Bill Nye is back to tackle all of the subjects that our government doesn’t believe in with his new Netflix series Bill Nye Saves The World. As you’ll see in the trailer below he’s bringing some familiar faces along for the ride. [click to continue…]

Netflix quietly announced that a Castlevania series would arrive sometime this year. And that’s it. Seriously—this is the whole bit from the press release:

Castlevania Season 1, Part 1 Coming to Netflix in 2017

But wait! Here’s where things get really interesting. [click to continue…]

Netflix has released the first full Iron Fist trailer, and it feels a lot like Arrow—only with magic punches and curlier hair (Finn Jones as Danny Rand just doesn’t work for me at this point). Honestly, I’m not to psyched about this one, but we’ll have to wait until March 17th to find out if Netflix can turn this into something worth watching. [click to continue…]

Netflix has been having fun creating little side projects (like an actual Netflix and Chill button and Stranger Things recipes) to promote their original programming. Their latest is a free online game that allows you to take control of characters from their popular shows. Well, popular shows and Marco Polo, which was recently cancelled. A bit odd, that.

The game is an extremely simple infinite runner that will have you dodging Demogorons, DEA agents and lunch trays. It’s pretty stupid honestly, but if you’re looking to waste a few minutes of your day, have at it here.

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Have you been enjoying Black Mirror on Netflix? If so, you will undoubtedly enjoy these illustrations by artist Butcher Billy as well. They imagine popular episodes as retro comic book covers.

Yes, even THAT episode.

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The Mythbusters build team is back with a new show on Netflix called White Rabbit Project. When it was first announced, the show was described as “Mythbusters in Wonderland”. The caption on the trailer elaborates:

The coolest tech. The weirdest weapons. The craziest escapes. Three science-loving sleuths put them under the microscope.

Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara rank history’s greatest inventions, heists and more in this series from the producers of “MythBusters.”

Check out the trailer below. [click to continue…]


We’ve all fallen asleep while watching something boring on television. But have you ever thought to harness the power of the boring video to help you sleep? That’s where Napflix comes in.

“Napflix is a video platform where you can find the most silent and sleepy content selection to relax your brain and easily fall asleep,” says their website, which contains tons of videos featuring content precision-engineered to send you to the land of nod – many of which are hours long. It contains such gems as the TV broadcast test card, World Chess Finals, “The Wonderful World of Tupperware”, and a ten-hour countdown timer. Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night – that’s literally what the site is for.

We’ve embedded some examples of videos from Napflix which you can see below. Don’t blame us if you fall asleep at your desk. [click to continue…]


Netflix has released an official Stranger Things news report that will get you caught up on what’s happening in the search for Barb and a “vagrant juvenile” Eggo thief.

See Also: Funko Unveils The Full ‘Stranger Things’ Pop Collection!

Stay vigilant, and be on the lookout for a girl with a shaved head and another girl with really sweet style. Brenda Wood has the story below. [click to continue…]


Back in August we got a preview of Funko’s Stranger Things collection in the form of Eleven and Barb. But now they’ve unveiled the entire collection and most of them are available to pre-order now with a release set for April 2017.

Funko is bringing the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things to collectors and fans in 2017! Coming in early next year, fans of this amazing show will be able to take home Pop! vinyl versions of their favorite characters, including Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Barb, and, of course, the terrifying Demogorgon from the Upside Down!

Check out the entire Stranger Things Pop lineup below. [click to continue…]


There’s no doubt there’s more happening with Star Wars now than at any time in history, and fans can’t seem to get enough.

There are all kinds of stories out there of course, but one thing fans have hoped for, and almost saw come to fruition six years ago, is a live-action television series. ABC has mentioned talking with Disney and Lucasfilm off and on, but more than a few fans have expressed their preference for a series on Netflix—for obvious reasons.

To that end, over 50,000 people have signed a petition asking Disney and Lucasfilm to make a live-action series based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the characters from both KOTOR and KOTOR II plus the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the idea as I love the games and currently play SWTOR. I mean, it’s hard not to watch the most recent SWTOR trailer for the new expansion and not see a story worth telling. Check that out below. [click to continue…]