20th Century Fox has released a new poster for Alien: Covenant, and it instantly reminded me of the hellscapes painted by old masters like Hieronymus Bosch. Hopefully, the movie will live up to this terrifying imagery. Check out the entire poster below. [click to continue…]

What you are about to witness is the closest thing you’ll get to a PG-13 version of John Wick. I have to say, sanitizing the violence with Nerf guns makes this short nearly as compelling as the original film. [click to continue…]

Adam Savage’s Ghost in the Shell field trip continues with a new video that examines the awesome 3D-printed endoskeleton Weta Workshop made for the film. [click to continue…]

It appears that the Japanese dub of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-action film is in good hands. The best hands actually. [click to continue…]

If you’re new to Ghost In The Shell but like what you see from the trailers and behind-the-scenes stuff, you should probably check out the video from Distractotron below. It provides a brief overview of the history of Ghost In The Shell from the original manga to the upcoming film. [click to continue…]

The following video is interesting for two reasons. First off, it’s a fascinating look behind-the-scenes at the ADR (automated dialogue replacement) process on a fight scene in a big budget film. As you probably surmised, ADR recordings are done to clarify dialogue and other audio in a scene. It is also interesting because Hugh Jackman goes into full berserker mode. Thankfully, he didn’t pass out. [click to continue…]

At this point I’m hoping that Hugh Jackman is 100% committed to retiring from the Wolverine role he’s occupied for the last 17 years because he really is going out on top. The response to Logan has been overwhelmingly positive, and fans have been smothering him with love and praise. Hugh has responded with the following “thank you” video that’s loaded with awesome fan art. [click to continue…]

An official version of the Deadpool teaser that’s screening before Logan was all over the internet this weekend. Odds are you saw it—multiple times. If you were paying close attention, you might have noticed some of the many Easter eggs contained in the scene. One of those Easter eggs involved Firefly—and there is a small chance that it was more than just a nod to a much beloved Fox property. [click to continue…]

Hugh Jackman shared a time lapse evolution of Wolverine in time for the premiere of Logan, and all I have to say is 17 years goes pretty damn quick. But he certainly went out on top with this film. Watch Logan go from a young mutant to an old hobo in the video below. [click to continue…]

Previous Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales teasers/trailers have been light on Jack Sparrow and ghost sharks, but this trailer more than makes up for that. In fact, Jack Sparrow makes an appearance as a young man, making Johnny Depp the latest actor to be de-aged for a film. The trailer also goes a long way towards explaining Captain Salazar’s motives for hunting Jack. [click to continue…]