This home in Singapore is done up as a tribute to the Avengers with every room featuring its own theme. The living room features the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem behind the television while character art decorates the walls. The bedroom is designed after Iron Man and the kitchen belongs to Hulk. It was designed by Absolook Interior Designs.

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marvel disney

Disney / Marvel mashup art by Robby.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t want to mess with Link, but a robot Link? That bucket of bolts looks totally brutal.

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DeviantArt member ChasingArtwork has a big thing for redesigning superheroes and video game characters as super cool robots, and you can check out some of his latest creations below.

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Redditor logic-pending decided to make a very special present for her boyfriend who is a huge Spider-Man fan. Over the course of 2 months and about 100 hours she drew this beautiful picture of Spidey (yes, this is a drawing). She chose to use Andrew Garfield from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and it looks so good, you’d swear it was from the film.

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Superheroes manage to survive all sorts of nasty business, but how long can they expect to live? This odd infographic created by Design by Soap lays out just how long some of these superheroes (and Rick Grimes) can expect to live taking into account factors like drinking, smoking, regenerative powers and plain old guesswork. Things are looking good for Silver Surfer but not so much for Rorschach.

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All manner of evil lurks in the average garden which is why you need something more than an ordinary garden gnome to keep watch. Bat Gnome, Super Gnome, and Captain Gnomerica are on the job to keep your yard safe!

Each 9″ tall gnome is made of polyresin and hand-painted to look like either Batman, Superman, or Captain America. You can use them in your garden, or bring them inside where they’d look great standing guard on your mantle.

Product Page ($74.99 via GeekAlerts)

thor cat

Yesterday was National Cat Day (yeah, apparently it’s a thing), and Marvel showed their love for felines everywhere by sharing some delightful superheroes-as-cats art. The style of the illustrations by Jenny Parks is similar to the Doctor Mew portraits she did earlier this year. They feature Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man.

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superfriends 1

LEGO introduced their Friends line a while ago, and while it has attracted some little girls to LEGO, the fact remains that it’s different. It’s not just the overly pink packaging and designs, the figures are actually different shapes than the standard LEGO minifigs. Freelance developer Jon decided to challenge the female stereotypes the Friends sets presented and started the LEGO Super Friends project.

For all of July, he made custom figures with LEGO Friends figures as the base. He turned the characters into superheroes and villains and released one for each day of July. He tackled characters such as Supergirl, Black Widow, Kitty Pryde, and Captain Marvel. The custom builds look awesome, and if he sold all 31 of his Super Friends in a set, I’d happily fork over money for them.

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As an Arrow fan, I may have screamed a little when I saw this new image of Roy Harper trading his hoodie for this outfit. Colton Haynes wears it well, I have to say.

Yep, happy Arrow fangirl right here.

According to EW, we’ll see the Arsenal suit in the first episode of season three which airs Oct. 8 on The CW.

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These beautiful watercolors each feature just a few key colors that manage to capture their superhero subjects perfectly. Artist Blule doesn’t leave hard, defined lines, but lets the colors bleed into each other and even splatter and drip on the page. It gives these innately complex characters a very simple and pure presentation. You can even choose your favorites from the collection and purchase them as prints to decorate your home.

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