Digital artist Steph Caskenette made these totally awesome digital papercraft illustrations of some fun scenes from a few classic NES games. Metroid is pictured above, but see if you can guess the rest after the break.

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press start

This video called “Press Start” is sure to conjure up some nostalgic feelings as it consists of every NES start screen back to back in alphabetical order.

If you’ve ever wondered how many NES games there actually are? Well, the video of the start screens alone is almost 3 hours long.

It just occurred to me that this would be an awesome drinking game. Every time you see a game you’ve played, you do a shot. Then again, maybe not. I’m pretty sure some of you folks would get alcohol poisoning.

Check out the video after the break and enjoy!

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So you’ve just dropped hundreds of dollars on Playstation and Xbox’s brand new offerings. Clearly, the next step is to cover up the design of the new consoles with decals to make them look like old school NES systems. You can get the skins from DecalGirl for both new consoles and they also have stickers to cover controllers. They come with clear instructions for application and are an easy and affordable way to add some flair to your gaming devices. If the retro look isn’t your thing, they have tons of other designs to choose from.

See the Xbox One skin design after the break.

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Nostalgic nerds can show off their old-school gaming cred this Christmas with this awesome classic video game ornamental set. None of ‘em work, of course, but what’s pretty cool is that you can hang them from almost anything–including your dust-covered NES or PS1! Now that’s some real old-school video game pride.

Product Page: ($19.99)

custom mega man nes 1

Mega Man 2 is almost 25 years old and birthdays mean presents! The ideal gift would of course be this custom NES with bold colors and fancy backlighting. It was made by Custom Nes Guy and Platinumfungi, and they did a wonderful job at making the system evoke the character and game. The paint job looks spotless and besides the neat look of the controllers, the character cards on the top of the console actually light up.

See more pictures and a video after the break.

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nintendo art show 7

We live in a day where a Nintendo themed art show is a thing. Isn’t it glorious? Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn is hosting the collection, and it opens this Friday. It’s massive. They’ve signed up over 50 artists to participate, and there are more than 180 pieces in the 3NES show. Art includes Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, and Metroid pieces among others, and I’m telling you – they’ve got super talented artists involved. I wish I could see the gallery in person.

See more Nintendo art in the show after the break…

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This custom controller was designed by DeviantArtist Zoki64 as a commission for one of his customers. We’ve seen some beautiful custom controllers and consoles from him before and this one is no less impressive. He takes an already vintage controller and makes it even more so with the NES design.

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Here we have an updated version of the original working NES coffee table that Charles Lushear built early last year. He’s made some improvements to the original design, notably a functional zapper mounted in a holster to the side of the table and Wii compatibility.

Coffee designed after the Nintendo controller from 1985. This functional model is made from premium grade curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga, and mahogany and is compatible with the Nintendo Wii. It features dovetail joinery and midcentury modern legs. Also included in a side mounted custom bison holster is a zapper, handmade from bubinga and maple. The zapper functions as a Wii controller while selecting the classic Nintendo on the Wii menu. The zapper also vibrates and has a speaker to replicate the feel and sound of the original Wii controller. The table functions wirelessly and the gun and mount can be easily removed if desired. A glass top and bubinga feet are included for use as table.

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If you are head over heels for the classic Nintendo console, you can now get a living room set that shows your dedication to the retro.

Etsy seller Pixel Art Studios has designed a whole line of 8 bit furniture. You can practically picture tiny Marios running around and playing on these tables! The set comes with a NES coffee table, two giant game cartridge side tables, two NES controller coasters, and two pieces of wooden Mario wall art. Each piece is hand painted.

That’s all beyond cool, but to step it up a notch there’s plenty of room for you to mount a game console or two inside the table – the top of the table lifts up to reveal the storage space. The crafter even built outlets right into the front of the table. It’s ingenious.

If you’re interested, pre-order a set now to get a deal (info below).

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Not only is this 5-foot long NES controller made entirely of Lego bricks, but the thing actually works. Baron von Brunk first had the idea over the summer and spent the last few months putting this behemoth together. In that time, not only did he construct the exterior Lego shell, but he also finished the inside to include spring loaded modules for the buttons that he soldered to an actual NES circuit board.

See more pictures and video of the controller in action after the break…

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