Ships in the sci-fi world travel at ridiculous speeds. They’re all fast, but which is the fastest of them all? Fat Wallet has made an infographic that lays it all out from Red Dwarf to TIE fighters and even real NASA vehicles.

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This Viking ship fire pit a serious backyard accessory that’s made from 20 gauge metal and measures 40 inches in length and 16 inches wide. Etsy shop owner Imagine Metal Art added awesome details like the viking symbols in the sails, ores for extra balance, and a body that looks like a ferocious dragon. You can even request your own symbols at no extra cost.

May I suggest watching Game of Thrones and then going outside to burn some marshmallows… to death?

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Builder Fabio Delfino sent us his homemade scale model of an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer and it totally blew us away. He even gave it a multitude of tiny lights and sound. It’s based on the Star Wars: Dark Empire comic books and has over 3000 pieces.

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This is paper. Seriously.

It’s the work of a Japanese craftsman who has taken the time to not only do the exterior, but complete interiors too. Vipers, X-Wings, and even 2001’s Orion are all here in paper. Can you recognize all the ships?

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This chart takes all the rockets, spaceships and even space stations that have taken us into space and lines them up for comparison. It was created by redditor Heaney555 to show just how much of a size difference there is between the various vehicles that have done the job over the years. The Saturn V is absolutely huge compared to the Space Shuttle and even holds up against the ISS.

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We all love watching huge space battles with our heroes desperately trying to save the universe from emperors or aliens or whatever big bad is bent on mass destruction, but are any of those battles remotely possible give the laws of physics? This video by Joe Hanson of PBS’s It’s Okay To Be Smart tries to answer that question. Watch and find out if all those lasers, dogfights, and fiery explosions would look anything like they do on the big screen if they were happening in real life.

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This unbelievable model of the Halo UNSC Spirit of Fire colony ship measures 7-feet long and took over four years to build. It was put together by Mark Kelso who received the ship’s specifications from designer Heikki Anttila who worked on the original 3D modeling for the ship. It’s got an insane level of detail that included removing all the Lego studs to make the ship look like a real scale model.

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The Rebellion would have been so much prettier if all the X-Wings had been pink like this one. This model was designed by artist Guillaume Renou for an art exhibit in France that celebrates nature. Not sure how a bright pink X-Wing has anything to do with nature, but it is hanging with some lovely trees.

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There’s a lad named Capt. Tim who custom builds pirate ships—and he just listed the Gypsy Rose on Craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri. If you can’t buy it outright, you can always take a day trip on a newer version of the ship for $30.00 a person (minimum of 14 mates).

Per the ad:

Built on 50′ 1988 Gibson houseboat. Brand new twin 454s, Kohler generator, V drives. Holds 30 people, looks like a Hollywood set! Great as a live aboard…and an AWESOME party boat! 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Just surveyed for $110,00, will sell for $79,000 – trades considered.

Some people have the coolest day jobs 😉

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Forget A is for Apple and B is for Banana. How about A is for Andromeda and B is for Battlestar Galactica instead? This is how every child should learn their alphabet. Imagine a world where people knew the names of all the most important ships in science fiction. This handy chart could make it happen.

(I F* Love Science via Geeks Are Sexy)