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This handmade mirror will turn you into a Vulcan every time you check your face. It’s made in the Tiffany style with black stained glass hair and flesh-colored ears with painted Vulcan eyebrows. The mirror measures 10.5″ by 7 1/2″ and will take about 1-2 weeks to arrive on your doorstep.

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cap's to do list

Steve Rogers spent decades as a frozen Capsicle, and because of that, he missed out on a lot of pop culture. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (out April 4th) shows that Rogers is keeping track of everything he needs to consume in order to catch up to modern times. Redditor LargeMaleDogOrHorse captured an image of one page in Cap’s notebook, and it includes both Star Wars and Star Trek. I love that Star Wars is already crossed off the list; now I’m curious to know what he thought about it!

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Geeky welcome mats 1

If you’re a fellow geek, you’re probably regularly looking for ways to incorporate your favorite fandoms into your home decor. Our Nerd Home has a fantastic and simple suggestion for you: add some nerd to your welcome mats! All you need is a plain welcome mat from places like Ikea or Target, a stencil, pins, and spray paint. They opted to go with the Star Trek symbol and a Triforce pattern for their first two mats. I can’t wait to try this out.

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trek wars redshirts vs stormtroopers

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street has a name that begs to be mashed up with Star Trek. We’ve already seen a parody poster featuring Worf in the starring role, and now there’s a frakking perfect trailer for The Worf of Starfleet. It’s put together in the same style as the original, and YouTube user doubleg1701 has chosen just the right scenes and clips for the silly cut. This is a movie I desperately want to see.

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mars dunes 1

It appears that some Starfleet crew has disobeyed the Prime Directive and exerted their influence over another planet. NASA shared some photos of dunes on Mars, and they bear a remarkable resemblance to Star Trek’s Delta Shield. The V-shaped piles of sand were photographed by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at the end of December, and I don’t think they could look more like Starfleet’s insignia unless someone sculpted the dunes by hand. It’s about as perfect as nature gets.

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nathan fillion enterprise

I’m not saying Nathan Fillion is taking on a new gig, but he does look right at home in the Captain’s chair on the bridge of the Enterprise. He could have crossed his legs for added flair, but the pose doesn’t suit everyone. Fillion tweeted this photo to William Shatner, and Shatner replied thusly:

I love Twitter.

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spock riding an alicorn

The internet is full of treasures, and this painting is a shining example. It’s Spock riding a freaking winged unicorn in a rainbow-streaked sky! Artist Tim O’Brien created this epic piece for Men’s Health magazine of all places. I’m baffled as to what the topic of the accompanying article could be, but I’m going to assume it’s magical and about how you can lose weight by riding unicorns while wearing a Starfleet uniform.

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When you first look at this Tribble, you might think it’s just a Valentine’s Day gimmick. However, there is a story behind the pink hue. According to Memory Alpha, Hal Sutherland, director of Star Trek: The Animated Series, was indirectly responsible for pink Tribbles showing up in the episode “More Tribbles, More Trouble.” Sutherland was colorblind and saw pink as a light gray. By the time others noticed the episode was full of pink Tribbles, it was too late. It kind of works; I mean, they’re cute and fluffy little creatures, why shouldn’t they be pink?

ThinkGeek honored the gaff with this pink and purring Tribble. As far as the heart headband though? I’ve got nothing.

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Artist Matt Wiley has capture the spirit of true romance with these Klingon Valentine’s Day cards. Forget sappy poems about walks on the beach and holding hands. Klingons swear to fight by each other’s sides and offer up their hearts. No, really, that dude just yanked his heart out of his chest and is holding it in the palm of his hand as a token of his love.

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