Coloring books! Anyone can color in the lines. However, Twitter user Bankokukun took things a few steps further by delivering these terrifying images of an insanely muscular Pikachu and Pancham.

Check out the original tweets, complete with more mildly unsettling art below. [click to continue…]


Artist Kaleb Leigh has reimagined the various Houses of the Game of Thrones series as Pokémon, because if you want long enough someone’ll inevitably combine two things into one marginally cooler thing.

The series, cleverly named “A Song of Blue and Red”, takes each House and imagines what a Pokémon based on that House might look like. Not a bad idea, and it’s executed pretty well. Certainly better than most recent Pokémon designs anyway. Check out the full gallery below. [click to continue…]


Imgur user Khrisamisu has created a series of Pokémon mechs that have ripped open a new void in my soul that can only be filled with Gundam Pokémon. Damn you Khrisamisu.

Behold the Charizard-inspired PM-006 “Charlie,” the Blastoise-like PM-009 “Sheldon,” and the PM-003 “Petunia,” modeled after Venusaur, of course. Check out more pics below…


While walking to a friend’s house, a nine-year-old Cleveland boy named Bryce had his prized collection of Pokémon cards stolen right out of his hands. His mother informed the police, and they recovered the collection from a kid in a nearby neighborhood. However, some of the cards were missing. That’s when Officer James Grotenrath saved the day by giving his own collection of Pokémon cards to Bryce—including a rare card that Bryce was particularly proud of: Read more after the break…


As an homage to the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, artist Azure and Copper crafted these fun Sailor Moon Pokémon Trainer Cards. I like the idea of blending these two worlds, and I definitely think that Azure totally nailed the pairings. Check out more cards below…


Dan Martin in the man behind a webcomic called Deathbulge, and his brain is a delightful place. As evidence, I submit his 30 comedy Pokémon, all of which are a) absolutely hilarious, and b) not a far cry from the kind of thing the Pokémon games are actually doing these days.

Check out Martin’s full run of Fauxkémon, which is a word I just made up meaning “fake Pokémon”, below. [click to continue…]


Little crocheted tuckered out Pokémon may be my favorite new thing in the world. These plopped down Pokémon are made by Heartstring Crochet and they’re just one collection! They also have Digimon, Yoshis, Ninja Turtles, Pusheen, even Chucky!

This is too much cute in one place. Check out more examples below.

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Eevee Evolutions all about transformation, so I find it perfectly fitting that Little Paper Forest drew these incredible versions of the eight Pokemon Eevee Evolutions as goddesses.

Check out the rest of the series below.

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What do you do if you have far too many Lightning energy cards in your Pokémon Trading Card Game deck? If you’re UK-based artist Quentin Devine you use them to make a ruddy great big Pokémon trading card.

Alright, that’s a slightly misleading opening that suggests Devine did this as a spur-of-the-moment independent project. Fact is, The Pokémon Company approached him to create this piece – a gigantic Pikachu card composed of 12,987 individual Pokémon cards. That was good enough to secure the Guinness World Record for largest trading card mosaic as part of their 20th anniversary celebrations. The piece measures 32 feet by 23-feet, which has been described as “bloody huge” by me, just now, typing this.

Check out more photos of this monstrosity below.

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While Ditto can transform into any Pokémon, that adorable little smile always gives him away. In the case of this new “Henshin! Metamon” (Transform! Ditto) plush series, I think it only makes these Pikachu, Clefairy, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle plushes and keychains more adorable.

You’ll be able to get them at official Pokémon Centers and the Amazon Japan Pokémon store after March 26th.

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