Spicy Skittles and Starburst cometh. I’m sure you have a snap judgement about the idea of mixing fruity and spicy flavors, but you’ll have to wait until December 2017 for confirmation. Actually, the Sweet Heat packs aren’t the only new Skittles innovation on deck for the latter half of 2017. Check out two more upcoming limited edition product releases on That’s Nerdalicious

When it comes to Alien-themed treats, desserts like this series from Christine McConnell might be outside the reach of mere mortals. Rosanna Pansino’s Alien Cake Balls, on the other hand, are fun and fairly easy to make. See how it’s done on That’s Nerdalicious

For too long, Americans have had to watch as Kinder Surprise eggs became one of the world’s favorite candies, unable to partake in any of the 3.5 billion sold annually because FDA regulations prohibit the inclusion of a toy inside the egg—but that’s about to change. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

Last month goth waffle cones made big waves on the Internet, and now we’ve learned that goth lattes are popping up in coffee shops and restaurants. I assume that the activated charcoal they contain will help soak up the poisons you ingested with Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccinos. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

The same company that brought you the inflatable Irish pub is kicking the concept up a notch with a version based on Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

When it comes to themed pop-up cafes in Japan, it seems that nothing is off the menu—not even a manga about ghouls that eat human flesh. But there’s a Tokyo Ghoul movie coming out, so what the hell you know? Check out more questionable menu items on That’s Nerdalicious

Cold Stone has partnered with Warner Bros to launch Wonder Woman Berry Bold ice cream and a Triple Berry Wonder cupcake that are pretty damn decadent. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

From That’s Nerdalicious: Hot on the heels of the Firework Oreo announcement comes info that Waffle & Syrup-flavored Oreos are starting to trickle out into the wild. Unfortunately, this particular limited edition flavor is exclusive to Albertsons owned stores such as Acme, Jewel-Osco, Safeway, Shaw’s, Star Market, Tom Thumb and Vons. They’re also turning up on eBay and Amazon for inflated prices. (via TheJunkFoodAisle)

Steve Rogers may have become Hydra’s leader in the comic books, but he’s still 100% American when it comes to sweet, sweet merchandising profits. To that end he’s plastered his colors across a range of kitchen appliances that includes a coffee maker, waffle maker, popcorn maker, toaster and crock pot. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

My guess is that a lot more people would go to the gym if they could use Poké Ball kettlebells that cracked open and spilled out sandwiches and chips. It’s perfect for the Pokémon trainer that needs to cultivate mass. See more on That’s Nerdalicious