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When I was a kid, my friend Adam and I would pretend to be Street Fighters before we left for school. I’d pretend to be M.Bison by cleverly tucking my pants into my socks, and he’d pretend to be E.Honda by not wearing a shirt and eating an excessive quantity of McDonald’s Happy Meals. He’s lost a lot of weight since, I’m told.

But martial arts master and movie stuntman Eric Jacobus has us both beat, because he’s gone one step further by perfectly recreating many of the original fight techniques seen in video games such as Street Fighter and Tekken.

Check out the videos below.

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street fighter diorama

Last year, BigBoysToys HK announced a new range of dioramas of characters from the Street Fighter series, kicking things off with a diorama of a Hadouken-ing Ryu. Now they’ve revealed this brand-new addition to the series featuring an almost Pocket Fighters style kick-happy Chun-Li standing upon a base designed after her stage in Street Fighter II: The World Warriors.

What makes this a diorama and not just a boring ol’ statuette or figurine? I’m glad you asked, Internet person! This diorama lights up in response to pressing a button on the side, adding Chun-Li’s iconic “Ya-Ya-Ya!” sound to simulate her Hyakuretsukyaku move. All you have to do is mash the button over and over, just like you would in the game itself.

BigBoysToys have also posted a video of the diorama in action, which you can check out (along with some sweet product photos) below.

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hadouken toilet

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I’ve always wished I had Ryu’s Hadouken/Hadoken throwing power. I mean, who wouldn’t want to throw fireballs around? Well now we can, sorta.

This super soft Hadouken plush measures 9-inches tall x 14-inches wide. It’s also safe enough to throw at friends and enemies alike.

Check out the video and more views of the Street Fighter Hadouken plush after the break.

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rousey vs mayweather

Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather is a fight that will never happen in real life, but if you would love to see Rousey beat the crap out of Mayweather, the following video might prove satisfying. Game designer Richie Branson notes:

Well, now we know who would win if Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey fought. I got bored and decided to play around with some texture files in my PC installation of Street Fighter IV. The result is this mayweather vs. rousey mod, lol. To eliminate bias, i simulated the Mayweather v. Rousey fight with both fighters controlled by the CPU.

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booger beatdown

Birdie from Street Fighter V has an idle animation where he picks his nose and flicks a booger at his opponent. Gross, I know, but amazingly the booger actually does a tiny bit of damage.

As you’ll see in the fight below, the stars aligned and a player was able to deliver a knockout booger blow. I laughed harder than I should.

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Get your wallets ready! BigBoyToys HK is releasing a series of 8 amazing Street Fighter dioramas. The first of the series will be Ryu unleashing a Hadouken in his Street Fighter II: The World Warriors stage. The level of detail goes much further than the construction of the figure though. There’s a sound effect so you can hear Ryu actually saying “Hadouken” while it lights up!

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Check out all the details and watch the video after the break.

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Do you remember that bonus stage in Street Fighter II where you could smash up a car for extra points? Thanks to the magic of the Internet, several people have attempted the stage in real life. We’ve posted those attempts after the break.

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They’re actually kind of funny–watching someone jump around like an idiot and try to rip the hood off an old VW tickles me for whatever reason.

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This is all in good fun, but at some point it’s all going to go south for the guy behind the camera. Apparently, he has a lot of time on his hands while he’s at work and takes every opportunity to scare the daylights out of his coworker by screaming Street Fighter quotes. One of these days, he’ll get his and I hope someone has a camera ready in landscape mode.

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ryu is 50

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