You’re looking at a 1:1 replica of the massive M56 Smart Gun carried by Vasquez and Drake in Aliens. It’s officially licensed, detailed and 48″ long. It also comes with a themed tabletop display stand.

Sure it’s a “little” expensive, but can you really put a price on being a badass and saving the world from xenomorphs? [click to continue…]

If you’re able to spend $1200 on a piece of movie memorabilia, this 1:1 replica bust of Jurassic Park‘s Velociraptor affectionately known as “Clever Girl” would certainly be something worth adding to your collection, if only to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting guests. [click to continue…]


If you have a spare $35K lying around, you can be the proud owner of this 1/7th scale or 9-foot tall Rogue One: A Star Wars Story AT-ACT made by Beast Kingdom.

Now, I personally would have to go with this playhouse AT-ACT, but this version is a little more sensible. That’s right, we’ve managed to work the word “sensible” in a post about a $35K toy. Makes this $300 version look downright cheap eh?

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Even if you have no idea what Gantz is, you have to admit that this scale replica of the Gantz:o X-Gun is spectacular. Priced at 39,960 yen (or $383), it will be released this coming March in Japan. But wait until you see what it can do… [click to continue…]

luggabeast 3

If you’re a Star Wars convention goer, it’s very likely you’ve met Roxy The Rancor and even had your picture taken with her.

Well, Roxy is about to get a buddy. [click to continue…]


Luke’s lightsaber originally belonged to Anakin and, now that it’s been passed on to another character in The Force Awakens, it’s the one lightsaber that’s been in all three Star Wars trilogies.

Which makes it one of the most iconic weapons in film history.

Martin Beyer of Graflex Saber decided to give that iconic saber a handmade replica that honored the original—and he managed to take it to the next level in the process. As you’ll see in the pics and video below, there is an insane attention to detail in this prototype—right down to the crystal within.

I want that crystal. Badly.

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batman arkham

Some of you may argue that buying a 6′ 2″ Arkham Knight Batman foam replica statue would be a ridiculous and frivolous purchase. Not so! It has tons of uses:

-Coat rack
-Put it in the bathroom at night to scare your roommates
-Scare intruders
-Boyfriend Batman…?
-HOV lane…?

I mean, what CAN’T this statue do!

Not only that, NECA used the files from the game to create the statue, so it’s super accurate. There’s no info on pricing thus far, but it’s worth it at any cost as far as I’m concerned. Look for it to arrive sometime next March.

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life size alien egg

Great, another mouth to feed. Goddammit, I told you to clean your room.

Transform any room into a deadly Alien breeding ground with this Life-Size Xenomorph Egg – complete with its own eerie lighting and life-size facehugger! As seen in the 1986 horror classic Aliens, this full-sized replica stands almost 36-inches tall, and articulated flaps with a wire armature allow you to actually open the top folds of the egg. The included full-size facehugger has a bendable tail, so you can pose it anywhere… waiting to drop on unsuspecting prey from overhead, or simply lurking inside the egg! The Life-Size Xenomorph Egg is made of detailed, hand-painted foam, and stands on its own. A switch activates the LED lights inside the base to create a menacing, otherworldly glow effect. Requires 3x “AAA” batteries, not included.

Product Page ($428.99)


This “Unlimited Edition” Flux Capacitor is the most screen accurate replica made to date. We woudn’t be surprised if it was actually capable of time travel. Features include:

-Back to the Future: Flux Capacitor Replica Unlimited Edition
-Officially-licensed Back to the Future merchandise
-From Diamond Select
-Even more screen-accurate than the limited edition (no strobe light)
-Batteries: 3 AA (included)
-Dimensions: 16″ tall x 11 1/2″ wide x 5 1/2″ deep
-Weight: 15 lbs.

Product Page: ($394.99)


One thing all Jaws fans can agree on it that we have a special place in our hears for Bruce the shark. This new 1/6 Scale Battle Bruce Bust from Shark City Ozark is hand sculpted and painted by practical special FX artist, Mike V. Schultz.

They measure approximately 16 inches long, 11 inches high, and 9 inches. Since each of the busts are made one at a time by Mike and his family, each one will be unique and will have varying levels of scars and blood. I wonder if you can request extra of either. Super Bloody Battle version!

My favorite part of this was that they included a 1/6 scale Boba Fett for reference. What is it with Boba Fett and things with big teeth?

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