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A New Cult Is Born

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DeviantArtist Hayden Sailer is a serious My Little Pony fan and has added a custom Luna hood ornament to his vintage Oldsmobile. He did it by finding a design on Shapeways and then printing it with a 3D printer and painting it with chrome paint. It’s a brilliant idea really. Think of the possibilities!

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Even though Equestria Girls turned My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’s ponies into human-like beings, I still haven’t seen a ton of art depicting the characters as humans. Not as much as I’d expect, anyway. DeviantArt user sparrow-chan is filling the void with her interpretations of the characters in vintage can-can style outfits, and I adore the illustrations.

She’s captured the the vibe of each pony, whether it be sassy for Rainbow Dash or bashful for Fluttershy. Their costumes feature their signature colors and style, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we see this art brought to life by a cosplay group soon.

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dreamcatchers 1

You can add geeky improvements to almost any object, even dreamcatchers. Etsy seller Stars, Spikes, and Madness has transformed the hoop meant to keep nightmares at bay into pop culture pieces of art. The center section of the dreamcatcher is a piece of leather that has been carved, dyed, painted, and sealed. The cords are waxed, and the type of beads on each style varies.

She has dreamcatchers with Doctor Who themes, the cutie marks from My Little Pony, Mass Effect logos, and many more. If you don’t see what you want, you can place a custom order.

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Daleks and the word cute don’t often cross my mind at the same time, but there is no other word to describe these crochet creations from DeviantArt user Country Geek Crochet. That’s right, Doctor Whooves isn’t the only Doctor Who/My Little Pony connection, there are My Little Daleks!

The Pinkie Pie toy is my favorite; I can totally picture her bouncing around trying to throw a party to cheer up all the Daleks.

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Friendship may be magic but according to Bigshot Toyworks, “Friendship is Maddness.” The toy company has taken the look of My Little Pony and combined the characters with some Cthulhu touches like tentacles and big eyes. Little Maddie, pictured above, is just one of the characters they’re working on for a series of animation shorts and toys. The pony and monster combination works well, and I bet these creatures creep right off the shelves and into homes in a flash.

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Sure, these mashups by Cherry Garcia look cute and they’re dead ringers for Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, and the rest of the gang, but check out those claws. Pinkie Pie in particular looks just a little bit demented and ready to slice and dice you without a second thought.

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friendship copy

No, I can’t make sense of KanashiiPanda’s animated short “Friendship is Manly”. However, the synopsis is: Fabulous hair. Manly muscles. Sparkles. The End.

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John DiMaggio has already voiced some great characters on Futurama and Adventure Time, but I think he’s missed his true calling. In this video he does the voice of My Little Pony‘s Trixie and the pony world will never be the same.

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mlp resume

Having you been searching high and low for a job with no luck? Well, perhaps your résumé isn’t magical enough. This employment history shared on Twitter is pony-rrific and colorful! There’s some debate as to whether it’s real, but I wouldn’t be surprised. It could be an attempt by Joseph to make his résumé stand apart from the rest of the stack, or it could be a joke. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend putting My Little Pony on your employment application except in very special circumstances. Like applying for a job at a glitter factory perhaps.

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