Dark Legacy is, in fact, quite dark. Like watch it in a dark room dark. Still, as far as Star Wars fan films go, this is top notch stuff. Hell, it’s not bad for a Hollywood film. That’s a pretty rare feat, so it is certainly worth burning ten minutes to watch: [click to continue…]

Marvel has announced that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will arrive on digital in HD and 4K Ultra HD on Aug. 8 and 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on Aug. 22. This marks Marvel’s first in-home title to release in 4K Ultra HD. Check out more details—including the list of bonus features—below (I know you’ll want to own it for the David Hasselhoff music video alone). [click to continue…]

You know that massive DC Universe 10th Anniversary Blu-ray boxed set that contains all 30 movies to date? By the looks of things it will be disappointing because #31 will likely be an adaptation of the 1989 one-shot graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight. [click to continue…]

A teaser for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Bleach has been released. It’s less than 30 seconds long, but if you came here hoping to see big swords and cool hair, you won’t be disappointed. [click to continue…]

Vanity Fair just released a very cool video for their “Notes on a Scene” series featuring Darrin Prescott, the stunt coordinator and second unit director on John Wick 2. In the video, Prescott goes into a lot of detail while breaking down the opening car chase scene in the film. It’s interesting to see how the shots and stunts were pulled off, but it also gives us even more reasons to love Keanu Reeves, who Prescott described as “the best actor-driver in the business”. [click to continue…]

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their original animated films with a ridiculously massive Blu-ray boxed set that includes all 30 installments to date. [click to continue…]

Back in February, Hook star Dante Basco launched a successful Kickstarter for Bangarang, a short film about the origins of his character Rufio. The result is the 14-minute short film below. Clearly, it was made with a lot of love. [click to continue…]

LEGO is planning a collection of 18 building sets and a new series of Minifigs inspired by moments and characters in the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie. We have an…extensive preview of five of those sets right here. [click to continue…]

Fans of Batman: The Animated Series have a special place in their heart for the masterpiece that is Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm. The feature-length film debuted in 1993, and has since become a cult classic. If you’ve been waiting for this film to be released in HD, we have some very good news. [click to continue…]

It isn’t much, but this photo of Deadpool in front of Xavier’s School is confirmation that production on Deadpool 2 is currently underway. [click to continue…]