mario pillows

Don’t let the menacing snarl scare you, that Thwomp! pillow from Super Mario Bros. is huggably soft and the perfect for a relaxing snooze.

Entertainment Earth has a full lineup of squishy pillow pals from the greatest video game saga of your childhood. There’s Koopa Shells, Mushrooms, Mario, Yoshi, And even a coin box.

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Hyperkin (makers of the RetroN 5 game console) pulled an internet April Fool’s product joke straight from ThinkGeek’s playbook to gather feedback on their new product. With tons of retro gaming emulators on the market for your PC, the “Smart Boy” will actually let you play old Nintendo Game Boy cartridges on your iPhone.

Chris Gallizzi, of Hyperkin’s design and product development team, released a few photos of the iPhone case design on Reddit. It started out as a “joke”, but was quickly greenlit. He even revealed that an open side-panel version for Android phones is in the works.

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Remember the Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer? They didn’t exactly fly off the shelves. However, it seems that Russian artist Dmitry Morozov hasn’t forgotten, because he took the concept and transformed it into something just as useless, but a lot more fun.

Behold, a Game Boy photo gun printer.

The hack utilizes an original Game Boy with an Arduino, a camera, optical relays, batteries, and a thermal printer. Pull the trigger to take a pixelated photo and print it out on a “receipt”.

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day that’s all about love and romance. Nintendo thinks it should also be about friendship, so they’re helping you celebrate with these cards made just for friends. Nope, no love on these cards. Think of this as a kinder, gentler way to let that guy know you like him, just not like like him.

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reddit image 1

When you have a lot of nerdy toys and art, it can be hard to know what to display and how to display it. A couple of Redditors had the same idea recently and matched their figures with posters on the wall. The above picture features Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man. Apparently Redditor HotDog804 doesn’t own any Iron Man toys so he improvised. It works.

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nintendo pulp cover 1

When I first spotted the Zelda pulp fiction cover art by artist Ástor Alexander, I didn’t know it was a series. Now that I do, I had to share them. The Mario one is just…perfection. Also included is a Metroid cover and, if you played Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC, there’s a little something her for you as well.

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nintendo theme music

Sonya Belousova is a composer and pianist, and she’s pretty darn talented. She’s made videos for the Cosplay Piano series and is currently in the midst of an IndieGoGo campaign to fund a Player Piano project. She took a request from an IndieGoGo supporter for an “On the Spot” video, and in these videos, Belousova listens to music for a few seconds and creates new arrangements from it immediately.

This request was for themes from classic Nintendo games like Kid Icarus, DuckTales, and Super Mario Bros. Belousova has an amazing ear because she turns around and creates some beautiful takes on the familiar music.

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This tiny Pitendo is a pint-sized Nintendo emulator. It has a design similar to a classic Nintendo but it’s actually a little computer capable of running NES or SNES games. You can buy just the case so you can add your own Raspberry Pi or as a complete unit with a Raspberry Pi Model B+, 8GB SD Card with RetroPie, USB SNES Controller, AC Adapter, and HDMI Cable. It’s really too cute to resist.

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amiibo subway

When we first wrote about Nintendo’s Amiibo figures, we were impressed by the detail and how good they looked. What we’ve also discovered is that there may be some pretty interesting real world uses for them.

Amiibo figures use a near field communication (NFC) system to interact with video game software. Coincidentally, many public transportation ticketing systems use NFC as well. It looks like someone has figured out how to use an Amiibo figure to open a metro gate in Moscow.

Granted, it is possible that Instagram user yollych hacked his Amiibo somehow, but it’s kinda cool either way. Then again, the system could just be recognizing the NFC chip (we never actually see the gates open).

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disney smash bros 1

What if Disney characters starred in Nintendo games? By the looks of this art from Michael Villamejor, it would be awesome. He mashes up characters from Disney films with ones from Smash Bros., and it results in combinations like Stitch as Pikachu and Robin Hood as Star Fox. I can barely handle the brilliance of these pixels.

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