People do all sorts of crazy things in the name of love, but there aren’t many who build a TARDIS in 10 days. Nick Clements did just that so that he could use it as part of a wonderfully nerdy marriage proposal.

He put together a time-lapse video so you can see the build in progress, and it even includes the proposal which takes place right in the doorway.

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Lindsey Loree decided to get creative when she proposed to her boyfriend. She challenged him to a game of Magic and then slipped a very special card into the deck. According to Lindsey:

Eric played Time Spiral, a card that forced me to shuffle my hand back into my library. Well, I cheated and placed the proposal card on my lap. No way was I going to risk not drawing it again. Fortunately, at this point I was able to play Mirari’s Wake, which doubled my mana, allowing me to play my expensive Sorcery. I laughed and said, “I think I just won the game” and threw the card down. Eric was perplexed for a moment, because he is a long time MtG player and knew all, and I mean ALL, the cards. It took him a moment to read the text, and another moment for realization to dawn upon him.

Eric said yes and Lindsey placed a Ring Pop on his finger to make it official. Nothing seals the deal like a Ring Pop.

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ian mckellen

Brett Lotriet Best knows his boyfriend loves Star Trek and Captain Jean-Luc Picard so he tried to track down Sir Patrick Stewart to help with a proposal video. When he couldn’t find the actor, he turned to Stewart’s best friend Sir Ian McKellen. Best asked McKellen to help woo Khalid Shawwa into marrying him, and according to McKellen’s Facebook page, it seems like Khalid said yes. I have nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings right now.

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Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been making more appearances on the convention circuit, and you never know what you’ll see happen during their photo ops. At Wizard World’s Louisville Comic Con last month, a couple walked up to Smith and Gillan and the guy promptly dropped onto one knee and proposed. The newly minted fiancée and Gillan look incredibly surprised while Smith is just gleeful. It’s absolutely adorable.

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knight man

Robert Fink is a 3D artist who, with the help of his friends, created a video game proposal called Knight Man for his girlfriend Angel White. She plays through the whole game to the end, where the proposal is revealed and she has to choose either yes or no to continue. Happily, she picked yes. Needless to say, the whole thing is very impressive and very touching.

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Writer Sam Wilson didn’t take the average approach when he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Kerry Gordon. He opted for a fun and memorable proposal by creating a choose your own adventure comic book. He recruited friends to draw different possibilities based on his girlfriend’s response. For example, one page showed that if she said yes they’d become rock stars, but if she said no, they would suffer from ennui. It’s adorable.

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Just when you think you’ve seen the nerdiest of nerdy marriage proposals something like this comes along. Reddit user Cantankerous_Rancor came up with an original and brilliant way to pop the question: he built a box from Lego bricks and inside that box was a Stormtrooper minifig proposing to a Rebel pilot. When he got down on one knee, he gave his girlfriend the Lego box and tada! She said yes.

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If you and your girlfriend both love Star Trek, then the middle of a photo op with The Next Generation cast at a convention is a perfect time propose. This gentlemen did just that at Wizard World Austin a couple of weekends ago. Though Patrick Stewart looks like he’s in the middle of the classic facepalm, Wil Wheaton explained that they were all surprised and delighted by the proposal:

About 30 minutes or so into this particular session, these two people came in. The girl went to stand between Patrick and Frakes, and the guy directed her to stand in the front, instead. All of us tried to figure out what was going on (usually it’s small kids who come to the front, usually sitting on Brent’s lap or Gates’ lap), and the guy said, “I really love Star Trek, but I love [her name] even more.” He got down on one knee, and proposed to her.

Marina started to cry, I felt like I was going to cry, and we all applauded and celebrated when she said “yes.” Apparently, they’d met Marina earlier in the day, and Marina had given him shit for not marrying her, so Marina was embarrassed about that.

I’m not sure why this picture is being circulated online, like Patrick is giving the literal Picard Facepalm, because that’s just not what happened. We were all delighted for this young couple, and I know that I was honoured to be part of this moment in their lives. I think it’s likely that Patrick was just wiping sweat off his brow or something like that.

Related: I think Patrick Stewart should just start officiating weddings at conventions. He’s already helped with one proposal.

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What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year? A nice dinner at a fancy restaurant? A romantic evening at home? Maybe you’re planning to pop the question or even head to the altar. If marriage is in the cards, you might want to check out some of these nerdy proposals and marriage moments for inspiration. And if you’re single, watch anyway. If these nerds can find true love, so can you.

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David Salomon and his girlfriend, Jennifer Tuason, have a mutual love of comic books—so when the time came for David to pop the question, he got together a group of friends and created a graphic novel based on their relationship. Naturally, the novel concluded with a proposal page. He threw a party and presented her with the book, videotaping the presentation and reaction for posterity and the web’s enjoyment.

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