batinder frame

In keeping with the spirit that superheroes are just like us and remembering that Batman has his own version of pretty much anything, artist Frank Macchia has created a perfect late night glimpse into the life of Batman.

Late night searches on Batinder. So many choices!

You can view the gif (with sound) after the break.

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art installation

Whether this art installation is supposed to teach people a lesson about the creep factor of the uninvited lingering gaze or just scare the bejesus out of us, it’s working as intended.

It was created by artist Jordan Wolfson in collaboration with creature effects studio Spectral Motion and is on display now through April 19 at David Zwirner Art Gallery in New York City.

Through the use of facial recognition technology, the doll will literally follow you with its eyes while it bumps and grinds through a freakishly slowed down version of “Blurred Lines”.

Head after the break to see a video and more about why Wolfson created this creepy but effective piece of art.

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People are into the strangest things, like having sex dressed as ewoks apparently. That’s the story according to these pictures posted on reddit with the commentary:

My friend and neighbor told me he found something strange in the abandoned house next door. I went and what we found was a mess of abandoned housewares, socks, boxes… and two very strange homemade ewok costumes.”

What makes them strange? That’d be the cutaway crotches for, um, yeah.

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When it comes to portable games, you have probably moved on to the ultra-thin smartphone, which provides more stimulation than those bulky cartridge loaders used to.

But there is something to be said for the work of graphic artist Ben Marsh. His Game Boy condom system combines several different styles in one. If you are man enough, try on a Donkey Shlong. The Long End of Zelda is ribbed for her pleasure and the classic Dong will really heat things up in the bedroom.

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All the time these Dinosaurs spend hanging out in a bag, waiting to be bought has gotta be pretty damned boring. They’ve gotta do something to help the hours pass, and that something appears to require more practice.

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Bask in the serene blue glow of this desktop USB-powered boob. Is it cold in here? No, the nipple is erect because it doubles as an on/off switch. Haha…disturbing.

Product Page ($11)

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It’s the ultimate evolution of the anime boob mousepad (or de-evolution, depending on how you look at it). Not only does it function as a wrist rest, it also features a detachable top that can be used for screen cleaning.

Needless to say, this is probably not the kind of thing you want to bring to work—unless you happen to work in a Japanese factory that makes boob mousepads.

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The Pole Dancing Alarm Clock represents the third installment of a six part review series focused on prizes you can win in our Nerdy Mega Prize Pack giveaway from And yes Twitter followers, it was like waking up at Charlie Sheen’s house. Only he would have had like, elf strippers. Which could happen, because at Charlie’s you probably got really messed up the night before. Who knows what hallucinations you might have.

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It’s an Orgy At The Zoo

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Ever hear that perverted version of the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat? Well, the idea has been borrowed to make some truly bizarre pillows.

Speaking of pillows, check out the Arm Sleeper Pillow and the Post My Pillow. Pillows have been a hot topic this week for some reason.

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Why would you want a  creepy doll that’s “haunted” by a 15-year old prostitute from 1769? Supposedly, it makes lewd comments, strikes provocative poses, often reeks of cheap whiskey and sex and tries to stick things in your holes while you sleep. In other words, it’s everything you have ever wanted.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to find that this version appears to have sold. However, the eBay seller does have other dolls with sick and twisted backstories up for bids if you are interested.

Product Page (via Regretsy)