The first Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer leaked earlier today and was quickly pulled. Apparently, that prompted Marvel to say “f*ck it” and release the real deal. If you haven’t seen the high-res version head after the break post haste.

UPDATE: Marvel’s response to the leak earlier today was “priceless” as one of our Facebook commenters put it. You can see that after the break as well.

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1A4 Studio has created a very simple animated version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that summarizes the whole thing in just 60 seconds. It’s got all the key scenes and locations from the movie. You wouldn’t think they could cram it all in to such a short video, but they do, and it’s ridiculously cute.

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This wonderful Lego diorama based on The Goonies was on display at BrickCon 2014 and was created by members of the Virtual Lego Users Group (VLUG). This type of project is constructed in sections, with one member of the group organizing it all and the others each creating a section that they bring to the event to make the finished product. Members who worked on this build include Tyler Halliwell, Davey Sterling, Stacy Sterling, Dennis Price, Betsy Sandberg, Heath Flor, Lee Jones,Chris Phipson, Hans Dendauw, and matt rowntRee.

It’s impressive if you don’t know the film, but loyal fans will love all the little details they’ve included like Mikey’s and Data’s houses, One-Eyed Willie’s ship, and even some booby traps.

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Friendship is magic. Friendship is also very popular apparently.

Variety reports that Hasbro is moving forward with a My Little Pony movie for a 2017 release. The movie will be produced through Allspark Pictures, and Hasbro will finance it in house. They have Joe Ballarini on board as the writer and Meghan McCarthy as co-executive producer. McCarthy works on the current animated show and Equestria Girls.

The news doesn’t state whether the film is based on the Friendship is Magic incarnation of the story, but it’s likely given the success of the animated series.

(via /Film)

Superhero movies comics alliance

Take a minute to think about all the superhero movies on the horizon. Without looking at a list, I can name about five. However, if you look at the schedule through 2020, there are 29 confirmed superhero movies. Twenty-nine! Friends, we live in a glorious age.

Dylan Todd put together a super infographic for ComicsAlliance to show the release dates in an easy to digest format. Get out your calendar, examine it, and go ahead make plans for the next six years.

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It’s impossible for any mere mortal to recreate Jeff Goldblum’s Jurassic Park laugh song, but now we all have hope thanks to Evan Kent. He’s taken that laugh and created sheet music so we can all give it a try. It will never be as good as he real thing, but it’s the closest the rest of us will be able to manage.

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Casey Pugh put together a fan made version of Star Wars: A New Hope in 2009 which was made up of hundreds of different snippets of individual scenes. They were filmed with people, puppets, and all manner of props with the idea that they’d be spliced together to create the complete film. The finished product was so good that it actually won an Emmy in 2010 for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media.

Now, to follow-up, The Empire Strikes Back has been fan made in the same format, and with the same incredible results. It runs just over 2 hours and contains footage from 480 different Star Wars fans. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

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Eight grader Cody Swanek created an awesome Star Wars algebra problem that focused on how J.J. Abrams is doing with getting Star Wars: Episode VII filmed. Looks like Abrams took notice and not only did he solve the problem, but he created his own Star Wars algebra problem for Swanek to solve. Seriously, if this was what my math classes had been like, I would have paid better attention.

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The internet is losing its mind because there may be a sequel to Labyrinth in the works.

It all started with this line buried in a Variety article about Billy Crystal joining The Jim Henson Company’s Which Witch:

It’s also working on a quartet of legacy titles in the Henson library — a “Fraggle Rock” movie that’s been in development at New Regency; a sequel to 1982’s “The Dark Crystal”; a sequel to 1986’s “Labyrinth”; and a movie based on the Emmet Otter character.

Sequels to Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal? I admit, it’s definitely exciting to think about, but we don’t know how “developed” they are of if we’ll be seeing them any time in the near future. In fact, Entertainment Weekly claims that their sources can confirm a Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock sequel, but that nothing is on the horizon for Labyrinth.

If they do make a Labyrinth sequel, I hope they work in that fascinating fan theory from a while back. Some sort of Jareth focus story would be awesome. And I would totally be down for a Dark Crystal sequel just for more Fizzgig.

Besides, the world can always use a little dance, magic, dance.

(via io9)


New York Comic Con has started and Tomorrowland decided to do it up right. First off, George Clooney was on the Tomorrowland panel yesterday (joking about how he was spending his honeymoon at the con). Plus, Disney released the first teaser trailer and Funko debuted their first ReAction figure from the movie.

I think the movie looks really interesting and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more.

You can check out the trailer and the new figure after the break.

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