When you’re a kid, there are few things you want more than the toys and games you can’t have. Nobody knows this more than Reddit user one23abc – he and his brother desperately wanted to play the Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card games, but they couldn’t afford them.

So they built their own card game from the ground up—and it’s fantastic.

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“I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” is one of the most baffling things an actual human can say with their mouth, but those of you who enjoy the capitalism breaks in your sports events should be pretty bloody happy with this commercial from The Pokémon Company for… well, Pokémon. Specifically, the game’s 20th anniversary. Blimey, I feel old.

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Japan continues to excel in making adorable things that you really don’t need but, somehow, desperately want. The newest contenders are these adorable Pikachu futons for your smartphone.

These little Pokemon beds come in those vending machine gashapon capsules and there are five designs, one of which is a mystery surprise.

Check out more pics below.

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The original 1996 Pokémon card game starter pack is making a comeback for its 20th Anniversary in Japan.

Yay nostalgia! Boo geography.

The starter pack will include a 60 card deck, a coin, and an instruction manual. They’ll also be releasing a play mat for those of you who want to get the full experience.

Both will be released in Japan on February 27, 2016.

Product Page: Pokémon starter pack 1300 yen (approx. $10 USD) Play Mat 5,000 yen (approx. $40)

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crystal poke ball

Earlier this year we featured the amazing custom crystal Poke Balls made by PokeMasterCrafter and he sold out his inventory for six months.

Well, they’re finally back in stock and better than ever. But the store is only going to be open for a week.

Each Crystal is made of a high grade k9 crystal the same material used in high end home decor. The crystal is carved into a 80mm diameter(baseball size) ball and has fine point 3d laser engraving done to it. Using the latest in 3d engraving technologies we burn the image straight into the crystal. This laser is 5 times more precise than traditional 3d engraving to offer amazing detail and realism to each Crystal. We then hand press a flat glass button to offer a protruding effect to the ball and then hand paint black rings to offer more depth and detail to the poke ball.

Each ball also comes with a custom made display case and a USB power adaptor for the base. If you want one, you had better jump on it quickly.

Check out an additional image below.

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If you recall the Build-A-Bear Pikachu news earlier this year, we have some updates for you!

Build-A-Bear Workshop has announced that the Build-A-Bear Pikachu will be available while supplies last at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in North America, Europe, and Australia starting later this month.

However, you can start preordering these exclusive Pikachu at Build-A-Bear at this very moment.

You have two different options:

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Just the other day we had this awesome Studio Ghibli/Zelda mashup, and now artist David Pilatowsky has gifted the world with these beautiful Zelda and Pokemon watercolor-style characters.

Between the cuteness factor and the skill of the art itself, they’re definitely worth a look.

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Leafy Pokémon


Japanese Twitter user xxx2251 transformed autumn leaves into a work of Pokémon art! He made both a Charizard and a Charmander using the leaves, and the final products look awesome.

Bit of a fire hazard though.

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pokemon jazz

Man, this is perfect for a Friday. Put your feet up, grab a drink and chill out to the smooth jazz stylings of Sara Niemietz as she brilliantly covers the Pokémon Theme.

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pokemath 2

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