bargaining with bounty hunters

If all you did was look at this piece of fan art by redditor dvsdesigner as concept art featuring a desperate Empire once again bargaining with bounty hunters, it would already be a killer piece of work. But, this is fan art on more than one level. The artist based the image on a scene from Once Upon A Time in the West because “Lucas was inspired by Leone’s work for the original films, and I wanted to recapture that.”

Well done, sir. Seriously. Check out the image from the film after the break…

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light saber keys

You can finally open a door with a lightsaber and not melt the lock!

These lightsaber keys come in a number of Kwikset, Schlage, and Weiser key sets and, once they send you the blanks, you can get your keys cut.

Right now it looks like they have the red and blue Lightsaber keys, but other product pictures hint that a purple and and green are on the way.

They also have lots of other cool styles, so if you like fun shaped or branded keys, you’re going to want to check them out.

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r2-d2 burner 1

Incorporate the droids everyone is looking for into your backyard with a handy Instructable from doddieszoomer. He transformed an old, empty gas bottle into R2-D2.

Basically, he cut the bottle to modify it and added legs with “5mm box section.” The rest of the astromech’s pieces were welded on and eventually handpainted. And guess what? If you don’t have the Force powers or tools necessary to make your own, you can bid on this one on eBay.

Check out more photos of the burner after the break…

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended a bit abruptly with many fans disappointed that all the story lines didn’t get a proper finish. Well, it looks like we are going to get a little closure thanks to four newly released, unfinished episodes of the series. You can watch A Death on Utapau, In Search of the Crystal, Crystal Crisis, and The Big Bang at right now.

They aren’t complete episodes, but they do fill things in, especially about how Anakin felt about Ahsoka leaving. Some concept art from the original story arc has also been posted.

Lastly, there’s a video with the team behind it all talking about how it’s not really over even though the series is done, with some characters popping back up in things like upcoming comic series.

See the video and a picture after the break.

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always shoot first

If Peter Quill, Han Solo, and Malcolm Reynolds sat down at the cantina and had a chat, it seems reasonable that they would discuss when it’s okay to shoot first. This LEGO video from Brotherhood Workshop takes the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and Firefly and imagines how the conversation would go. Spoiler: it’s kinda fantastic.

Watch the mash-up LEGO video after the break.

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han and chewie hot toys

Hot Toys has unveiled its first round of Star Wars figures, and…just wow. I don’t know how to say this any other way, but start saving your money and try not to drool when you see these new 1/6th scale Star Wars Han Solo and Chewbacca figures. They both feature over 30 points of articulation and all sorts of accessories.

They’re estimated to arrive in the first half of 2015, but we have no details yet on dates or price. Still, as amazing as they look, I’m thinking they’ll be worth both the price and the wait.

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We all love watching huge space battles with our heroes desperately trying to save the universe from emperors or aliens or whatever big bad is bent on mass destruction, but are any of those battles remotely possible give the laws of physics? This video by Joe Hanson of PBS’s It’s Okay To Be Smart tries to answer that question. Watch and find out if all those lasers, dogfights, and fiery explosions would look anything like they do on the big screen if they were happening in real life.

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ron solo

Han Burgundy aka: Ron Solo Created by Blake Armstrong.

(via reddit)

hunka junk in LEGO

Remember that beautiful Millennium Falcon fly-by that Bad Robot posted last week? It not only showed off a tiny glimpse of Episode VII, it had a glorious Batmobile easter egg. YouTuber Chris Lankford has recreated the scene with LEGO and Batman’s Tumbler is much easier to spot in this version of the video.

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This beautiful Darth Vader figure is the first in a new line by Japanese company Revoltech. He measures 6.7″ tall and has 23 different points of articulation. His cape is particularly interesting since it’s not fabric and has its own joints so you can pose it along with Vader’s movement. He comes with a stand, an on and off version of his lightsaber, and 4 different hands. Preorder now for delivery in December.

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