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In last year’s season of Doctor Who, viewers saw the end of the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, replaced as it was for a few episodes by Sonic Sunglasses (presumably borrowed from some kind of Sonic Blues Brother). But the season finale saw the return of the Doctor’s most faithful companion in a revitalized (dare we say regenerated) form. The Doctor even got to put it to use, albeit briefly, during the 2015 Christmas special “The Husbands of River Song”.

Now, just five short months later, you can finally own the Doctor’s new Sonic Screwdriver for yourself.

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time lord custom saber

Let’s raise a glass to Kenneth Hampton of Hampton’s Hand-Crafted Lightsabers, who built this gorgeously mashed up Time Lord Custom Lightsaber.

If I had one wish, I’d love to see this with a blue emitter, but it’s pretty just the way it is.

See it in action in the video below.

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The Doctor has a brand new Sonic—and we have your first close-up look at it.

As you’ll see in the video below, Capaldi had some input into the design and he very much likes the new color.

I also took a trip over to Doctor Who prop maker Nic Robatto’s Rubbertoe Replicas FB page and he’s shared some pictures of the new Sonic, along with a couple of other props from the finale.

He also says he’ll have the 12th Doctor’s Sonic replica for order in 2016!

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There’s a brand new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote debuting at San Diego Comic-Con on July 8, 2015 at the BBC AMERICA shop (booth #4129), and it’s been updated to reflect the changes made to the 12th Doctor’s Sonic. It even includes the long-awaited “flick to extend” feature.

“The keen-eyed Whovian will notice subtle differences between the Sonic Screwdriver favored by the Eleventh Doctor and the one currently used by the Twelfth Doctor. We listened to fans’ requests and have evolved the design to match what’s onscreen, including the fun flick-to-extend feature,” said Chris Barnardo, co-founder of The Wand Company.

Features include:

The 1:1 scale Sonic Screwdriver can store up to 39 remote control commands, is equipped with 12 authentic Sonic Screwdriver sound effects and a customizable personal lock code, and has 12 secret Morse code phrases from the Twelfth Doctor to decipher. Die cast in hand-polished, copper-plated metal, with a new stand that allows the Sonic Screwdriver to be displayed vertically, this device is not only a serious prop that will delight collectors, but with its host of authentic sonic sounds, it is also a cosplayer’s dream come true.

See Also: Hands On With The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

To top it off, the Sonic Screwdrivers sold at Comic-Con will each come with a signed certificate of authenticity, and will be a limited edition only available at the BBC AMERICA booth while supplies last. If you wont be attending SDCC, remote will be sold by select retailers later this summer.

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sonic screwdrivers 1

The Doctor and the TARDIS have changed over the last 50 years of Doctor Who and so has this sonic screwdriver. The helpful problem-solving (and sometimes day-saving) device went from a simple design that resembled a pen to something bigger and fancier that works better as a toy.

Artist David Wildlish illustrated eight versions of the Sonic from the beginning of the series to present day and made the piece available as a print. It’s interesting to see how they’ve become more complicated as time goes on. My favorite sonic is the War Doctor’s. What’s yours?

Product Page ($22.88 via and io9)

sonic wand 1

Calling all Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans! This post is for you because it features a sonic screwdriver wand in a TARDIS-inspired wand box. I think both Harry and the Doctor would consider this creation a magical mash-up.

Both designs are by Instructables user CabbitCastle. He was asked to make a wand fashioned after the Tenth Doctor’s sonic. He created plans in Photoshop and used a lathe to fabricate the wand while the wand box was made from poster board and foam pads. He wrote thorough tutorials for each project so you can create a sonic wand and case of your very own. This craft is definitely going onto my to-do list!

See more pics of the box and sonic wand after the break.

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sonic box 1

If you have multiple sonic screwdrivers, you have to consider how to best display and store them. RPF user 00failure has set the bar high with this fancy Time Lord box. He used MDF, a black walnut veneer, a few fixtures, and laser cut Gallifreyan symbols into the wood. The sonics are held in place with flight coast foam. It looks gorgeous whether it’s left open or closed. BBC should come up with something like this and make it available for purchase everywhere; Doctor Who fans would eat it up.

See the exterior of the box after the break.

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sonic screwdriver crayons

If you’re tired of threatening enemies with a scientific instrument, point an artist’s tool at them instead! Etsy seller Carved Crayons (maker of the awesome Game of Thrones house sigil crayons) just tried out this Doctor Who design for the first time. It’s the 11th Doctor’s screwdriver, and the artist used melted wax from other crayons to apply different colors to the sonic. Given his dislike for childish things, the War Doctor probably wouldn’t approve – we, however, do.

Bonus: see Dalek and TARDIS crayons after the break.

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war doctor sonic

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about The Day of The Doctor was having three Doctors wielding three different sonic screwdrivers. The sonic is just as much a part of The Doctor as his choice of coat and neckwear. The War Doctor’s sonic screwdriver looks very much like you’d think a warrior’s sonic would: sleek, metallic and tipped in red.

The War Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is available for pre-order now for delivery in January of 2014.

Product Page ($27.99)


Yes this exists.

The list of things a sonic screwdriver can do is already pretty long, and now you can add blocking draughts to the list. This draught dodger fits most doors and will keep cold breezes from nipping at your toes this winter. Preorder now for delivery in March 2014.

Product Page ($44.99)