people laugh, but old pals call me Dom. It makes their day when I walk into the bank.”

Can’t get a passport, Han Solo? Sounds like a #NerdWorldProblem.

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We’ve only gotten a few glimpses of the armor that Shredder will be wearing in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, but this most recent image gives us a good look at the character. It was tweeted by TMNT_Fansite and it shows Shredder with his over-the-top armor. He looks like a samurai warrior, but his claws look straight out of Edward Scissorhands or Nightmare on Elm Street.

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In the movie Jumanji, the kids played what they thought was just a board game, but it turned out to have the power to bring all sorts of craziness into the real world. Lions and tigers and bears, all running down Main Street and wreaking havoc! This is a real-world version of the game created by Gemma Wright. It looks so good, you’d swear it was an actual movie prop. The best part is you can actually buy this as she’s taking custom orders.

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Every writer gets writer’s block at some point, even Hayao Miyazaki. It happened to him while working on Princess Mononoke in 1995 so he took a break to work on Chage and Aska’s song “On Your Mark.” It’s a simply stunning music video that’s like a 7-minute mini movie. Needless to say, it would be fantastic to see this expanded upon to create an entire film.

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These two monster movies walked the same world, but those worlds never quite overlapped until now. This fan-made trailer takes video and audio clips from Pacific Rim and Godzilla and splices them together into one fabulous movie. Gipsy Danger goes up against Godzilla and the humans are quaking in fear at both sets of footsteps smashing into the ground. The two movies each have sequels in the making so you never know. It could happen, right?

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You wouldn’t think you could turn the warm and fuzzy world of Frozen into a horror movie, but you’d be wrong. This video takes the scenes you know from the film, but splices them all together in a very disturbing way. Add in choice bits of dialogue and music fit for the latest slasher flick, and you have a version of Frozen that definitely is not safe for the kiddies.

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It’s been rumored for awhile, but now the rumor has confirmation from The Goonies Director Richard Donner. Answering questions about comic book movies and their worth, Donner volunteered the info to TMZ stating bluntly, “We are doing a sequel.” This also seems to indicate that he will once again be involved. As to the status of the original cast, Donner said, “Hopefully all of them,” would be back for the new film.

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Headphone cords, while excellent for serving a music-related purpose, are kinda dull looking. But now you can make them a bit more fun by throwing on a Scaler or two. These little movie icons can snap onto just about any cord in your home, and the Scaler 1 series features all the best baddies: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, the Predator and more! The Scaler 2 series features even more movie icons (including a few superheroes) and is available for pre-order with shipping set for July 2014.

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Poor Aquaman. He takes a lot of flack for being useless. I mean really, how often can summoning a seahorse and a bunch of dolphins be the deciding moment in a fight? Watch as he hones his skills, nearly takes out an innocent chandelier, and actually finds little Nemo.

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The new Warcraft movie directed by Duncan Jones (Moon) has finally been given an official release date, according to the Blizzard World Of Warcraft Twitter account.

If you know the history, the film has had a rocky road. However, the buzz on the teaser trailer that showed at SDCC and the rumor that Colin Farrel may be attached are enough to make us cautiously optimistic.

Personally, this pleases me. As a long time WoW player, I’ve always liked the cinematics, and the lore. There’s a lot of story to tell and if it has a budget and a full visual effects team, well, I think it would be pretty kick ass.

As long as they find an actress who doesn’t drive me as insane as Jaina does in game. Because, well, Jaina drives me insane in game.

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