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It’s freezing and more or less miserable in several places across the globe right now. Snow’s been falling continually in my neck of the woods, but I’m trying to make the best of it. One way to brighten up the gray chill is by playing outside. A yard full of snow is like an empty canvas just waiting to be formed into sculptures, and characters from pop culture make perfect fodder. Check out our round-up of six geeky snow sculptures to get inspired!

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This snow throne was built by Katie Scott as a very icy version of the Iron Throne. There aren’t any swords, but there are some wicked looking icicles instead. She said it took her three hours to make and it looks fantastic, but redditor horyo thought it need a little something special to make it complete.

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I’m clear on the fact that you can’t give Mogwai water, but what if you make them from water? It probably doesn’t count if it’s in the frozen state. If it melts though, you are so screwed.

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Nothing keeps burglars and wrongdoers at bay like a dragon! This snowdragon will guard your home, and he won’t even try to break his chain. You’d just better hope that no one armed with a blow dryer comes to visit.

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For the last month, artists have been hard at work transforming a giant mound of snow into a 53-foot tall bust of Optimus Prime peering over a wall. The sculpture will debut at this year’s Asahikawa Winter Festival in Asahikawa, Hokkaido Prefecture starting today and running through February 12th.

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Impressive, especially when you’re carving it drunk.

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