disturbing snowman

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No one is safe from the coming zombie apocalypse, including our favorite Christmas characters. These ornaments give a preview of what’s to come. Santa Claus, an elf, a zombie, and a reindeer have all been splattered with blood and gore in this set of resin ornaments. Each measures 3″ tall except for the 3.4″ reindeer.

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do you want to build a snowman

Comic by tomperwomper.

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olaf snowman

This is Olaf. He likes to give warm hugs. The snowman in Disney’s Frozen was freaking adorable, and I liked him more than I thought I would. It was only a matter of time before someone spent a snow day building Olaf. He looks just like the animated character! Pair the snowman with the heartbreaking line “do you want to build a snowman,” and it’s enough to make you melt. But like Olaf says, some people (and snowmen) are worth melting for. Sniffle.

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I’d like to think that if you built your very own Dalek snowman, then he’d be at your command and you could have him exterminate things at your whim. He’d be your personal weapon of doom, or he might just look really cool until a warm Spring day turned him to mush. This one was made by DeviantArtist E-The-Zombie and her sister Fezhead11 and, as far as we know, has not exterminated anyone. Yet.

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Zombie Snowmen

Creepy frozen zombie crawlies created by Jen Hutchinson in a disused graveyard in Bristol, UK.

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I was already considering banning snowmen from my yard thanks to Doctor Who, but this Dead Hand snowman from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time has sealed the deal. It was built by deviantArtist Billy-008 and, with the help of a friend, took about five hours to complete. Sadly, it lasted only a week before someone knocked off his head.

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Giant LEGO Snowman [Image]

LEGO Snowman

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I don’t like snow, but this Totoro snowman is so freaking cute that I just want to curl up next to him and take a nap.

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