Star Wars paper snowflake designs by Anthony Herrera have become a tradition. I know winter is nearly here when I see that Herrera has posted a new batch of snowflakes inspired by the galaxy far, far away. This year’s round up of detailed paper snowflakes includes Han Solo, Greedo, Captain Rex, Jabba the Hutt, the space slug, a wampa, and TIE fighters. Grab some paper, scissors, and set aside a few hours this weekend to make it snow with Star Wars.

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harry potter sw 1

Artist James Hance has done it again. His latest art features the combined worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars. It seems especially fitting since Daniel Radcliffe only recently saw the original trilogy for the first time. Hance has made Hagrid Chewbacca (perfect!), Ron Weasley is Han Solo, and Snape is Darth Vader. Because of course.

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Never forget the fateful moment Han Solo was frozen in carbonite by hanging the image in your bathroom. This shower curtain captures the fateful scene from The Empire Strikes Back and makes that warm shower you take on a cold morning feel that much better.

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We live in a happy time, friends. You can dress up any room in your house by adding a rug, and you make it geeky with a plethora of options from ThinkGeek. They just released four new styles of floor coverings featuring Chewbacca, a unicorn, a dragon, and a D20. They’re perfect for your office, bedroom, kitchen – anywhere.

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Yes, the picture you’re looking at really is a cardboard version of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. It was built by Thomas Richner who has made a hobby out of building things from recycled materials. Richner said on imgur:

This was a fantastic experience! I made Millennium Falcons when I was a kid, but its been 30 years since I last made one. After working professionally now as an animation artist for many years (and reaching my mid-life crisis), I thought if I made another one, I’d go all out. So, mission accomplished! Cleaned out most of those boxes in the basement and have a five foot Falcon to show for it! My wife is thrilled! :-)

It’s fantastically detailed right down to retractable landing gear and a swiveling radar dish attached by magnets for easy removal. It took him 140 hours to build and he tried to make it accurate to the one in the first film. However he left some imperfections in order to retain that handmade feel.

Once the project was complete, he took the Falcon and a paper mache R2-D2 that he’d previously made to the Columbus College of Art and Design to do a photo shoot with a green screen. You can check out a gallery of images after the break…

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esb trailer today

Movie trailers have changed quite a bit since the original trailer was released for The Empire Strikes Back, so it’s pretty interesting to compare and contrast this version by Cameron Arrigioni. It imagines what a trailer for ESB would look like if it were made today.

My thoughts: I think it gives away too much of the plot and Han and Leia sure do look super in love. Hunh, I guess it really is like a movie trailer these days.

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This Bluetooth speaker is designed to look just like the Death Star and it even lights up when in use. It measures 6″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep and comes with a clear acrylic stand. This is an officially licensed Star Wars product and will wirelessly stream music from up to 30 feet away. Sadly it does not come with a working turbolaser.

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thrift store painting - tardis

Artist Dave Pollot gives paintings he finds in thrift stores a new life. A cooler and geekier life. We first saw his creations earlier this year, and he’s still hard at work transforming plain ol’ landscapes into works of science fiction. His gallery of redone oil paintings includes a TARDIS in a quiet scene, Dr. Zoidberg on a beach, Chewbacca in a forest, and more. I’m in love with his reimagined art.

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This is Bluey the budgie and he has been taught a few nifty little tricks by his Star Wars loving owners. Not only does he look like a bird version of R2-D2, he sounds like him, too. They taught him how to make all of the little droid’s chirps and tweets, which likely started off charming and is now driving everyone nuts. That makes him even more like the real thing!

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Thanks to the Star Wars twitter account, we now have a title for Star Wars Episode VII.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is already sparking all kinds of questions. Notable amongst them is people wondering why there are no Roman numerals in the title. I think it’s a nod to the original trilogy which had the Roman numerals added later. But, who knows? Maybe we’ll see it down the road.

Either way, new title.

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