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This is all in good fun, but at some point it’s all going to go south for the guy behind the camera. Apparently, he has a lot of time on his hands while he’s at work and takes every opportunity to scare the daylights out of his coworker by screaming Street Fighter quotes. One of these days, he’ll get his and I hope someone has a camera ready in landscape mode.

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ryu is 50

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pixel paintings 2

Old and cheap paintings are made to be modified, and French artist Gauvain Manhattan has transformed six images he found at flea markets. He improved the art by making them pixelated and fabulous. The paintings are now masterpieces because they resemble classic games like Castlevania and Duck Hunt. In other words, they all leveled up.

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Street Fighter my be all about fighting but these guys look to cute to hurt anyone. You have your choice of Ryu, Ken, or Chu-Li as a poseable plush figure. Each measures 12″ tall and is set to be available sometime this month. These are the first in the series, so look for more characters to come in the future.

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assassins fist

Two years in the making, Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist the live action webseries, is finished and all episodes are now viewable online at Machinima’s YouTube channel.

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ryu vs jesse

If the worlds of Street Fighter and Breaking Bad came together, who would win in a fight? This fun video pits Ryu against Jesse in the ultimate battle. Just wait until you see Jesse’s killer moves!

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The Disney heroines look ready to kick some butt in these Street Fighter versions of the characters. We’ve already seen the first batch of these fantastic images by Mike V and this second batch is just as good. Belle, Elsa and even Lilo are ready for battle!

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mbison copy

Redditor Vogey took a few old-school Mike Tyson fight clips and added in some rather appropriate sound effects from the original Street Fighter video game. The result, coupled with Vogey changing Mike’s name to “Bison”, is pretty entertaining. Honestly, I wish I could use those Street Fighter sound effects for everything I do–making a sandwich would be downright epic with that theme music for sure.

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Your standard auto insurance policy covers all sorts of problems, but Street Fighter damage is likely not on the list. This commercial for Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta has Ryu kicking the snot out of some guy’s car. There is no way that’s going to buff out.

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sesame street fighter

You never know where mash-up art will lead. DeviantArt user gavacho13 created an illustration pairing Sesame Street with Street Fighter, and now it’s a playable game. Thanks, internet! Game developer Cocoalasca took the idea and ran with it and recently made Sesame Street Fighter available.

The HTML5 game pits character combinations against each other. For example, Bert and Ryu are merged into one creature. You fight by being the first to type in a series of words. The concept is laugh out loud funny to me, and the game is kind of addictive.

Now, go forth and play Sesame Street Fighter!

(cocoalasca via ANY)