poop batman

You know that collector in your life who has everything, and is impossible to buy presents for? No need to stress any longer because you can buy him or her superhero poop! No one will see this gift coming.

Etsy seller Antoni’s Art Asylum makes fake turds from polymer clay and puts them in a special, labeled jar. They’re extra fancy because they’re created to match the colors of superheroes like Batman, Hulk, and Spider-Man. So many poop choices! Each pile of colorful crap is made to order so no two will be alike, just like real poop. Leave it in the jar or put it on a friend’s floor or bedside table for laughs.

Check out Hulk and Spidey droppings after the break.

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This Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser is coming soon to the Nerd Approved Shop!

First we had a Captain’s Chair Pet Bed, then a Spock Hoodie, and now this, so you can boldly collect dog poop as you walk your pet through the neighborhood. It’s a 4 1/2″ long dog bag dispenser that flips open so you can pull out a bag for the poop. I love Star Trek as much as the next girl, but perhaps this is just one step too far?

Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser ($19.99)

The Turd That Got Away

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WaterAid wants to raise awareness about the 2.6 billion people in the world who don’t have toilets. What better way to drive that point home than terrorizing people with a giant R/C turd? You’ll also be serenaded by music with in-time fart accompaniment. Check out the video after the break.

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Although the sight of an inflatable will most likely give way to fond memories of  beach vacations and sexual relief, few realize that they can also serve a myriad of other purposes. They can point out nerds, exploit a tragedy, waist natural resources and terrorize your town in the form of a giant rolling turd. Next time you throw a party or go to a sporting event, dispense with the traditional beach ball and consider employing one of these 10 baffling inflatables instead.

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dinosaur poop

Real fossilized dinosaur poop is branded as educational, but it will probably teach your kids more about off-color jokes than anything else. Then, before you know it, he’s in his early 30’s writing blogs that prominently feature poop-related products. It’s a slippery slope.

Product Page ($4.25)

This Present Is Total Crap

crap present

It’s like a more realistic Mr. Hanky. Yeah, this is a horrible gift, but it could be worse. Take solace in knowing that the person who gave it to you could have easily put a little Santa hat on an actual turd.

Product Page (£5 or $8)

100 percent quiz mug

What the hell is 100% Quiz? Why is there a huge turd at the bottom of the mug? When it comes to stuff from Japan, there is no point in trying to rationalize anything—just fill it with a drink, give it to your guest and see what happens. Check out the interior of the mug after the break.

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As this mousepad illustrates, the combination of polonium, oxygen and phosphorous is a force to be reckoned with.

Product Page ($16)


In these uncertain financial times, you want a bank that you can trust. Poop is there for you with the industry leading protection that only a mound of feces can provide. Just step up, make a deposit, and watch your money grow. You’ll feel five pounds lighter.

Product Page ($10)


Now it’s not enough to simply prank someone with fake dog poop. The new breed of prankster demands poop with an artistic flair or, in this case, poop that provides 2x the insult power. Some additional examples are available after the break.

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