These Firefly action figures might not be quite what you were hoping for, but when you realize they’re part of Funko’s ReAction line that’s a throwback to classic Kenner action figures, they make perfect sense. There’s Mal, Zoe, Jayne, Wash and Kaylee, each with matching accessories. Kaylee has a wrench, Jayne has two big guns, and Wash has a little blue dinosaur.

If these figures aren’t your thing, don’t despair. Funko is also releasing a realistic 6-inch Firefly figure line in the near future.

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I can’t confirm this 100% because I didn’t see the catalog personally, but we have this picture of the new Funko catalog from this weekend’s Toy Fair and that sure looks like our Big Damn Heroes in Funko POP! style.

Little POP! Heroes? I don’t know what you call them. I just know that it’s shiny and must be mine.

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The thought of Firefly returning sets every Browncoat’s heart racing, but Joss Whedon has ruled it out because everyone is busy with other projects. However, Tim Minear, former Firefly writer and producer, has other ideas. In an interview with EW, Minear acknowledges the challenge of reuniting the cast, but doesn’t rule it out:

I’m completely talking off the top of my head, but there’s a show that’s been on for the last couple years that’s reinvented the form in terms of the limited series. I’m trying to think of the name of that show — Oh yes! American Horror Story! It doesn’t have to be 13 episodes. Look how Sherlock does it.

It would still require an epic feat of coordination to get all the cast members as well as key players like Joss Whedon on set at the same time, but for a limited-run series, it feels much more plausible. Unlikely…but definitely plausible.

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Malcolm Reynolds QMx Statue

Be still my Captain Tightpants lovin’ heart. QMx has announced their new Malcolm Reynolds 1:6 Scale Master Series Statue and it sure is shiny.

I actually got to see this statue during development and, I can tell you from personal experience, it’s a sight to behold. Cast in solid polystone, it’s 17 inches tall, including the 11.5 inch x 9 inch base diorama, and weighs more than 6 pounds.

QMx also combined digital and hand sculpting for maximum detail (right down to the brass buckles on his brown suede coat) and each statue is hand painted. It’s limited to 1000 units and comes with a COA.

Take a few and check out the pictures after the break. It’s definitely worth a look.

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Talk about shiny, QMx recently previewed a just-completed 3D model for their upcoming 1:3 scale replica of Jayne Cobb’s best girl Vera!

QMx says she measures 11 inches from stock to barrel tip. No word yet on a release date, but considering how long fans have been hoping to see a Vera replica, we had to share.

In other Firefly news, QMx just put up the waiting list for their Serenity 1:250 Scale Cutaway Replica. Expected to ship by the end of Q2 2014, the Serenity Cutaway Replica is being offered in a numbered, limited edition of 2,000 for $349.

Check out more pics of the Serenity Cutaway Replica after the break.

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Freedom Flyer_Upload

Firefly Echoes of War by Margaret Weis Productions is a series of adventures that work with the upcoming Firefly Roleplaying Game. The latest in the series is Freedom Flyer and I’m very excited about this one because I’m the author!

I never in a million years dreamed that I’d have the privilege of writing about Mal, Zoe and good old Wash and it was an amazing thing to be able to play in that world. The end result is a story that’s full of sneakin’, stealin’ and general misbehavin’ as you and the crew try to help fellow Browncoat Maggie Miller.

Maggie Miller’s bad history and rotten luck are keeping her from achievin’ her dreams. She wants to get out of the Georgia System to make a fresh start out on the Rim, but she needs three things to do it: a hidden pile of cash, a ship she’s hidden with an old flame, Hollis Mason, and enough leftover credits to wipe Ma Miller’s medical bills clean before she goes.

You can download Freedom Flyer now and look forward to more great adventures over the coming months.

