This handmade mirror will turn you into a Vulcan every time you check your face. It’s made in the Tiffany style with black stained glass hair and flesh-colored ears with painted Vulcan eyebrows. The mirror measures 10.5″ by 7 1/2″ and will take about 1-2 weeks to arrive on your doorstep.

Product Page ($49 via technabob)

spock riding an alicorn

The internet is full of treasures, and this painting is a shining example. It’s Spock riding a freaking winged unicorn in a rainbow-streaked sky! Artist Tim O’Brien created this epic piece for Men’s Health magazine of all places. I’m baffled as to what the topic of the accompanying article could be, but I’m going to assume it’s magical and about how you can lose weight by riding unicorns while wearing a Starfleet uniform.

(Tor.com via LS)

spock grandpa

If you’re in need of a Grandfather, Leonard Nimoy is taking requests on Twitter.

Nimoy posted this tweet January 15th as a thank you to his granddaughter Dani for all her help at his Shop LLAP site.

That’s awesome right there. He’s a super Grandpa, right?

Well, it seems he wasn;t going to stop there and went on to offer to be an honorary grandpa to anyone who needed one.

Nimoy continues to be one of the coolest guys ever.

Check out more after the break and, as my Grandpa says, Live Long And Prosper.

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Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 4.54.55 PM

Audi is reaching out to geeks in a big way. First they had an Iron Man 3 themed series of online comics where you picked the ending. Now, they’ve got a commercial starring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto that is so full of Star Trek references it just may make your head explode. Hobbits and nerve pinches and one liners, oh my!

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spock sculpt 3

Some sculptors are exceedingly talented at creating busts that capture the likeness of the subject. Steve Scotts did it with a freakishly real Ellen Ripley sculpt, and Jordu Schell has done it with this Spock sculpture. It was made with silicone, hair, fabric, and carefully applied paint. He looks like he could start talking about logical things at any minute.

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Trekkies Kirk

If the Funko POP! figures have proved anything, it’s how much fans love chibi-style, adorable takes on their favorite charactes. QMx has had some products like that with their Little Damn Heroes line, but I think these new Q-Pop Trekkies figures hit a different scale of cute.

The Trekkies are about 4.5″ tall, made from PVC, and available in an open edition. The wave includes Captain Kirk, Uhura, and Spock and all were designed by Mohammad Haque. They come with a tiny word balloon, and the surface is dry erase. You can insert your own quotes and words using the marker that comes with each figure. That part is especially clever.

As with anything QMx announces, these aren’t available to order or even pre-order yet. Head to the product pages to sign up for the waiting list to get the first chance to pre-order when the product is released in Q2 2013.

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Why put art on a canvas when you have a perfectly good fingertip? Artist Dito Von Tease has opted to go that route, and he’s turned the small surface area into a piece of art. He’s created portraits of fictional characters and actual people in the medium including Spock, Hello Kitty, the Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs, Pikachu, and more. The artist appreciates that smartphones have allowed our fingers to connect to the world at large – so he likes to express his ideas through them.

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Hug a Spocktopus

The best ideas happen late at night. That’s when Karen thought of making a felt Spock-octopus because, well, why not? She was making it for a friend who was a Star Trek fan and didn’t like the stuffed octopus Karen had made for someone else. I would just write it off and never give said friend anything, but Karen took it as a challenge and come up with something completely logical.

I like Spocktopus. Somehow the creature looks very Vulcan and seems like it knows exactly what you’re thinking. It’s a bit creepy but mostly cool.

(Geek Crafts via Neatorama)

In addition to being a part of “Sew Nerdy: A Geek Craft Extravaganza”, this 36″ “That’s Sew Spock” plush by Bear and Bird is now available to own – and for a mere $65 can enhance your home’s nerdy decor while staring at you like you just farted.

Product Page: ($65 via SP)

These are the cutest My Little Pony customizations ever! The ponies are custom painted in acrylic paints and original hair is replaced with high-quality doll hair. These two show Captain Kirk having a very good hair day and Mr. Spock sporting the Vulcan IDIC symbol. This is the work of Etsy seller AcuteCat who not only made this pair, but is willing to customize ponies to your specifications. Someone, please ask for a Captain Mal pony and send me pictures.

Product Page ($50 via neatorama)