The smaller something is, the cuter it becomes and that makes these super tiny Pokémon the most adorable Pokémon ever! Molder of super cute things, Ruby Huang, loves to make itty bitty fan art and has recently created a collection of her favorite Pokémon. Those these are not currently for sale on her Etsy site, she is sharing these bite-sized cuties on her Instagram page under the #pinkymon hashtag.

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shift knobs

Etsy shop Shift Knob Customs makes excellent nerdy shift knobs that include katana handle, Dragon Ball and Poke Ball designs.

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This little Eevee lamp is “Destined for the Night.” The sweet, sleeping Eevee glows blue (alluding to it’s evolution to an Umbreon) under the stars and moon, all powered by LEDs. The entire light is hand sculpted and painted by Etsy shop Kersey’s Krafts. The shop has over a dozen different Pokemon (and Digimon) sculptures including Charmander, Dragonair, Flygon, Vulpix, Balziken, and more.

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pikachu sleeping bag plush

Check out these super adorable Pikachu sleeping bag plushies! It’s a Pikachu plush in it’s very own Charizard, Eevee, or Ekans sleeping bag –– basically, it’s cuteness wrapped in cuteness.

The new plushies are part of a contest starting September 19 in Japan where shoppers can buy a lottery ticket for 620 yen ($5.17 USD) at participating stores for a chance to win Pokémon prizes.

The prizes include the adorable Pikachu with Sleeping Bag Plushie, bath towels, socks, palm-sized plush sets, hand towels and more. Of course, you need to be in Japan to buy the tickets to enter, so most of us will just have to look at the cute, be happy and hope that these become available to purchase one day.

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This cute little toy from Japan tests your balancing skills. Your mission is to stack as many Pikachus as possible on the belly of a Snorlax snoozing in a hammock without tipping him over. It’s sells for about $20 and you know you want one.

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Psyduck Scream

psyduck scream

This…this is a masterpiece.

(via Reddit)


Artist Christopher Cayco came up with an ambitious art project earlier this year that involved drawing all 721 Pokemon live on the Internet. After 21 days and 132 hours of work, he finished his massive project earlier this month. The result is an epic Pokemon mural (which boasts 800 Pokemon in total since he added official variations, Mega Evolutions, etc) and a series of videos that document the entire process.

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Pikachu isn’t real of course, but that didn’t stop professor Takashi Oda of Seian University of Art and Design from imagining what the little guy’s skeleton would look like in the real world. Oda is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and has published several books on dinosaur skeletons so he’s just the person to tackle this project.

His students asked him to imagine Pikachu’s skeleton and it took him just ten minutes to draw the sketch pictured above. The next day he took it a step further with a more detailed drawing. Twitter user ShinkaiOgino even created computer-generated 3D graphics based on the sketches.

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Printed on sturdy card stock, these clever Pokemon bookmarks look like they are taking a bite out of your literature. Etsy shop owner Momo’s Makery makes wonderful Pokemon fan art and transforms them into useful reading pals. There’s nearly 70 characters in her shop. The price is great so you can definitely catch a few.

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Here’s one for everyone who thinks Where’s Waldo? is too easy. This time it’s a crazy Pikachu version created by twitter user Yavazin who asked people to retweet the image only if they found the little yellow guy. It has now been retweeted over 10,000 times.

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