While people may be pondering the fate of movies adapted from YA novels, YA novels themselves are still going strong and they’re about to get an influx of DC Comics heroes.

Four new novels have been announced. Best-selling author Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising) will be penning a new Wonder Woman novel, which will be the first release in August 2017. Marie Lu (Legend and Young Elites trilogy) will follow WW with Batman. After that, Matt de la Peña (The Living, Ball Don’t Lie) will have Superman, and Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass) is filling out the first four with Catwoman.

Having read Marvel’s Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl (and loved it), I’m hoping DC decides to follow suit and set the books after each of the character’s origin stories.

Seriously, no more origin stories.

Top image by Stephen Byrne.

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There’s a lot wrong with Man of Steel, but the design work was on point—particularly where Superman’s costume and the look of General Zod are concerned.

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On that note, Square Enix has finally revealed their spin on Supes and the Zodster as the first two releases in their upcoming Man of Steel Play Arts Kai range.

The figures become available in June but, in the meantime, check out more pics below.

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The tub isn’t big enough for the both of them.

Hopefully they can put aside their differences and join forces to fight grime.

Product Pages: Batman Bath Duck ($7.99) / Superman Bath Duck ($7.99)

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A company called WrapStyle Singapore is churning out some seriously badass superhero wraps that are shown off here on a range of exotic supercars.

Then again, some baffling choices were made here. First off, Spider-Man doesn’t even have gas money for a McLaren. Second, the Audi R8 is Batman-themed while the Lamborghini Aventador is Iron Man-themed. It would make more sense if those were reversed.

A Hulk-themed Nissan GT-R kinda works though. Not flashy, but there’s tons of power.

Check out more pics below.

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Play out the showdown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before the movie is released with this Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots-Style Game. I’m guessing this is exactly how the battle in the movie will go down.

Unlike the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Ems of yore, the game features sound effects and the loser of the battle falls off his base rather than his head flying off. Let’s save that for feature for a Deadpool version.

Product Page ($29.99)

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Hot Toys has unveiled their new 1/6th-scale figures for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opens in theaters on March 25, 2016. The figures will make their official debut to toy fans during Toy Soul 2015 in Hong Kong this weekend.

The Superman figure comes with a number of features, including a new head sculpt, four pairs of hands and a specialized display stand. There’s also a limited edition version which comes with Kryptonite that lights up. The Batman figure includes three eye and mouth sets, assorted Bat gizmos, a display stand and interchangeable hands. The special edition also features a sniper rifle. If a fan preorders both figures at once, they will receive a special accessory: the Batman Tech Cowl. Look for the figures to arrive on Sideshow Collectibles in the coming days.

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batman v superman

If you missed the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer when it debuted on Kimmel last night, here’s your chance to get caught up on the drama between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

Oh and there’s Doomsday and Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor and explosions…there’s a lot going on here.

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In this awesome video, redditor FizzyGizmo duct-taped a Superman action figure to his Phantom 3 drone and flew it over Victoria Park in London. The camera on the drone is attached to a gimbal which stabilizes the footage so it looks like Superman is smoothly flying around, keeping an eye on the city. Well done.

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Batman v Superman looks like it’s going to be a very somber movie. YouTuber Albert Lopez has made it a heck of a lot lighter by setting the trailer to the song Dayman from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We don’t know if this is the superhero movie we need, but it is the one we want.

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The unveiling of Batman V Superman merch is starting to pick up speed, and DC Entertainment has added to the list with some awesome new statues.

Sculpted by James Marsano, the resin statues measure 12-inches tall and depict the Man of Steel, Batman in his new costume and Batman in his anti-Superman armor. The statues will be available for purchase next January for $150 each, and they will be on display at Comic-Con.

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