This is a street legal Batmobile that of 29-year-old Zac Mihajlovic of Camden, Australia built over the course of two years. As you can see, it’s based on the version of the Batmobile driven by Michael Keaton in the 1989 film. The car doesn’t have any weapons of course, but he did put in an afterburner which he uses to road marshmallows.

Although he’s had offers in the six-figure range from folks who want to buy the Batmobile, he has no plans to sell. Instead, he has teamed up with Make-a-Wish to dress up as Batman and visit sick kids. I think Batman would definitely approve.

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serenity 1

QMx got serious about making an insanely detailed and beautiful replica of Serenity, and they’ve delivered with a screen accurate model. We saw the debut of the giant Serenity at San Diego Comic-Con last summer, and now it’s available for pre-order.

They spared no expense in making this limited edition, artisan 1:124 scale model. Their Cinema Arts model shop made the 3D files and 3D printed the replica. It has over 250 parts, 100 LEDs, multiple layers and shades of paint, and more:

Incredible complexity. More than 250 parts — cast and laser cut.
Extra strength. Steel skeletal structure and internal brass structure for main engine rotation.
Interior bling. More than 100 LEDs controlled by a 12-volt system.
Multi-layered colors. A total of 25 different colors of high-quality studio paints.
No decals. All graphics on Serenity are painted on by hand, even Serenity’s logo.
Exquisite details. Miniature bridge with crew members, galley with furniture and cargo bay with cargo.
Movable parts. Manually operable cargo bay door and hinged reactor vent covers.
Wireless remote. Custom electronics created by QMx FX Cinema Arts with a four-channel remote control. Effects include:
Interior lighting for the bridge, galley and cargo bay, and illuminates docked shuttles.
Active formation lights
Rotating gravity rotor lights
Reactor housing illumination with a hard burn and twinkling firefly effect.
Cool display. Serenity’s lighted display base is a box stand with a Translight inset of a nebula. It features a 12-inch steel stand that adjusts at a variety of angles for optimal display.
Pro prop crate. Each Serenity is shipped in custom-cut foam and stored in a hand-built wooden apple crate, just like what the pros use to safeguard their props

The edition is capped at 500 pieces. Honestly, I’ve never seen a replica taken to this level before.

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fishbones replica

I’m guessing everyone who’s ever cosplayed Jinx from League Of Legends is going to make grabby hands over this gorgeous Fishbones prop replica by the amazing Harrison Krix of Volpin Props.

Of course, I’m also guessing that most people who play the game would make grabby hands over this beauty because the eyes light up, the mouth opens and — oh yeah — it’s to scale.

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Talk about shiny, QMx recently previewed a just-completed 3D model for their upcoming 1:3 scale replica of Jayne Cobb’s best girl Vera!

QMx says she measures 11 inches from stock to barrel tip. No word yet on a release date, but considering how long fans have been hoping to see a Vera replica, we had to share.

In other Firefly news, QMx just put up the waiting list for their Serenity 1:250 Scale Cutaway Replica. Expected to ship by the end of Q2 2014, the Serenity Cutaway Replica is being offered in a numbered, limited edition of 2,000 for $349.

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Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton is ready for adventure with his latest movie weapon creation. This time it’s Bilbo’s trusty sword Sting. He’s crafted the entire sword to look just like the one used in the films, complete with electrochemically etched designs, bronze accents and a cocobolo wood handle.

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Just like R2-D2 Builders, fans of Wall-E who create life-sized replicas of the robot have a club. It’s small, but it’s growing. Michael McMasters belongs to such a club, and he’s created a spot on replica of the Pixar robot. It not only looks like Wall-E, it moves and sounds like him too. Seriously, it’s like he rolled right off the screen. The folks at Tested visited McMasters’ workshop on an orange farm in California to learn how the robot came to be built, and the overview is pretty amazing.

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Weta has released yet another beautiful collectible from The Hobbit that will empty your bank account but make you otherwise very happy. This time it’s a replica of Orcrist, the sword wielded by Thorin Oakenshield. This is the fifth sword in Weta’s Master Swordsmith’s Collection and it’s the first with a single edged blade. It’s made of tempered spring steel with a dragon’s tooth grip cast from CC60 urethane that was then painted and resin-sealed.

The runes on the cross say “Orcrist” with additional Elven runes that spell out “The Serpent’s Tooth.” There are also four cubic zirconia gemstones set into the pommel. It comes with a white oak and steel scabbard that connects to an embossed leather belt via straps and buckles. It’s designed to be worn over the shoulder and is sure to be the envy of, well, everyone.

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The day is here. You can pre-order NECA’s 1:1 scale Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Gravity Gun) Replica from Half-Life. They announced the prop back in December, and the release date matches their early estimations – the collectible is slated to ship in April 2013.

Though it would be tempting to tote this around and make it part of your costume, I recommend leaving it at home on a special shelf. It’s nearly 2′ in length and weighs 11lbs. It’s super accurate too as it was created from digital data supplied by Valve. Yeah, this Gravity Gun is going to be too fancy to risk dropping or damaging at a convention.

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As you can see, master props builder Bill Doran has really outdone himself with this replica Keening dagger from The Elder Scrolls series.

The piece is made from a combination of polyurethane resin, clear-lite resin, PVC, styrene and apoxie sculpt. Doran’s planning to auction off the blade for Child’s Play, so prepare to give generously to acquire it.

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If you’ve been really, really good this year, then maybe Santa will deliver this full-size replica of the TARDIS to your yard on Christmas morning. This is an officially licensed product that’s made-to-order from wood in the version of the TARDIS that you select. They’ve got everything from the 1960’s version right on up to the one Matt Smith pilots today. There’s also the version used by Peter Cushing in several movies. It appears to be no bigger on the inside than on the outside, but who knows what kind of customization these guys could manage. I want mine with a pool and a library.

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