Leonard Nimoy passed away earlier this year at the age of 83, and has now been honored with his very own asteroid. According to Universe Today,

4864 Nimoy, a mountain-sized rock roughly 6 miles (10 km) across, orbits the Sun once every 3.9 years within the inner part of the main asteroid belt between Mars and Vulcan, er Jupiter.

This isn’t the first asteroid with Star Trek roots. The publication also notes:

While Leonard Nimoy’s name will forever tumble about the asteroid belt, his fictional character got there before him. Or did it? 2309 Mr. Spock (former 1971 QX1) was discovered by James Gibson on August 16, 1971. An outer main belt asteroid about 13 miles (21 km) across and orbiting the Sun every 5.23 years, it’s actually not named for the Star Trek character. Nope. Gibson named it for his cat.

4864 Nimoy will be passing close enough next month that you will be able to see it with the right telescope. There have been lots of Nimoy tributes since his passing, but this one might be the most fitting.

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We love Star Trek IV for a number of reasons: “Double Dumbass on you!” comes to mind. But if there’s one thing we all remember, it was the two humpback whales the crew of the Enterprise saved and brought back to the future.

Now you can celebrate George and Gracie with this Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive Star Trek IV: Whales with Spock Bobble Head.The tales bob and there’s even a tiny Spock swimming with them.

It’ll be available while supplies last at SDCC booth #2343 or you can pre-order online. The run is limited to only 1,998 pieces.

Product Page ($19.99)


Leonard Nimoy’s passing last week spawned some beautiful tributes to the man who brought Spock to life. Now there are two statues in his honor that you can visit in Star Trek Online.

The first is on Vulcan and the second is on New Romulus which is a part of the parallel universe that was created after Star Trek XI and is the time during which the game takes place. Vulcan was chosen as Spock’s home planet of course, and New Romulus for all of Spock’s work with the Romulans after the original series.

Nimoy’s name also appears on permanent plaques installed in the game’s three main hub zones of Earth Space Dock, Qo’noS, and New Romulus. The plaques contain the names of fellow original series cast members and creators that we’ve lost: Majel Barrett, James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, and Gene Roddenberry. Lastly, the hub zones will display black flags of mourning for the next week.

See another picture and video of Nimoy recording for the game after the break.

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For years, Canadians have been doodling on their five-dollar bills, transforming the former Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier into characters such as Spock and Severus Snape. “Spocking Fives,” as it’s called, has experienced a resurgence since the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy last Friday.

The bills that are best suited for “Spocking” are currently in the process of being replaced by newer, plastic bills which feature a different portrait of Laurier—but that isn’t stopping people from paying tribute on the new bills as well.

Check out the call to action along with a Spocked new bill after the break…

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William Shatner originally had a cameo in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, but the cameo was cut and Shatner hasn’t been a part of the new series. That could change because Star Trek 3 director Robert Orci wants to get Shatner and Leonard Nimoy together again as Kirk and Spock.

According to BadAssDigest, the new script calls for the reunion, which would mark the first time the two have appeared together in their iconic roles since Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country back in 1991.

The question is whether or not Shatner would be up for the roll after being very vocal about his displeasure with Abrams for not including him in the first two films. He accused Abrams of “being a pig” about it all, though he did eventually apologize for his comments. As for Abrams, he told Playboy:

I haven’t spoken with him in a long time, but I did read something where he gave me a fantastic underhanded compliment. Something like our movie was a fun action ride and maybe one day it’ll have heart. A great compliment only to pull the rug out in a way that only Shatner can do. I adore him.

Seems like Abrams is over the whole thing, but we’ll have to wait and see if Shatner is on board (and if Orci can actually find a way to make the scene happen).

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This handmade mirror will turn you into a Vulcan every time you check your face. It’s made in the Tiffany style with black stained glass hair and flesh-colored ears with painted Vulcan eyebrows. The mirror measures 10.5″ by 7 1/2″ and will take about 1-2 weeks to arrive on your doorstep.

Product Page ($49 via technabob)

spock riding an alicorn

The internet is full of treasures, and this painting is a shining example. It’s Spock riding a freaking winged unicorn in a rainbow-streaked sky! Artist Tim O’Brien created this epic piece for Men’s Health magazine of all places. I’m baffled as to what the topic of the accompanying article could be, but I’m going to assume it’s magical and about how you can lose weight by riding unicorns while wearing a Starfleet uniform.

(Tor.com via LS)

spock grandpa

If you’re in need of a Grandfather, Leonard Nimoy is taking requests on Twitter.

Nimoy posted this tweet January 15th as a thank you to his granddaughter Dani for all her help at his Shop LLAP site.

That’s awesome right there. He’s a super Grandpa, right?

Well, it seems he wasn;t going to stop there and went on to offer to be an honorary grandpa to anyone who needed one.

Nimoy continues to be one of the coolest guys ever.

Check out more after the break and, as my Grandpa says, Live Long And Prosper.

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Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 4.54.55 PM

Audi is reaching out to geeks in a big way. First they had an Iron Man 3 themed series of online comics where you picked the ending. Now, they’ve got a commercial starring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto that is so full of Star Trek references it just may make your head explode. Hobbits and nerve pinches and one liners, oh my!

See the commercial after the break…

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spock sculpt 3

Some sculptors are exceedingly talented at creating busts that capture the likeness of the subject. Steve Scotts did it with a freakishly real Ellen Ripley sculpt, and Jordu Schell has done it with this Spock sculpture. It was made with silicone, hair, fabric, and carefully applied paint. He looks like he could start talking about logical things at any minute.

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