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Zack Whedon gave some details about where the crew of Serenity will be when the sequel comic series, Leaves in the Wind, is released by Dark Horse Comics next month. The Alliance is still after them, but now Jayne is missing and Zoe is pregnant with a baby Wash! In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Zack also said:

It has been around nine months since the conclusion of “Serenity.” A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. The discovery that Mal and his crew shared with the ‘verse — that the inhabitants of the planet Miranda were killed or driven mad by an Alliance experiment — has opened some eyes and created some new allies, but it hasn’t deterred any of their pursuers. If anything, it has made them more relentless. Serenity is hiding out in lesser-known corners of the ‘verse, trying to keep a low profile. As you will see early on, that’s easier said than done. Mal and his crew will be forced to face their enemies head on — some familiar, some new.

Nine months means Zoe is about to have the baby. That could complicate matters ever so slightly for the crew. I’m thinkin’ they’ll all have to learn to behave or they’ll be corruptin’ that little one before he can walk.

On that note, the tone of the comic series might be a little different than what we’re used to given the circumstances. CBR notes:

This comic is shaping up to be, in many ways, a departure from the sometimes light-hearted series.

How do all of you die-hard Browncoats feel about this?

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Now you’ll be able to take Captain Tightpants with you no matter where you roam. This 8″ doll is just the right size to fit in your purse or sit perched on your desk to make your whole day shiny. It’s just Mal for now, but the rest of the plush crew is soon to follow. Preorder now for delivery in January.

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Serenity Cover

Dark Horse kicked off New York Comic Con visit with exciting news about its new Firefly series. We’ve already heard artist Georges Jeanty would be involved, but now we also have confirmation Zack Whedon will be writing the series. Serenity: Leaves on the Wind will be a six issue mini series with the potential to keep going. The first issue hits comic book shop shelves on January 29th.

How awesome is it that a Whedon is involved? Zack stated he and Joss had a broader conversation before he dived in to discuss stories they were thinking about doing if Firefly had kept moving forward as a series. Zack is making the story his own though. And since the crew has been through a lot in Serenity, they have some more serious times ahead. Whedon told Nerdist:

“Hijinks do not ensue much in this series,” Whedon explains. “They’re too ‘almost dying’ for that.” In the wake of events of the Serenity film, “they are on the defensive a bit, they’ve been painted one way by the media and the Alliance is trying to stamp them out harder than ever,” he said. For those of you hoping for some lighter-hearted adventuring, Whedon remains optimistic. “Hopefully when this adventure is done, they’ll be able to hijinks it up a bit more.”

Hijinks or not, I can’t wait to pick up this series.

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They’ve been teasing a new Firefly series since this summer and now Dark Horse Comics has given us a little more with the announcement that its Serenity series will be illustrated by Georges Jeanty and pick up where the 2005 film left off. Jeanty previously worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and as a Firefly fan is excited to work in another branch of the Whedonverse. He notes in talking with Comic Book Resources that there are some differences in the worlds that will change the tone of his artwork:

“‘Firefly’ is a lot darker than ‘Buffy,’” Jeanty said. “There are way more shadows and shading than with ‘Buffy.’ Also, when I was drawing ‘Buffy,’ I could start from scratch. Sure, I had to keep in line with how the characters looked, but everything [else] was up for grabs. Sunnydale was destroyed, so I didn’t have to keep in line with the architecture. With ‘Firefly’ there are seven characters and a ship to consider. When they’re on Serenity — fans know what every inch of that ship looks like, so I have to be very meticulous with my depiction. Not to mention there are a few very subtle differences in the ship from TV to the movie. This is definitely a learning experience, one I don’t think I’ll fully master until the series is over!”

Looks like Jeanty is anticipating the challenge of meeting the exacting expectations of Firefly fans, but sound like he’s ready for the job! Speaking of expectations, the continuing story is described thusly:

As the series begins, Mal and the crew are recouping from their recent strike against the sinister interplanetary government, The Alliance, in which they exposed government agencies as those responsible for the creation of the Reavers — the scourge of the universe. With River Tam in the co-pilot chair and a very pregnant Zoe reeling from the death of her husband, Wash, Mal is finding himself and his ship in greater danger than ever.

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