It’d be a whole different ballgame with Pokémon in the league. Micah Coles has redesigned the logos of NBA teams to include different Pokémon characters. You’ve got to admit, some of these look at least as good if not better than their real world counterparts.

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These fantastic quilled versions of Pokémon are the work of DeviantArtist wholedwarf. She’s rolled little colored strips of paper into just the right shapes to capture each Pokémon’s unique look.

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Google Maps Pokémon Challenge

Look out, Google Maps has been invaded by Pokémon! Their April Fool’s Day gag is all about recruiting anyone who is brave and daring to hunt down the Pokémon and become the master. Will you rise to the challenge?

Their spoof ad is hilarious, and the actual map function is adorable. Just make sure your Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android is up to date, go to the search bar, and press start. You can hunt down the tiny monsters until 2am on April 2nd. Good lucking catching them all!

Disclosure: you will not actually get a job at Google for getting all the Pokémon.

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pokemon ditto dad

Pokémon can teach us all a little bit about love and family, but if you’re a big Pokémon fan, this comic by Shinkichi called “Dada” may get you more than you’d think.

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man at arms pokemon

Man at Arms isn’t even close to running out of fictional weapons to recreate, and in the latest episode, he tackles a Pokémon which also happens to look like a sword. Pokémon are so crazy. Tony Swatton has mad skills, and he and his team grind steel into shape with a variety of techniques that look like sorcery. It has leather and glass accents, and of course they demonstrate Honedge’s power by cutting things. I love that part.

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There are plenty of Pokémon with incredible powers that could kill you in an instant, but Magikarp is sort of wimpy. He can’t hurt you, right? Wrong. According to this in-depth analysis by VSauce3, that little fish could either crush your skull to bits or turn your brain to mush. Never underestimate the power of a Pokémon.

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snorlax pillow

I’m hard pressed to think of a more adorable Pokémon species than the Snorlax. They’re always sleepy, and they’re so roly-poly – I just want to hug them. And now, I can do that with this cuddly Snorlax pillow! The Snorlax’s big, round belly makes a perfect cushion for your head. If you don’t feel like using him as a pillow, you can treat him like a stuffed animal instead.

Pre-order now for shipment in June 2014.

Product Page ($39.99 via Tomopop and Kotaku)

pokemon x animal

If you’ve ever wondered what a mashup between Pokémon and Animal Crossing would look like, your wait is over.

Thanks to DeviantART artist Turtle-Arts, we have a pretty good idea.

Here’s a hint. It’s kind of awesome.

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Pikachu is usually the cutest and most loveable of all the Pokémon, but not this time. Here he’s the stuff of nightmares. He’s got his cute little head, or part of it anyway, but it’s all attached to a caterpillar-facehugger hybrid thing that simply cant’ be unseen. I’m sleeping with the light on tonight.

(@okjojoijojfoai via Cheezburger)


The exact sizes of every Pokémon are known, yet they don’t appear to scale in the game because some of them are wee little things and others are just gigantic. DOTBStudios has made this incredible chart with every known Pokémon and Mega Pokémon drawn to scale. Behold, the big blue monstrosity that is Wailord!

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