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nerdy mood lights

These Star Trek Borg Cube and Star Wars Death Star Mood Lights can hold up to 190 pounds if you choose to sit or rest your feet on them (though that doesn’t make a damn bit of sense with the Death Star), but they are undoubtedly most useful as mood lights.

They feature 16 different colors with strobe, flash, or fade settings (Borg Party Cube!) that can be controlled with the included remote. Plus, they have an internal, rechargeable battery so you can place them just about anywhere.

Product Pages: Borg Cube / Death Star ($199.99)


This Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon Bat’leth Weapon foam prop replica is ready for safe fun (I’m thinking a major crossover battle is in order).

This Bat’leth is modeled on an actual Star Trek: TNG screen used prop and measures a whopping 4-feet long.

Product Page: ($42.99)

star trek tos

The Internet has been buzzing this morning with the announcement that Star Trek will be returning to television in January of 2017. Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness) will be executive producing the series in association with CBS Television Studios.

The new series, which plans to continue with the theme of exploring new worlds will be the first original series developed for US audiences specifically for CBS All Access.

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If you’re a Star Trek fan who has 1.2 million dollars lying around and wants to live in Texas, have we got a house for you!

This four bedroom, three bathroom, 6,389 sqft home in Friendswood, Texas comes with an elaborate Enterprise-themed media room that includes a projection screen, full bath, kitchen, and bunk beds.

No word on whether they have a replicator in the kitchen.

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Oh Hallmark, thank you for this festive new Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ornament. It plays “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” quote—and that gives me an idea.

I’m going to put up a second “despair” tree this year, complete with this ornament, a Weeping Angel topper and tentacles.

(@johnmartz via io9)

enterprise tour

Thanks to the ongoing Enterprise-D Construction Project, you’ll soon be able to board the Enterprise and explore it in its entirety. The goal is described thusly:

To create the entirety of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D in the Unreal Game Engine. The Enterprise would serve first and foremost as a virtual museum. Every deck and room can be explored. Fans would be able to visit engineering via the turbolift, or walk from Deck 36 to Deck 5 to see the Arboretum. What does Worf’s quarters look like? What about the large forward windows on Deck 3? What kind of communal areas exist on the ship? Malls? Markets? Gardens? All these questions will be answered.

Naturally, the project is Oculus Rift ready.

If all goes well (namely getting a blessing from CBS and acquiring the funds necessary for continued development), long term plans include populating the ship, allowing users to explore areas outside of the ship and even playing actual missions.

Check out the demo after the break.

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I don’t know how Redditor Captain_Jack_Daniels held it together during a recent visit to the Las Vegas airport.

Captain Picard and Geordi walk into a bar in Vegas. I would like to see how that episode ends.

(via Geekologie)


James T. Kirk has taken a new commission as the captain of your bookshelf. Here he is, looking thoughtful and dashing in resin, no doubt contemplating the mysteries of your library. Do you own a copy of 50 Shades Of Grey? If so, don’t put it anywhere near him.

The bookend measures 10-inches tall and is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, but you probably only need one. One Kirk is all you can handle.

Product Page ($114.99)


The futuristic Lifestyle Home Elevator from England-based Terry Lifts definitely looks like it could beam you up. According to their site, the lift is designed to carry up to 550 pounds at once and can be customized to fit any decor. And it totally beats those granny chair lifts.

“We have combined luxury with the latest technology to bring you an innovative high end home elevator, ergonomically designed and created specially for your home.”

If I could customize it to make the materialization sound then I’m sold. Check out the video of the fancy lift in action after the break.

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Potty training can be a daunting task for parents and child alike, until you think about it logically. Star Wars: Rogue One writer Gary Whitta and his wife Leah (a trained childcare professional) were able to successfully potty train their daughter using Vulcan wisdom, and they realized that they could satisfy the “needs of many” with a book. A totally serious book.

“POOPING IS LOGICAL! tells the story of a young Vulcan child who, just like kids on Earth, is hesitant to make the leap out of diapers and onto the potty. Fortunately his parents, who are wise and loving, are on hand to help him through this transition and assure him that pooping on the potty is a perfectly natural, safe, and grown-up thing to do. In a society based on logic, what could be more logical than pooping?”

Whitta explains he’s having a hard time getting the book published because “We can’t get anyone to take this seriously.” So he’s encouraging folks to RT this tweet with the hashtag #POOPINGISLOGICAL to show potential publishers this book would sell. I’ll need this book soon for my own child, so spread the word.

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