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one ring fire ring

Can you keep a secret and keep it safe? The One Ring from Lord of the Rings is available as a fire ring from Etsy seller Bohemain Alp Designs. It’s perfect for many reasons but especially because you can’t read the the text unless a fire is lit and the ring is hot – JUST LIKE in the books! I’m flailing a little at the thought of roasting marshmallows and grilling steaks on top of the Precious.

The fire ring is 26 inches in diameter and made from 16 gauge steel. It’s ready to ship in 4-6 weeks, and while it’s not cheap, it would make an amazing gift for any Lord of the Rings fan who has a backyard.

Check out a couple more photos of the ring after the break.

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If you’ve been holding off on buying a garden gnome because you’ve been waiting to find one that matches your geeky interests, you can finally pull the trigger. ThinkGeek has the gnome you’ve been looking for. Beardo the Geeky Garden Gnome is throwing up the Vulcan salute while he grins at you in his glasses, cape, and tunic featuring an atom. A D20 sits at his feet. Beardo is 9.5 inches tall and weighs one pound.

He manages to be cute instead of scary like most garden gnomes I’ve seen.

See Beardo in his natural habitat after the break.

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If Bear Grylls had dreadlocks and bongo drums, he might choose to rough it in the wilderness with one of these new VW camper van tents. It features two zip-separated rooms and enough square footage to shelter a communal gathering.

Available in blue, red and yellow.

Product Page (£300 or $488 via Technabob)

Summer is coming, and if your family or significant other is planning on dragging you away from all your modern conveniences in order to spend a week camping in the woods, you’ll need some crafty gadgets to pass the time. Here are 10 examples that will help.

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You might feel safe in your backyard, but Bigfoot is out there, watching your every move. He would probably touch himself if he had anything below his waist.

Actually, this decorative tree sculpture only looks like a legless Bigfoot stalking you from afar.

Product Page ($70)

Enter this ridiculously expensive arena patio set like a gladiator. Kick back against the soft, luxurious pillows and face off with one another in a beers and burgers eating contest over the stylish coffee table. Two shall enter, but only one shall leave.

Product Page ($10000 via Design Milk)

Remember that instant beach ball I posted the other day? Well, this 10-foot version is waaaaaaay on the other end of the spectrum. When deflated, it’s not going to fit in any portable can—unless you consider rolling an oil drum down the street “portable.” It’s also the kind of thing you are going to need an air compressor for. Hell, fill it up with helium and you might be able to get airborne.

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flying bird finger kite

Not since the Flying F*ck helicopter have we seen something take more of the “friendly” out of the friendly skies. This bird flips alright—but it’s the best way to get your point across (short of skywriting that is).

Product Page (£2.29 or $4)


The inspiration for Springback comes from Peteca, a traditional Brazilian game that plays a lot like volleyball. This modern spring-loaded version is tied to tradition, but it’s designed to be kicked and thrown—creating a game that is more like a cross between badminton, hacky sack and football.

Product Page (£8 or $12)


There are countless options when it comes to tricking out your pool with lights, but the Kool-light-o-scope takes things a step further with spinning LEDs that “create continually changing patterns of light and color on the bottom and sides of your pool.” Basically it turns your pool into a wet disco and / or a giant drug-free trip.

Product Page ($35)