Everyone, shut up! Hot Wheels has turned a C5 Corvette into a giant love letter to Darth Vader. This life-size Hot Wheels car with red lightsaber trim is basically what Vader would be if after his death in Return of the Jedi (sorry, spoilers), he suddenly reincarnated as the living vehicle villain of Transformers 5: Sith Happens. Fans can get their own toy-sized version that comes in a red lightsaber display case.

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han solo toilet seat

Han may not like the idea of being frozen in carbonite and used as a toilet seat cover in your bathroom, but he’s frozen in carbonite, so it’s not like he can say much.

This toilet seat is made by a company called Derby Covers and, apparently, all of their toilet seats are custom painted and airbrushed. That’s got to look interesting on a resume!

They cover all sorts of different fandoms, so I’m guessing that if Han’s tortured face isn’t your thing, you’ll find something you like.

Product Page ($59.99)


The Millennium Falcon is coming to Walmart and this November as one giant-sized toy. It’s set to retail for about $59.99, measures over 2-feet long, and has a rotating radar dish and movable cannon. Maybe if you’re good you’ll find this under the tree this Christmas.

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minecraft star wars

YouTuber Paradise Decay is working on a massive project: he’s making Star Wars: A New Hope in Minecraft. He’s got an hour and ten minutes completed so far, and that gave him more than enough footage to create a trailer. He’s making the fan film for fun and will make it freely available to everyone when the project’s done (hopefully sometime in 2015).

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the film on hand in order to sync the sound—a decision that was made in order to avoid copyright issues.

He says the project has been three years in the making with some sets taking up to six months to build. He clearly has the patience of a Jedi Master.

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Yes, that’s an AT-AT walking through a beautiful landscape painting. It’s a part of The Ancient Kaiju Project by German artist Oliver Wetter. He’s inserted all sorts of monsters into classic Hudson River School paintings as a way of improving his ability to replicate the styles. He’s done an incredible job, with the creatures looking like they were always a part of the art.

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arnold and harrison

UPDATE: This appears to be a Photoshop, but it’s still funny as hell.

(via The Arnold Fans)


You can walk all over the Imperials with this Death Star rug. This officially licensed product mesures 52″ in diameter and will make it look like the Death Star is hanging out on your living room floor. Just think how cool this’ll be as a backdrop next time your break out all those Star Wars ships you’ve got stored away.

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Everyone knows R2-D2, but once Star Wars Rebels arrives on our television screens, another little droid is going to make a name for himself. Chopper is actually based on some early sketches for R2-D2 and though they may resemble each other a bit, Chopper has even more attitude.

Even though the show hasn’t aired yet, Chopper has already been brought to life by R2 Builder’s Club member Michael McMaster. The amateur astromech builders club has been around for 15 years and has some pretty impressive talent. Two other club members constructed the version of R2-D2 that will be seen in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Chopper came to life, and get a look at a typical day for an astromech hanging out at Lucasfilm.

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Kevin Smith had the rare chance to visit the set for Star Wars: Episode VII and shared his genuine excitement, including a picture of himself shedding some tears. He signed an NDA so there wasn’t much he could say, but the did share what thoughts he could during a Q&A at the Neuchatel International Film Festival in Switzerland.

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Here’s a place you absolutely do not want to visit on your European vacation this summer. It’s a Star Wars exhibit in the town of Wolfsburg, Germany that you can enjoy for the price of a $14 admission ticket. I can pretty much guarantee that will be the worst $14 you’ll ever spend. Then again, the laughs might be worth it.

Seriously, I don’t even know what is happening here. It looks like NASA is hanging out with the Falcon, Chewbacca is hiding a mustache, and poor Luke wet his pants somewhere along the way. There’s also a video, in German, which presumably tries to explain this horror. I have no words.

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