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Show your love for Monty Python with these nifty sticky notes, which are all based on the cut-out animation from Monty Python’s Flying Circus: that pointy hand, the foot on a TV and that strange little chicken that flies out of the man’s head.

The notes all come in a sweet book, which is perfect for taking your notes on the go, especially if you’re on the hunt for hard-to-find shrubbery.

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Error Sticky Notes

In this day and age when most of us are glued to our computers and electronic devices, error messages are scary. If my internet goes down or some vital program stops functioning I panic a little. Therefore, these sticky notes that look just like those frightening pop up windows would stop me in my tracks.

I’d get used to them eventually but at first, they’d get all of my attention. You can get a stack of notes that includes both Warning and Error messages. Just remember they won’t be as effective on Mac users.

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Make sure your memos stand apart from the usual rainbow of Post-its by using these 3″ x 3″ game cartridge sticky notes! The set comes with the three pads shown above, and you won’t ever have to blow on these to get them working properly.

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The Doctor is always running around in a bit of a frantic state, and he probably has a hard time remembering his to-do list. Thank goodness he always keeps a stack of Dalek and TARDIS themed sticky notes at hand. He can write himself or Amy Pond notes and leave them all over the timeline!

This pack of notes comes with six different stacks of designs and has 300 total sticky notes. That’s enough to last you for at least one season of Doctor Who. Don’t forget that you must write on these notes with a sonic screwdriver pen.

See a photo showing more sticky note designs after the break.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m tempted to leave secret notes all around my office. I’d like to tell people anonymously how to actually use my inbox and to put their dishes in the dishwasher. I could leave those notes on boring yellow sticky notes but just think how much more effective they messages would be when written on ninjas! These sticky notes are sure to inspire fear wherever you leave them. You can make your threats be seen by using gel pens, crayons, or silver Sharpies.

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Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

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From CubicleBot: You probably don’t have a floppy drive on your computer anymore, but you can still use the disks to boost your memory thanks to these sticky note versions.

As the product page notes, users should refrain from sticking these floppy disks “into any sort of drive or orifice”.

We can’t stress that last part enough.

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murder ink sticky notes

If ever you wanted a product that says “Don’t F with me”, but still has the potential for benign hilarity, then you want some “Murder Ink” sticky notes. Sure, you may be using a bloodstained pen that you pulled out of a stack of impaled, sticky paper people, but that can turn to instant funny when you use them for reminders like: “adopt a puppy” or “pick up tickets to the ballet”. However, this could backfire and make you even more creepy. It’s really a tossup.

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Learn the traditional Japanese art of origami when you should be working thanks to these new sticky notes. There are 100 notes to a pack and each features instructions on how to transform the note into a simple origami model.

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