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If there was ever a franchise that needed paper snowflakes, it’s Frozen. The movie is full of snowflakes and ice and plenty of inspiration for the craft. The team at Oh My Disney saw artist Kit Cameo‘s impressive paper snowflakes and got her to create a few designs inspired by Frozen. The snowflakes feature Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, Marshmallow, and more. I’d love to be able to frame these and hang them on a wall!

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snowflake batman

It’s winter, which means you still have an excuse to make paper snowflakes – not that you need one. Sonia Harris of Comic Book Resources has invested some time and creativity into coming up with superheroic paper snowflake designs. They feature Batman, Storm, Punisher, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man, and they are fabulous. The designs are intricate but not so much so that you need an X-acto knife and buckets of patience. Once you’ve downloaded the patterns, you should be able to knock these out in an hour or so.

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minecraft paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are an affordable way to add some geek to your holiday decorations, and there are plenty to download and cut. If you’ve already worked your way through the Game of Thrones house sigil designs, you can turn your attention to these Minecraft flakes by Instructables user Penolopy Bulnick. There are snowflakes representing weapons and a Creeper, and they are pixelated just like you’d expect them to be.

Get the free downloads and instructions at Instructables.

game of thrones snowflakes

Every nerd should add a little fandom flare to their holiday decorations, and these Game of Thrones house sigil snowflakes are a fantastic option. For one thing, it’s easy. It’s also free. All you need to do is download the patterns from artist Krystal Higgins.

(via Laughing Squid)


You’ve probably heard the phrase “special snowflake.” Well, these Star Wars paper snowflake designs are definitely something else. You might have seen the snowflakes Anthony Herrera came up with last year; they were impressive and it’s hard to imagine that he could come up with more awesome designs—but here we are. This year’s line up includes Boba Fett, Palpatine, Nien Nunb, and a rancor (my favorite). That’s not even all of them!

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star wars snowflake

Making paper snowflakes seems like a form of twisted magic. How does one cut such precise shapes without ending up with a huge pile of shredded paper? I don’t get, but it’s not a problem for artist Kit Cameo. These aren’t like other nerdy paper snowflakes you’ve seen; they are far more intricate. In addition to the above Star Wars snowflake, she has an awesome Batman piece as well as Doctor Who and Alice in Wonderland cuts.

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House Stark Snowflake

Just because this direwolf snowflake by Victoria Remelius is made from paper doesn’t mean that winter’s not coming.

(GoT Tumblr via Neatorama)

Making paper snowflakes was one of my favorite winter activities as a kid, but none of my creations were ever this cool. In fact, they were usually lopsided. Anthony Herrera seems to have paper snowflake patterns down to a science though, and he’s used his mad skills to create an entirely new set of Star Wars designs!

You have so many choices: Ackbar, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Bossk, X-wings, Luke, Yoda, TIE Fighter pilots, and on and on. All the patterns are downloadable and completely free. May the Force protect you from paper cuts!

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DIY Skyrim Snowflakes

(via FailBlog)

Available in Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and Clonetrooper designs, these DIY Star Wars snowflakes will earn you a round of kudos from your fellow nerds while wowing the ignorant with their beautiful designs. Conclusion: you can’t lose.

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