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Disneyland debuted its new “World Of Color – Celebrate!” show in a press event earlier this week, and it included sequences from Frozen and Star Wars.

The latter starts with Star Tours and ends with…well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

Watch the full show and individual clips of the sequences after the break…

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This 14″ inflatable Death Star beach ball is the perfect way to pass the time this summer. Not only does it look like it could blow up a planet, but it has impact-activated lights that twinkle as you play.

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This video shows two kendo practitioners who actually know what they’re doing with a blade dueling Star Wars style. They start off crouched as is typical before a kendo match, but you’ll see that they’re wielding lightsabers instead of traditional wooden swords.

Although there is no official use of the Force and no one loses a limb, it’s still a fascinating video.

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sw display

What do you do when you’re a hardcore Star Wars collector who’s gone to the trouble (and expense) of collecting the entire first run of the original 1977-85 Kenner Star Wars characters (including the Blue Snaggletooth, Yakface, Double-telescoping lightsaber Luke Skywalker, and the very rare Vinyl Caped Jawa)?

You get a custom display case made and put that bad boy up on the wall. Gorgeous.

The case is six feet wide and two feet tall, with UV protected glass and shelves that are framed by a dimmable backlit LED tube. All of the wires and tech that makes that happen are tucked behind it, so all you see is the glory of the collection.

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This Lego Millennium Falcon build takes a different approach than most models since it focuses on the interior of the ship. Titans Creations of Singapore spent two months building the 3’7″ x 3’3″ model that includes 24 lights built into the hyperdrive, cockpit, and corridors. You could lose yourself inside this thing.

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This is not a model. This is a full-size Volkswagen Bus that has been given a custom R2-D2 wrap by instructables user mimaki cg60. Using CorelDraw and Photoshop he worked out the design then had the images printed on a vinyl wrap. The layout just works.

It’s the droid every struggling touring band and hippie is looking for.

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Of all the movies and all the characters of the amazing universe of Star Wars, I have to say Jar Jar Binks is my absolute favorite.

Just kidding. He’s the worst. And knowing he’s the worst, special FX artist Michael Murdock thought he should star in every single scene from the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

If I had to watch it so do you. After the break. No really, it’s actually kinda funny.

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Boba In Borderlands


For May the Fourth, @Borderlands tweeted this great mash-up featuring Boba Fett with an R2-D2 Claptrap.

It’s the work of stain-art, who created it for his friend who loves both Star Wars and Borderlands. I’d say he nailed it.

And just imagine if Artoo’s beeps and boops were translated to Claptrap’s vernacular. Oh man, I would love to see conversations between him and C-3PO!

cut scene top

This incredibly detailed, three-dimensional Star Wars scene is actually formed from just a single sheet of paper. Artist Paper Dandy a.k.a. Marc Hagan-Guirey strategically cuts shapes, then bends and folds paper to his will using an ancient art called kirigami. It’s like origami but focused on cutting designs using both positive and negative space to create shapes, shadows, and depth.

In a recent interview with CNN, Marc explains how he became involved in such a interesting art style.

“These are the product of a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error,” he says. “For me, though, I link this back to my childhood. I’ve always made things out of stuff you’d otherwise put in the bin. My currency was toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes. I would make fortresses for my action figures out all sorts of things. Cleaned out tin cans with both ends opened made perfect sewer pipes for Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle action figures.”

He’s started a kickstarter in hopes of displaying this art in a gallery exhibition titled “Cut Scene”. However, his goal isn’t financial gain:

“It’s simply to produce the exhibition so that Star Wars fans can enjoy seeing the unique kirigami models in their physical form. Every penny will go towards making a better gallery experience.”

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The Death Star is a deadly weapon that can destroy whole planets, but it’s all cute and happy in this Lego build by Steve Price. He created a Lego Friends version that includes a beauty salon, candy store, and even a pet shop. How can that much cute be deadly?

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