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While you and I may wander the aisles of the office supply store and only see mundane items, artist James Haggerty sees inspiration. He utilizes tens of thousands of staples to create mosaic style portraits of Star Wars characters. One of his recent pieces of C-3PO has 33,580 staples! That’s insane. He’s also assembled impressive images of Greedo and Darth Vader. I’m pretty sure he has to channel the Force to be patient enough to create these pieces.

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vader monument 1

Welcome the full power of the Dark side into your home with a life-sized Darth Vader monument based on the vintage Kenner figure. At a whopping 6 feet and 9 inches tall, it’s not exactly a small addition. This is the sort of statue you build a Star Wars room around; you don’t want to just plop into any old place. I’d recommend installing a speaker that plays Darth Vader’s lines beside the statue so you can scare anyone who comes near it. From the product page:

Gentle Giant is proud to bring you the latest addition to their line of popular life-sized monuments with the life-sized Kenner-inspired Darth Vader Monument! Digitally scanned from an authentic mint-condition 3 ¾” action figure and reproduced to a staggering SIX FEET NINE INCHES tall, this fully articulated monument also includes an authentic extending lightsaber, and re-scaled vinyl cape! A stunning centerpiece for any true collector’s display, this limited edition hand-painted monument includes a matching certificate of authenticity.

Pre-order the figure now to receive it in the first quarter of 2015.

Product Page ($2,340)




This beautiful work-in-progress art is the brainchild of James Hance. We’ve featured work by James Hance in the past with everything from Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars mashups to Doctor Who to Adventure Time. Now he’s put Princess Leia with Indiana Jones. I don’t think that counts as cheating on Han, does it?

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sw funeral 1

Jack Robinson only had four years on this planet. He’s been fighting against an inoperable brain tumor and knowing that he faced a hard road, he made a bucket list that included meeting singer Gary Barlow and and actor Matt Smith. For his final wish, he requested a Star Wars-themed funeral, and his parents Terence and Marie Robinson made it happen when he passed on April 1st of this year.

A Star Wars-themed coffin was transported in a carriage surrounded by stormtroopers, and R2-D2 was at the service. “Binary Sunset” was played by a brass band. Jack Robinson got the unique send off he requested and deserved.

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stormtrooper selfie

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star wars toys pics 1

I like to pretend I live in a world where my action figures come to life at night and have adventures and battles. Photographer Zahir Batin makes such a world real in his photograph series of Star Wars action figures posed out in nature.

He puts clone troopers and other figures in funny situations and occasionally works in a bit of editing magic like you see above with the Force choke. He even goes the extra mile to explain the behind-the-scenes aspects on his Facebook page. I admire both his photography skills and his patience for setting the shots up just right.

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han in carbonite rug

As a Star Wars geek, I can say that I wish I had my very own Han In Carbonite at home and, while I love this amazing life-size Han In Carbonite from Sideshow, I need to look for something a little more in my budget.

Luckily, ThinkGeek has a solution that let’s you have your carbonite Han and a rug that ties the room together.

Lay Han down on the floor or hang him on the wall as a tapestry. Heck, I won’t judge. Just promise me you’ll do Jabba’s laugh at least once.

It comes in two sizes: small/medium (31 1/2″ x 71 1/2″) or large/x-large (39″ x 90 1/2″) and is in stock now.

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carbonite top

Now you can channel your inner Jabba the Hutt and have a life-size Han Solo in carbonite to decorate your living room. This 7 1/2 foot tall screen-accurate replica is being produced by Sideshow Collectibles. It has light affects on the sides and base and a rear power canister that makes it look like it came right out of Jabba’s palace.

Hopefully, you’ve tucked away a few credits because this is being made available at an introductory price of $6,999 with flexible payment plans. Pre-orders open on April 10th.

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We’re getting our original Chewbacca back! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Mayhew will be playing the famous walking carpet once again. This confirms rumors that Mayhew would be reprising his role which reached a fever pitch when he backed out of a convention appearance last week due to his “filming schedule”.

Though it’s expected that many of the original cast members will return, Mayhew’s ability to be involved in the film was questionable due to his health issues. The actor’s health struggles were chronicled in a recent kickstarter documentary, Standing in the Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story, but he’s always made it known that he wanted to reprise the role.

The news that Mayhew will definitely be in the film shows just how committed J.J. Abrams is to bringing back the original cast. And if Chewie is there you know the Falcon and Han can’t be far behind—although we’ll have to wait and see who is officially confirmed next.

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