lego brickumentary

LEGOholics have another film to check out–if you’d rather not spend your time with a 584th viewing of The LEGO Movie, that is. A LEGO Brickumentary, a documentary (as its title would indicate) by directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge and narrated by minifig Jason Bateman, hit theaters and VOD (including iTunes) over the weekend. For a little amuse brick bouche, here are 15 facts you (yes, you) can learn from the film.

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ghostbusters top

Need someone to stop by and help make sick patients feel better? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! (and maybe Chris Pratt).

Yep, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig showed up at the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in full gear and met some of the patients there. It’s nice to see so many smiles.

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mi rogue nation

A new Mission: Impossible movie came out this weekend, and you know what that means: It’s time to put aside (most) negative feelings about Tom Cruise and admit that there’s a damn good reason he’s been a movie star for so long. It may not have the snazz of the MCU, but Mission: Impossible has been one of the most reliably solid franchises of the past 20 years.

So how is Rogue Nation? The phrase “damn good” applies. Plot-wise, it has about what you’d expect from an M:I movie: Ethan Hunt and his Impossible Missions Force crew get disavowed, have to unravel a baddie’s evil plot, then get reavowed. (Er… spoiler? C’mon, you knew they had to get re-avowed, so they could get re-disavowed in the next movie.) Rebecca Ferguson stuns as a new addition to the mix, a British agent named Ilsa who spends half the movie’s running time showing Ethan Hunt up. She’s the Furiosa to his Mad Max. It’s glorious.

Really, though, it’s more of the same: Car chases, disguises, daring infiltrations of top-secret hideaways. Which is not at all a criticism, because damn, director Christopher McQuarrie pulls it off. Rogue Nation is fun. I’d rank it among the top action movies of the top five years, in fact.

But how does it compare to its fellow recent action champions? Let’s take a look…

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ant man sweded

Forget those pricey special effects. All this guy needed for his shot-for-shot Ant-Man trailer remake was some cardboard, empty bottles, hairspray, and some action figures. It’s so bad it’s good—especially the man-made sound effects.

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This infographic created by Empire Flippers details over 120 fictional businesses found throughout the Marvel universe.

Other than the slightly annoying issue of having super villains constantly trying to destroy humanity, how cool would it be live in the Marvel Universe? Not only would superpowers be real, but there would still be awesome places to shop, eat, and have some fun.

Marvel has done an incredible job creating a vast, realistic and relatable world for us. And the minutely detailed commercial segment is no different. If you’re a comic book buff, you’ve probably heard of many of these companies and establishments, but do you know where they are located?

Business are broken down by state and type of business so you can easily figure out where to go in your neighborhood to find your favorite heroes.

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doof warrior

Why no one thought of this when they were coming up with the soundtrack for Mad Max: Fury Road is beyond us. This heavy metal version of the classic Yakety Sax paired to clips from the movie is perfect.

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George Lucas has made several, shall we say—controversial changes to the original Star Wars trilogy over the years. And by “several” we mean “a lot”.

While many of these changes are well known, an entire generation of fans has been unable to watch these movies in their pure, original form.

Fortunately, YouTuber Marcelo Zuniga has preserved the film’s history by extensively cataloging those changes in the following videos. They show the original and the various versions that have been released since along with explanatory notes.

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A Hobbit hole looks like a wonderful place to live, albeit a bit “cozy”. With that in mind, West Stow Pods has launched a Kickstarter to bring what they’re calling a Poddit Hole to life. The rental home will be as close as possible to a real Hobbit hole. They’ve even asked for help from the Tolkien Society to get it right.

The home will include two double bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room with log burner. If the project is fully funded, then backers will be among the first to stay there overnight when it’s estimated to be ready this October.

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pixels movie featured

Given Adam Sandler’s recent track record–Grown Ups 2, Blended, The Cobbler, Jack and Jill–do I really need to tell you that Pixels is bad? Fine. It’s bad. Really, really bad.

Don’t be lured in, fellow nerds, by the Pac-Man or the Dinklage. Granted, the effects are neat, and Dinklage is by the far best actor here because he out and out commits to being a mulleted weirdo. But none of it is worth sitting through 105 minutes of Sandler testing how uninterested he can be before director Chris Columbus pulls him aside and says something about it. Lines like “I got this. If I don’t, the world ends. Can’t let that happen” (screenwriters Tim Herlily and Timothy Dowling, folks!) are bad enough, but when they’re spoken by someone who sounds like he’s halfway to a coma, it’s just insulting.

I would re-watch any of these five terrible movies before giving Pixels a second shot.

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If you’re a movie lover, this video will make you cringe. World Wide Interweb has collected some of the worst special effects ever including gems from Deep Blue Sea, The Mummy Returns, RoboCop, and even Star Wars for the CGI Jabba that never should have seen the light of day.

But it gets worse. Way worse.

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