Many fans out there have pondered crossovers between the Harry Potter and Star Wars franchise. Although that will never officially happen outside of the internet and staged fan-fiction readings, some fuel has been added to the fire thanks to Daniel Radcliffe remarking that he visited Pinewood Studios where they’re filming (at least part of) Star Wars: Episode VII.

At the red carpet premiere of his new movie Horns, the star of the Harry Potter films said, “I was so excited, ’cause I literally just watched the original Star Wars movies very recently, so I was like a new fan going on set. But I got to meet Harrison Ford and have a chat, and he was lovely. It was great!”

Surprisingly though, Radcliffe wasn’t there just to spy on Han Solo and learn the future of the Jedi Order. He explained, “I went out because all my friends were working there ’cause it’s the Potter crew. They’ve basically just moved onto [Star Wars: Episode VII], so I was going to see all of them.”

You know you can trust a wizard when he never forgets to keep in touch with his friends!

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Casey Pugh put together a fan made version of Star Wars: A New Hope in 2009 which was made up of hundreds of different snippets of individual scenes. They were filmed with people, puppets, and all manner of props with the idea that they’d be spliced together to create the complete film. The finished product was so good that it actually won an Emmy in 2010 for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media.

Now, to follow-up, The Empire Strikes Back has been fan made in the same format, and with the same incredible results. It runs just over 2 hours and contains footage from 480 different Star Wars fans. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

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bonsai trooper

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Eight grader Cody Swanek created an awesome Star Wars algebra problem that focused on how J.J. Abrams is doing with getting Star Wars: Episode VII filmed. Looks like Abrams took notice and not only did he solve the problem, but he created his own Star Wars algebra problem for Swanek to solve. Seriously, if this was what my math classes had been like, I would have paid better attention.

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Star Wars Rebels: Spark of the Rebellion will officially get a network re-broadcast on Sunday, October 26th at 7 PM on ABC and it will include a cameo of Darth Vader voiced by James Earl Jones! According to the press release,

The critically-acclaimed epic adventure “Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion” will air on ABC on Sunday, October 26 (7:00 p.m. ET/PT). Executive Producer Dave Filoni states, “We wanted to do something special for the ABC broadcast. We’ve added a scene which gives audiences insight into the Inquisitor and includes a cameo by Darth Vader voiced by the distinguished actor James Earl Jones.”

That means that anyone who already caught the premiere event on Disney XD is going to want to tune in again to see what extra Vader goodness they’ve got in store.

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The first standalone Star Wars arcade game in 14 years will make its debut during New York Comic Con at Dave and Buster’s in Times Square for a preview run that will last until November 2nd (with a full rollout beginning in January). Star Wars Battle Pod has you sitting in your own little pod with a joystick controller trying to navigate the Death Star trench run with all sorts of whiz-bang that will put that old vector graphics version to shame. Features include:

  • Arcade-exclusive gameplay on a unique dome screen enveloping your entire area of sight which enables “the player to be surrounded by gameplay images and experiences on the dome screen”
  • Expected to launch in the US in January 2015 “ in participating arcades around the country” with a global launch to follow
  • Five stages that “recreate the fiercest battle scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy.” Players will take command of the vehicles that appear in the films such as X-wings, snowspeeders, speederbikes, the Millennium Falcon and TIE Advanced.
  • Loaded with features and unique gameplay elements, players can “experience the impact of the explosions and destruction that will leave them with a sense of actually piloting and taking part in action-packed scenes from the films.”
  • Star Wars: Battle Pod offers a real sense of flight combat action and delivers an authentic flying experience as if players are actually sitting in the cockpit of a battle pod in the Star Wars universe.
  • Players can jump right in to true-to-film battles on Endor, Hoth, Death Star II, Yavin, and more

There’s even feedback in the chair and the controller to make you feel like you’re really there trying to save the universe!

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All other dioramas pale in comparison to this one built by Polish Lego artist Michal Kazmierczak. He used 60,000 bricks to recreate the Separatist headquarters on Mustafar. This didn’t come together overnight of course. In fact, it took him a whopping four months to build. The end result measures 50″ x 70″, is almost 5-feet tall, and weighs in at 140 pounds.

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Star Wars math problem

Bob Swanek’s son likes Star Wars (just a little bit). Cody is in the 8th grade and was assigned a homework project to make an algebraic expression into a word problem. He submitted the problem pictured above, and I love all the Shadows of the Empire references he managed to work in. I hope the teacher gave him an A and extra credit for being awesome.

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that's so Revan

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Adventure Time fans, you are going to want all of these posters to decorate your walls. They’re the work of Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez who’ve taken on everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to the Disney princesses. Each has been redone with Adventure Time characters in the style of the animated series and they’re amazing.

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