I don’t know if Jeremy Renner has gone rogue or if Marvel okayed it, but he’s been having a delightful time showing off new concept art for Captain America: Civil War that finally reveal where loyalties lie.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, you don’t want to take a look at the tweets after the break.

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the martian

A new video for the upcoming film The Martian entitled “Our Greatest Adventure” has been released.

We’ve seen several videos for The Martian at this point, but now they’re bringing out the big guns—namely Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Watch him examine the upcoming Ares 3 mission on a special episode of StarTalk after the break…

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fassbender creed

We have our first look at Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch In Assassin’s Creed thanks to Yahoo Movies!

And yes, the character is new—created specifically for the movie. Apparently, shooting on the film is set to begin on Monday.

What do you think?


What can an Honest Trailer say a movie as awesome as Mad Max: Fury Road? Well, it will confirm said awesomeness in the face of overwhelming odds. The last movie was forever ago, the director busied himself with kid’s movies during that period, Mad Max is a supporting character that barely talks (mostly grunts), and it’s basically a two hour chase scene. Doesn’t seem like a recipe for success, but it was clearly one of the best action movies in years.

Check out the trailer after the break…

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karate kid

They say you see things differently as an adult than you did as a child, but I had no idea what a bully Daniel LaRusso really was in The Karate Kid until I watched this. I mean, seriously, what a jerk. It’s a good thing someone’s pointed out his obviously aggressive behavior and explained it for future generations.

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the martian

The Martian was one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in recent years. I’m really hoping the movie lives up to it.

So far so good.

The latest trailer continues to give me hope that Ridley Scott and Matt Damon might actually pull it off.

Check it out after the break…

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victor frankenstein

The first trailer for Victor Frankenstein starring James McAvoy And Daniel Radcliffe dropped today, and it looks pretty good. Kind of a Sherlock Holmes vibe going on here, which isn’t surprising when you consider that director Paul McGuigan has worked on several episodes of the BBC series (Andrew Scott aka Moriarty is even in it). What is surprising, however, is that it seems to have more of a Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes vibe.

Check it out after the break…

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Bill Murray seems to have singlehandedly brought down any hope for a Ghostbusters sequel starring members of the original cast. However, he ain’t afraid of no reboot—particularly one with an all female cast.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Murray will appear in the film, though there is no word on what is role will be. He follows Dan Ackroyd who also agreed to make an appearance.

My guess is that they will appear as their original Ghostbusters characters for a brief cameo, perhaps to give their blessing to a new franchise. This would make sense if the plan was to create a Ghostbusters universe with different teams (while maintaining a connection with the original). As you’ve probably heard, there has been lots of talk about a movie featuring a new male-led Ghostbusters team, though that project appears to be in limbo at the moment.


Spoiler alert: Fantastic 4 is a bad movie. I know, I know. You’re shocked. Perhaps the worst thing about it is that its particular variety of suckitude trends towards the bland and boring; Jupiter Ascending may have been a hot mess, but at least it kept one’s interest with royalty-sniffy bees and whatever the hell Eddie Redmayne was doing.

Everyone in Fantastic 4 reads their lines like they’re about to fall asleep, which was quite a coincidence, because that’s exactly how I felt while watching it. I don’t know what possible reason there can be for making a young adult superhero movie (Reed Richards and Ben Grimm are just out of high school in it, and one assumes Sue and Johnny Storm are roughly the same ages) that’s absolutely devoid of fun. Someone at 20th Century Fox needs to have their Christopher Nolan Batman DVDs confiscated.

If you’ve already wasted your money on a Fantastic 4 ticket, there’s nothing I can do to help you. But if you haven’t yet, here are 10 things I recommend that are more worthy of your time:

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The legal battle over the rights to Dungeons & Dragons has been cleared up, paving the way for the big budget movie adaptation that it deserves (we’re looking at you D&D movie from 2000). Hasbro emerged the victor over Sweetpea Entertainment, and they are officially moving forward with the project at Warner Bros with a script written by David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2, Wrath of the Titans).

Check out the full press release after the break…

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