Over a period of two weeks, Imgur user tylerfulltilt hand-built this spectacular NES-themed entertainment center using some plywood, some clever paintwork, and this lowboard from Overstock which was heavily modified to look like the NES console itself.

We’re properly impressed with tylerfulltilt’s work, though I really want that TV to be bigger and lower. Check out the full gallery detailing the build process after the jump.

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Super Nintendo Chalmers

super nintendo chalmers

A brilliant white elephant gift from Redditor rori3.

If you’re one of those people that casually injects Simpsons references in everyday conversation, no further explanation is needed. For everyone else, check out the video below.

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This handsome Nintendo emulator is a harmonious blend of classic gaming and gorgeous craftsmanship. The solid walnut foldable case measures about three inches square and is built around Raspberry Pi A+.

The good news is that there’s a chance that the rustic and retro futuristic PE358 system from Love Hultén might actually be available for sale in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Check out more of this fantastic handheld device after the break.

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firstpersonsmash copy

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to play Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. using a virtual reality headset, then you have to check out this video.

As you’ll see, the fighting is fierce, fun and all together over-the-top. Unfortunately, this video will probably be the closest we’ll get to seeing a VR-supported Nintendo game any time in the near future. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently noted the following about VR:

“It’s not fun, and it’s not social. It’s just tech.”

Check out the video after the break…

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Maybe it was fate that Doug Bowser rose through the ranks of Nintendo, eventually becoming V.P. of Sales. Maybe he forced his way into the job by holding a princess hostage. Either way, I’m snicker-snorting my way through this post.

According to Nintendo’s tongue-in-cheek press release, Bowser “will oversee a variety of sales-related functions, including Sales, In-store Merchandising, Retail Strategy and Retail Marketing.”

I just hope they keep him away from mushrooms, pipes, plumbers, and bridges. Check out the press release after the break…

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mario kart

Nintendo has officially teamed up with Universal Parks & Resorts to create themed rides and attractions. The nature of these attractions hasn’t been disclosed, but Nintendo did confirm that they will be based on their “most famous characters and games.”

We’re already dreaming of live action Mario Kart racing and a Legend Of Zelda ride.

(via Slash Gear)


These adorable and very snugly plush characters are designed to look like the classic 8-bit versions of Link, Mario, and Luigi. They’re sold as a set of three and will be shipping in July.

Product Page ($54.99 via technabob)

mario pillows

Don’t let the menacing snarl scare you, that Thwomp! pillow from Super Mario Bros. is huggably soft and the perfect for a relaxing snooze.

Entertainment Earth has a full lineup of squishy pillow pals from the greatest video game saga of your childhood. There’s Koopa Shells, Mushrooms, Mario, Yoshi, And even a coin box.

See them all after the break…

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Hyperkin (makers of the RetroN 5 game console) pulled an internet April Fool’s product joke straight from ThinkGeek’s playbook to gather feedback on their new product. With tons of retro gaming emulators on the market for your PC, the “Smart Boy” will actually let you play old Nintendo Game Boy cartridges on your iPhone.

Chris Gallizzi, of Hyperkin’s design and product development team, released a few photos of the iPhone case design on Reddit. It started out as a “joke”, but was quickly greenlit. He even revealed that an open side-panel version for Android phones is in the works.

Check out the design details after the break.

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Remember the Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer? They didn’t exactly fly off the shelves. However, it seems that Russian artist Dmitry Morozov hasn’t forgotten, because he took the concept and transformed it into something just as useless, but a lot more fun.

Behold, a Game Boy photo gun printer.

The hack utilizes an original Game Boy with an Arduino, a camera, optical relays, batteries, and a thermal printer. Pull the trigger to take a pixelated photo and print it out on a “receipt”.

See it in action after the break.

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