What if the characters of Frozen were actually Pokémon Gym Leaders? They are in art imagined by Isaiah Stephens, and they look like they were made for the roles. He illustrated Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Hans as members of the Gym in the game, and I hope cosplayers run with these costume designs and that they also manage to recruit or capture some pocket monsters.

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While I’m always impressed by papercrafting and those who are patient enough to do it, artist Akira Nagaya takes the skill to a whole other level. He uses Post-its as his canvas and cuts detailed scenes and characters from anime series into the tiny papers. He’s tackled familiar faces such as Totoro and Pikachu, and all of his creations are enchanting.

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Art student Creees Lee took his love for all things DC Comics and Pokemon and put together some awesome comic book style mash up illustrations that do a pretty good job of matching the pets to their DC “trainers”.

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The internet has a penchant for turning things into animals. We’ve seen Disney princesses as sloths, manatees dressed like superheroes, and now we have all the original Pokémon as alpacas. Why not? DeviantArt user Lopaki came up with the Alpacamon, and I’ve got to say that the makeover makes the pocket monsters even cuter. I want Alpacamon plushes!

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Grayson Hopper is quite the gamer and really likes playing Pokémon. Also, Grayson is a fish. He belongs to Patrick Facheris and Catherine Moresco who have created a grid with various symbols as an overlay for Grayson’s tank. Depending on where he swims, the symbols on the grid will activate different moves in the game.

They came up with the whole idea at the HackNY hacking festival and now little Grayson is becoming a Pokémon master. Although his progress has been slow, he’s already collected a Charmander named AAAABBK who defeated a Squirtle. Pretty impressive stuff for a fish.

Watch the game streaming live below.

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Pokémon fusion (otherwise known as Pokémon splicing) is basically where you take two Pokémon and combine them to make a new, and all-together very unique critter.

Josi, a 19-year-old artist (she calls herself a “wannabe concept artist,” though I think she’s way too talented to be a “wannabe”) excels in this arena, as you can see from these Pokémon creations.

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We’ve seen kid shaming, pet shaming and even D20 shaming, but thanks to a new Tumblr meme, we have Pokémon shaming — which may be the best shaming ever.

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Pokémon are cute little creatures, no matter how destructive their powers. However, if you take those same adorable Pokémon and give them Attack on Titan makeovers, they’re horrific.

Really, this is your nightmare fodder for tonight, all thanks to deviantArtist Beth Emery. You’ll never look at Pokémon the same way again.

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kitty snorlax snuggle

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