A good game room needs good game decor and this Nintendo 64 fits the bill perfectly. It’s made of MDF and measures 18″ x 18″ x 18″ and is even painted in the bold, primary colors of the logo. The top is laminated and you could even add a glass top to have plenty of room for your controller, your Mountain Dew, and your bag of Doritos.

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golden farcry

Back in the day when I was younger and had more free time, my sister and I were obsessed with playing GoldenEye 007 on her N64. I was lousy, but I always had fun. This video by YouTube user William Kjellgren takes me back to those days. He took the Facility level (yes, that one) and modernized it using the FarCry 3 engine. Now I just want to hunt down a N64 on eBay.

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realistic yoshi

Things rarely turn out well for Mario and his brother Luigi in Pete Holmes’ sketch comedy series, Realistic Mario. In a previous episode, Mario found out that slamming your head into a floating brick really, really, really hurts. But in this latest video, Mario discovers that cute dinosaurs like Yoshi are, at the end of the day, still flippin’ dinosaurs. Which means they like to kill and eat things. A lot.

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n64 controller 1

Handmade portable game consoles are neat, and Bungle’s N64 mod is just awesome. It includes a custom controller-shaped case with hand grips, a 3.5 inch screen, custom buttons, a GameCube analog joystick, HMDX amp and speakers, and four hours of battery life. The guy’s got skills.

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This Guy Found Hyrule


The drawing is from the Legend of Zelda NES booklet, but it seems that the real deal is in Grand Tetons National Park. This guy gets bonus points for bringing the sword.

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lamborghini 2 n64 controller

Lamborghini recently unveiled its latest concept car, and people don’t know what to do with it. The Egoista definitely has a distinct shape and that might not be the best thing. To me, it looks like a car that only exists in spy movies and is completely impractical for driving in real life. Then again, I’m not their absurdly wealthy target audience. Some fans are comparing the ride to nerdy things like the N64 Controller, and Kotaku put together a side by side. Yes, it is possible to see geeky things everywhere. I never would have come to that comparison on my own, but now I can’t unsee it.

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Goldeneye remote 4

Raise your hand if you also played Goldeneye on the N64 all the time. I knew I wasn’t alone. If you adored the game, you’ll recognize this remote mine prop. It was designed by ComradeQuiche on Thingiverse, and he provides the files so you download and print your very own. It blinks, it beeps, and the back is conveniently magnetic so you can stick it to everything. I’ll take twenty!

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This custom controller was designed by DeviantArtist Zoki64 as a commission for one of his customers. We’ve seen some beautiful custom controllers and consoles from him before and this one is no less impressive. He takes an already vintage controller and makes it even more so with the NES design.

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Keenan Bosworth gave a lucky friend this custom Nintendo 64 coffee table, which includes an 18″ pine N64 logo as its base. This is actually Keenan’s second example of the table, the first being a Christmas gift for his brother.

Although the table isn’t available for sale, Keenan is in the process of creating an Instructables page for the project and has posted a number of additional photos of the build on his imgur thread.

(Reddit via The Penny-Arcade Report via Technabob)