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If Tim Burton illustrated some of Marvel and DC’s most popular superheroes, what would they look like? Well, they’d probably look something like these illustrations from artist Andrew Tarusov, who you may recall from the Tim Burton treatment he gave to Disney characters earlier this year. Check out more of his Tim Burton-style superhero art below. [click to continue…]


We’re used to our superheroes looking young and fit, but artist Eddie Liu put some thought into what would happen if those heroes aged and decide to retire to whereever it is retired superheroes go.

I think the Wonder Woman is my favorite. I can totally picture her playing Mahjong with the older ladies down in Florida.

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Earlier this year, a group co-workers who were tired of their drab office decided to cover the walls with a superhero mural made from over 8,000 Post-It notes. Four months later they decided it was time to reclaim the wall and get back to work, so they used a leaf blower to quickly destroy what to oodles of hours to create.

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kit 3

Okay, this one got me in the feels. UK mom Sarah Ivermee has a son who wears a cochlear implant. While Freddie’s totally happy with his hearing devices as is, Sarah’s met other moms whose kids dislike wearing them because doing so makes them feel different from their peers. After successfully suggesting to one mom that she decorate her child’s hearing aid with nail stickers, Sarah got the idea to create a company that makes decorating kits for hearing devices called Lugs.

The kits come for both Cochlear implants and hearing aids, and they feature Star Wars, Marvel and Disney characters, plus all kinds of other fun stuff.

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You might not be able to snuggle up to Captain America, but you can give this owl version of the superhero a hug. Etsy seller CharacterCove has turned your favorite characters into super-cute plush owls that measure 7″ tall by 5″ wide. Each is handmade from eco-felt and takes 1-2 weeks to complete before shipping.

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Kerry Callen is the cartoonist behind Halo and Sprocket. He also works at Hallmark adapting cartoons into greeting cards. This image is more along those lines, and it’s something he did because it made his wife laugh. That’s good enough reason for us!

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These guys are dedicated. Not to their job it seems, but to seeing a nerdy project through to completion regardless of how pointless it is.

The walls of most offices are pretty drab and not at all fun to stare at for eight hours every day. So, Redditor bruck7 solved the problem by carefully mapping out pictures of superheroes that he and his coworkers then constructed out of Post-it notes. The final product looks awesome, but it’s not going to last.

He says that most of them are sticking pretty well, although a few have been replaced. He’s not making any attempt to keep it there permanently since the office is moving and in the next six months he’ll have a whole new set of walls to decorate.

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This home in Singapore is done up as a tribute to the Avengers with every room featuring its own theme. The living room features the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem behind the television while character art decorates the walls. The bedroom is designed after Iron Man and the kitchen belongs to Hulk. It was designed by Absolook Interior Designs.

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marvel disney

Disney / Marvel mashup art by Robby.

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(via The Mary Sue)


Honestly, I wouldn’t want to mess with Link, but a robot Link? That bucket of bolts looks totally brutal.

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DeviantArt member ChasingArtwork has a big thing for redesigning superheroes and video game characters as super cool robots, and you can check out some of his latest creations below.

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