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star trek beyond funko pops

The second Star Trek Beyond trailer finally got us excited about the film. Now the merchandise is starting to roll out and Funko is leading the charge with their adorable Pop figures. Naturally.

Star Trek Beyond Funko Pops ($9.99)


The crew of the Enterprise has embarked on their most dangerous mission yet—a planet inhabited by giant cats. Plus, they have to dodge gold asteroids and their own insignia.

It’s a really weird part of space.

Star Trek The Original Series USS Enterprise Teaser Wand Cat Toy ($8.99)

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Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Ideas has come up with another brilliant concept for a product that once, in my ignorance, I lived happily without.

This time it’s a Star Trek Shuttlecraft tent. I know, you’re already sold (even though you hate camping), but wait—there’s more! [click to continue…]


The second Star Trek Beyond trailer debuted during a fan event last night where it was revealed that the film will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on July 20th during an outdoor IMAX screening that will come complete with a live orchestra. Suck on that Star Wars.

At any rate, if you missed the trailer you can remedy that right here. I will say that it is a hell of a lot better than the first trailer. Justin Lin’s Fast and Furious brand of action is still the main event, which may or may not sit well with fans. Personally, I think Beyond looks like it will be a fun time at the movies. [click to continue…]


If you’ve always wanted your own obscenely expensive Star Trek pinball machine shaped like one of the show’s iconic shuttle craft, then you’re in luck! Altar Furniture sell an authentic pinball machine coffee table for a scant $15,000-ish.

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star trek peg people

The Star Trek movies and TV shows are all about exploration, which is why I find this adorable wooden Enterprise and accompanying Star Trek: TNG peg people crew so perfect. What better way to foster a love of space and exploration in your little one?

I did a little searching around was able to find a company called NToys on Etsy selling something very similar to the toy pictured here. UPDATE: A picture of the toy being sold is available below.

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This is weird to watch – it’s footage from a Star Trek convention that took place at the Northglenn Mall in Denver, Colorado all the way back in 1976. It was shot on Super 8 film and digitized for our enjoyment!

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What did your dad get you for Christmas? Oh, some socks? That’s cool. Want to know what David Weiberg did for his son? He built a playset of the Bridge of the Enterprise, as seen in the original ’60s Star Trek series. No big deal.

That’s right, the above photo features part of a hand-made playset, though you might be forgiven for mistaking it for the real deal if you weren’t paying close attention. Built in part from the original blueprints from the set, then scaled down and tweaked to suit the child proportions of Playmates’ Star Trek action figures from the early ’90s, Weiberg built the base frame of the Bridge from pine, and used a number of other materials including MDF, PVC sheet, filler putty and RTV silicone to meticulously recreate the iconic Bridge set. He even cast and built identical recreations of the seats from scratch!

Check out more photos of Weiberg’s handiwork below.

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When Gene Roddenberry originally began scripting for the now famous Star Trek television series, he did so on what is today a relatively defunct piece of hardware: the typewriter. He eventually switched over to a pair of custom-built computers to record story ideas, scripts and notes. From there he moved to even newer technology, but retained the custom pieces.

Sometime after his death in 1991, his estate discovered nearly 200 5.25-inch floppies from the custom hardware. However, getting the data out was not as simple as plugging it into a disk reader since the OS and word processing software were also custom.

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Just when we thought we were giving up snail mail for good, the US Postal Service announces these awesome stamps to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek on television.

These vintage-style stamps were designed by Antonio Alcala. There are four designs: a crewman in a transporter, the Starship Enterprise flying through the outline of a Starfleet insignia, a closeup of the Enterprise, and the Enterprise seen through the outline of a Vulcan salute.

Expect them to debut sometime later this year.

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