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Do you ever find yourself thinking that those big-budget geeky  movies you like just make too much sense? Yeah, OK, we get flying cars and giant battles and spaceships and all that. But where are the odd religion references? The out-of-left-field sexual innuendos? The David Lynchian surrealness?

Thank you, bootleg movie subtitles. Even when the words you’re trying to translate are literally on the screen, you still provide us with the utmost in mistranslated hilarity. Now that’s dedication.

Let’s start with the most infamous movie mistranslation, the one that inexplicably substituted the Jedi Council for the Presbyterian Church and gifted the world with at eternal piece of internet vernacular. Iiiiiit’s…

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Builder Fabio Delfino sent us his homemade scale model of an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer and it totally blew us away. He even gave it a multitude of tiny lights and sound. It’s based on the Star Wars: Dark Empire comic books and has over 3000 pieces.

Check out more pictures and the video after the break along with all the technical details.

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How To Be A Villain

how to be a villain

Art by Miguel Membreño.

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snow tauntaun

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These Buddha versions of pop culture characters are sure to help you find your focus. There are characters from Star Wars, Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Halo, and more. Each is 3D printed plastic and comes in a variety of colors. The artist even signs and dates the bottom of each piece.

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sideshow fan collection

Star Wars collector Cho Woong has an apartment that will make you drool so hard you’ll need a towel for the computer.

Head after the break to see pictures of his amazing home collection.

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star wars tipping point

Thanks xkcd. You bastards. Click to enlarge.


It may be snowy and cold now, but when the warm weather comes it’ll be great to go on a bike ride with your friends. Riding along in a 22-foot Star Destroyer would be even better. It’s available for free in Portland, Oregon (naturally) through Craigslist and can only be moved by either a truck or four willing people on bikes. The Star Destroyer has appeared in two Star Wars vs. Star Trek bike rides in Portland, but now it needs a new home.

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procrastination in red

Apparently, imgur user SeeMyAmbitionsFadeOut created this series of Star Wars paintings when he/she should have been studying for a test—hence the title “Procrastination In Red”.

I wish I could procrastinate like this. I would get so many awesome things done.


Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away with way better tech than we have here on Earth. This video takes all the various user interfaces, from doors to buttons to screens, and gathers them in one video. It’s interesting to see how these UIs stack up to what is reality today.

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