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It’s nice to know that Picard is there, sharing your pain as you grow increasingly frustrated and angry while surfing the Internet. Then again, he’s also there to deliver a facepalm for the ages when you screw up a raid or make a disastrous coding error.

Star Trek TNG Picard Facepalm Mousepad ($19.99)

Amazon quietly updated its Echo to accept a new wake word that will undoubtedly delight Star Trek fans. That’s right, you can now add “Computer” to the wake word list along with “Alexa”, “Amazon” and “Echo”. [click to continue…]

You can count Kevin J. Walter among the talented LEGO masters that are willing to go to extreme lengths for a build. His Klingon Bird Of Prey took six years to and 25,000 bricks to perfect, but he managed to complete it just in time for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


In the interest of fairness to the fandoms, we’re adding this Star Trek Command Chair bean bag cover to the Death Star version we featured last week. Having both would make your den universally awesome / comfortable, but remember that these are only covers—you’ll need to provide the fill.

Star Trek Kirk’s Command Chair Bean Bag Cover ($89.99)


Image via Nerd Approved

Boldy go to bed with these Star Trek duvet covers. The new additions to the series include designs based on LCARS, Borg cube, Enterprise schematic and the Starfleet Academy logo. Think of the epic dreams you’ll have!

Check out all of the new designs below. [click to continue…]


Today is Election Day. In all likelihood, your stress levels are through the roof. Fortunately, we have something that might take the edge off, even if it’s just for a moment. Star Trek TNG Garden Gnomes.

Just look at the “Set Beard To Stunning” Riker version (that stance though!). Let the laughter/endorphins wash over you.

Pikard, Data, Worf and Borg round out the series. There’s also Original Series versions if TNG isn’t your thang. [click to continue…]


This is a lot more exciting than a new iPhone if you ask me.

Behold the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge. It hooks up to your phone or device via Bluetooth and has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Once connected, one touch answers/ends calls, plays/pauses audio, or accesses Siri or Google Now. And, of course, a touch plays that classic communicator sound effect. Warning: you’re going to want to keep the micro-USB charging cable handy right after you receive this, because making it chirp is well-nigh irresistible.

Irresistible indeed. Can an Apple Watch do that? Nope.

Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge ($79.99)


Majel Barrett-Roddenberry played a number of roles in the Star Trek franchise, from her appearance as Number One in “The Cage” – the original pilot episode from 1965 – to later appearances as Lwaxana Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. However, her most prolific role within the series is as the voice of Federation computers in The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine and Voyager, as well as a final appearance in the first Kelvin Timeline Star Trek movie, recorded prior to her death in 2008.

Now, according to a recent tweet by Roddenberry (the company), there’s a good chance that distinctive voice could end up on your smartphone one day. [click to continue…]


Congratulations! Your toddler has achieved the rank of Captain—the youngest in Starfleet history. Sure, other candidates could read and were potty trained, but your kid has charisma.

This amazing Star Trek-inspired Enterprise rocker from GandGRockers will be his/her first command. You must be very proud. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


With Star Trek turning 50 this year, it seems only fitting that the original USS Enterprise model, used in the classic TV series that started it all, should get a fresh coat of paint.

We’ve already shown you the finished model, but did you know it took two years to restore? The Smithsonian, who have had the model since it was donated to them in the mid-70s, took the entire thing apart to meticulously restore it to a screen-accurate state. This involved stripping away previous paint jobs and undoing some ill-conceived modifications. Apparently, lighting effects that were never a part of the original model were added by the museum sometime in the ’90s. Oops!

You can watch a video documenting the painting process below. [click to continue…]