Tiny Han Solo is one hell of a pilot. He can dock the Millennium Falcon’s Micro-USB with your smartphone every single time. Okay, maybe there’s that one time he tried to dock upside down. Okay, several times.

This Millennium Falcon charger comes with a 34″ long cord illuminated by a blue light strip that animates when charging. There’s a micro-USB plug built into the front of the ship, and thrusters on the back of the Millennium Falcon light up when you’re charging your device from any standard USB port. Just remember, you cannot use the Falcon to charge the Falcon. You plug this into that Quadex power core, and Rey’s gonna have to fix it again.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable ($19.99)


It appears that Jawas have grown tired of the desert, deciding instead to hang out on your lush green lawn. Curiously, all of the other lawn ornaments in the neighborhood have gone missing. Rumor has it that a Monster Gnome is in the works, and everyone is a little on edge about it. The fact that your 16-inch Jawa has glowing (solar powered) eyes isn’t helping.

Star Wars Jawa Lawn Ornament ($79.99)


As far as I’m concerned, Disney and Lucasfilm have knocked it out of the park with their Go Rogue video series. The fourth and final installment is out now and it’s probably my favorite. Especially the end.

The filmmakers did a stellar job showing off the new Star Wars Rogue One toys and I can’t wait to see the submissions people enter into the contest. You can check out more info on that, along with all four videos in the series below. [click to continue…]


We’re a week away from Rogue Friday and Hasbro just revealed five new Star Wars Rogue One retailer exclusives for Walmart, Target, Amazon, Toys R Us, and Kmart.

Of the five, I’m definitely eyeballing the Black Series Shadow Trooper electronic helmet and the programmable R2-D2, but all five look pretty solid.

There’s a slight spoiler on the Jyn figure packaging/description, so if you’re trying to stay unspoiled, this is your warning. Check out all of the details on the lineup below. [click to continue…]


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is probably the first time any of us thought about Stormtroopers being anything other than disposable. Benjamin Eck’s short film Jakku: First Wave expands on this by focusing on a group of Stormtroopers who are waiting for the order to charge into the bloody Battle of Jakku. It’s an emotional short, and it’ll have you feeling sorry for those poor troopers, henchmen or not. Watch it below. [click to continue…]


The AT-AT Multi Stand from Premium Bandai is a 1/72-scale replica of the AT-ATs from The Empire Strikes Back‘s Hoth battle scene, and it features plenty of hidden compartments (like a pen holder, coin slot, and a few different drawers) that are ideal for holding all of the odds and ends that clutter up your desk. But the way that you can wind up your charging cable to a Snowspeeder to recreate the iconic scene from the film is what really sold us on this. Plus, it’s fully posable. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Looking for a spot to stash your keys, wallet, multi-tool, lighter, tactical pen, field notes, and mini first aid kit? We have just the thing for you, EDC enthusiast. NerdyEDC boasts a few Marvel-themed trays (Deadpool and The Punisher) along with a Boba Fett-inspired tray that features the Mandalorian crest. And no valet tray collection would be complete without the poop emoji of course. Check out the rest of the designs below. [click to continue…]


Earlier this year, Industrial Light & Magic ran a contest with ArtStation asking concept artists around the world to reimagine scenes, locations and characters from Star Wars. Not surprisingly, many of the entrants (including one or two of the winners) are working concept artists in the entertainment industry, having made contributions to the games and movies we all love so much.

The winners have been announced, and their work has been revealed. Blimey, it’s good stuff. Check out a selection highlights below. [click to continue…]


Darth Vader Simon is a twist on the classic Simon memory game. You know, the one with all the flashing lights and frustration. However, this one plays the Imperial March and Darth Vader’s breathing sounds, which will likely up the stress factor of the game. The price of failure will undoubtedly be very high.

If you want to see the Simon game in action, check out the video on io9.


Yeah, one of these blankets and a bowl of chicken soup would be nice right? Maybe you have a cold, or maybe you’re feeling a little sick after spending $249 on a Star Wars blanket. At least you’re cozy.

The Rogue One and BB-8 designs featured above are a sequel to the Star Wars collection Pendleton unveiled last year. Take a closer look at the new designs below. [click to continue…]