gundam star wars figures

Stormtroopers! Iconic. Gundam! Also iconic. What happens when you smash ’em together? Until this week, we had no idea. Fortunately, Korean Gundam enthusiast Kunho Noh has stepped in to answer this pressing question by modifying Star Wars figures with badass Gundam armor.

Check out additional pics and videos of his creations below.

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doctor who wars

This trailer proves that inserting any franchise into The Force Awakens trailer template makes it the must-see movie of the year.

YouTuber VG934 writes:

Being the huge Doctor Who and Star Wars fan that I am, how could I resist the chance to bring these two massive franchises together? Well sort of bring them together, let’s call it Who Wars.

Some may call me late to the party but I must remind you that a Wizard is never late, nor is he early – he arrives precisely when he means to. Alas, I’m no Wizard but the same principle applies.

I think you’re right on time, VG934. Now go make me a full length version.

Check out the trailer below.

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chloe bruce

Daisy Ridley may have done some of her own stunts in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Chloe Bruce was there when serious skills were needed.

Let’s just say she kicks ass with a staff.

She’s also doubled for Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jaimie Alexander in Thor: The Dark World. Plus, she’s a World Kickboxing Champion.

Check out the video below to see her in action.

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star wars tsums

Hey Tsum Tsum fanatics, you may want to ask for some overtime because Disney has announced that they’ll be releasing a new Original Trilogy Star Wars Tsum Tsum collection on February 16th.

According to Yahoo, the new Tsums Tsums will come in mini, medium and large sizes. And yes, The Force Awakens Tsum Tsums are slated for release sometime in the near future.

Maybe you can smuggle a few Rathtars to pay for them. Who needs all their limbs when you can get something this cute? Check out more pics below.

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Olena Mysnyk’s MyBOOKmark collection, puts the feet of our favorite characters in books. It’s like we’re crushing them with the pages. So cute!?

She makes versions inspired by several fan favorites, including Harry Potter, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

See more examples below.

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Look at this thing. Look at it! Isn’t it amazing? And adorable? This full-size aluminum BB-8 LED floor lamp has three light modes – “cold white, amber and warm white” – and stands 28 1/2 inches tall.

I need about a dozen of them, and so you do. Then again, it’s a tad on the pricey side for home illumination, but it might be worth it to take home the droid who helped track down Luke Skywalker.

Product Page ($349.99)

speedrun the force awaken

The geniuses at 1A4 Studio (makers of such gems as the Blade Runner speedrun) are back again with their take on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Poe’s “I’m gonna getcha!” and Rey and Finn’s “Happy time!” are currently warring for my favorite line. Watch it below.

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This is going to seem ever-so-slightly biased, but did you know that geeks are brilliant? Smart, sexy, creative, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Take crafty crafter Han Swanson Martin Creaney, for example. The man is an insanely talented woodworker, as evidenced by his massive and entirely wooden recreation of the Millennium Falcon. Far from a piece of junk, the level of detail on Creaney’s creation is, frankly, obscene. I thoroughly intend to find it and give it a big wet snog.

Check out a video and additional photos of this piece below (along with some other amazing creations).

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SPOILER ALERT: Jakub Wejher, founder of Wejherowo, Poland in 1643, is actually Darth Vader.

Darth Wejher?

You may be thinking “Isn’t Vladimir Lenin the real Vader?“, but the truth is that his statue is just really into cosplay.

Check out more pics below.

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Lightsaber violins are so hot right now.

This time, Jedi violinist Jeffrey Ding He performs a beautiful version of ‘The Force Theme’ that’s “made entirely from violin and lightsaber sounds”.

Check out the performance in the video below.

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