The DC Bombshells are the best, and now you can collect them as adorable Funko Pops. They’ve also added DC characters to their Hero Plushies line. [click to continue…]

Last year ThinkGeek released several different Star Wars-themed plush bouquets for Valentine’s Day and they’re back this year with a new group. [click to continue…]

Funko recently unveiled SuperCute Disney Princess plushies and GOTG HeroPlushies and now they’ve rounded out the new product line with Star Wars-themed Galactic Plushes.

These adorable 7-8″ plushies are available in Classic and TFA varieties and can be pre-ordered now as a set for delivery in February. They may also be available individually in select locations now. Check out the Classic versions below. [click to continue…]


The artist known as BeeZeeArt has been making handmade galaxy bats since 2014, but she has been unable to keep up with the demand. The solution? Mass production! She’s launched a Kickstarter to produce these bats in bulk so that more people can get their mits on these adorable little creatures.

Check out the project video below.

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Just stop it right there with all the cuteness. Heroes and villains alike, Etsy shop owner Handmade Stuffs wants you to “embrace your nerdiness” with these adorable plushies. I think she’s covered nearly every major fandom too: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, TMNT, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Firefly, Sherlock, He-Man, Deadpool, Batman, and I’m sure I probably missed a few. Phew!

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deadpool fabrikation

Need more adorable toys? Of course you do! Funko’s just announced their Fabrikations collection and it offers a different kind of toy: a plushie that has the qualities of an action figure. The soft sculpted figures stand on their own, have rotating heads, and come with vinyl accessories. For example, Deadpool gets swords and Yoda gets a lightsaber.

The toys are definitely cute, and I like the idea of putting stuffed figures on my shelves next to my other collectibles. So far the Fabrikations line includes characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics. You can pre-order Deadpool, Yoda, Batman, and more for an estimated ship dates between April to August.

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Nug-and-Mabari-640x426 copy

Dragon Age fans will totally love these new Origins plushies, courtesy of Sanshee. Now you can finally have the chance to cuddle with your very own Nug (pictured on the left… come on, how cute is that thing?), or if you’re a fan of gnarly warrior doggies, you can pick up your own plushy version of a Mabari war hound.

Product Page $19.99 (via Geekosystem)


There will be no shortage of toys in support of Iron Man 3 when it hits theaters on May 3rd. Funko has announced a line of Pop! vinyl figures, Wacky Wobblers bobbleheads, plush and even papercraft figures with playsets. The Pop! vinyl includes one curious variation, Deep Space Suit, that makes you wonder just how that’s going to come into play in the movie. We won’t have the answer to that question for another four months, but it looks very interesting.

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UPDATE: Deep Space Suit image removed by request of Funko.

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