batman falcon

J.J. Abrams has given us another sneak peek at the Star Wars set. This time it’s a look at the Falcon with an awesome Batman crossover.

Could it be his answer to Snyder’s recent Stormtrooper arrest in Gotham? Snyder has been teasing Star Wars/Batman crossovers for a while now, so here’s hoping they keep this up.

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This gorgeous stormtrooper lamp was handmade by etsy seller Midian Craftworks from over 500 individual pieces of glass. He soldered them all together to create this roughly 12″ x 12″ x 12″ helmet. From the product page:

The helmet was made with quite a few sheets of glass, some rolls of copper foil, 5-6 1lb spools of solder, and a touch of blood, sweat, and tears. Ok, I didn’t quite make it to the tears. Each piece of stained glass was cut by hand. The final piece count was over 501. Nice number, right?! 521 to be exact. After the glass was cut, the edges were ground down and each piece was wrapped in copper foil. I then soldered the pieces together, gave the helmet a good cleaning, patinated the solder black, and finally gave everything a nice waxing to polish the metal and make the glass shine! This piece has also been signed and dated.

It comes shipped with a wooden base that includes the cord and a socket for the bulb. Although you can put it on for a fun photo, it weighs a lot and is not designed for cosplay.

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Honesty, especially when it comes to communicating with children about the great wide world, is always a must. But when it comes to Star Wars, Brian Gordon’s Fowl Language comic has it pretty spot on: If a little white lie prevents a child from ever discovering Jar Jar Binks, then I don’t see the problem.

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eric tan star wars 1

Though I’ve seen hundreds of pieces of Star Wars art over the years, every one is slightly different. Artists constantly show me different ways to see the saga, and Eric Tan’s posters for the original trilogy definitely have that effect. While I wouldn’t necessarily call his posters minimalist, they have that simple but effective vibe. I love how Darth Vader figures prominently in the layout of the first two but takes a backseat in the Return of the Jedi art.

Tan, a designer for Disney, said he’s never had more fun on a project. It shows.

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jewel and sean

For some reason, they made me think of the Solo twins…

(via Jewel Staite’s Instagram)


Artist Filipe Carvalho has created beautiful and very simple images of the characters from Star Wars using something called Flat Design. Rather than complex, detailed images, he uses only a few colors and shapes to convey an entire character. The results are pictures we’d love to have hanging on the wall.

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Watching the throne room ceremony at the end of Star Wars normally has fans complaining about how poor Chewbacca doesn’t walk away with a medal. Watching it without the famous John Williams score to back it up, will have fans uncomfortably squirming in their seats because it’s ridiculously awkward.

The Auralnauts have removed the music, added in a few coughs from the assembled rebels and a roar from Chewbacca that’s more like what you’re 5-year-old would sound like, and the whole ceremony goes from amazing to painful.

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This fantastic Lego creation is the work of markus19840420. He’s turned the Millennium Falcon into a steampunk wonder. It was all a part of FBTB’s Steam Wars Returns contest. The exterior looks great with plenty of chains and little spinning rotors and it even has an inside to match. Wonder if it could take out this steampunk AT-AT?

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mark ruffalo

Rian Johnson is helming Star Wars: Episode VIII, and that makes him a rather popular guy – to say the least. Mark Ruffalo has worked with Johnson in the past, and Ruffalo told Collider he recently sent Johnson the following email:

“Rian, congratulations on everything you’ve been doing. And by the way, if there’s a part in Star Wars, please, anything, please consider considering me to join you.”

Hey, asking doesn’t hurt, and Ruffalo certainly would be a popular choice. Who knows if anything will come of it, but the conversation didn’t stop there. The editor-in-chief of Collider tweeted about it and Johnson replied and brought Star Wars spinoff writer Gary Whitta in on it.

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Millennium Falcon

Photographer Matthew Myatt took to the skies recently to take stock photos for the flying school Airborne Aviation. He was soaring over Greenham Common near Newbury and discovered a surprise when he pulled the images off his camera. According to Sky News, Myatt realized one of his photos featured a partially built Millennium Falcon and a X-wing fighter, presumably being made for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Best surprise ever? Possibly.

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