PoshTots is now offering this headboard so that a T-Rex can hover over your kid all night and inspire nightmares of becoming dino dinner.

Created by artist and craftsman Jason Hulfish, the headboard reportedly fits any standard twin bed frame and offers precise handmade details that “must be seen in person to be believed”.

In addition, it comes with a hefty price tag, ensuring screams of terror for adults as well.

T-Rex Headboard ($1,560)

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trex tp

Remember the 3D printed T-Rex showerhead? Well, now’s your chance to complete that Jurassic Park-themed bathroom makeover you’ve been working on.

Product Page ($23)

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Imagine it: cruising down the streets of Portland on the reanimated bones of a mighty t-rex. You’ll be the most Portland person in Portland. Ruler of all you survey.

Currently, this custom t-rex bike is up for sale on Craiglist. The bike named “Sue” clocks in at 12 feet long and eight and a half feet tall and is available for a whopping $2,000. According to Sue’s designer, she has a comfy cruising speed of about seven MPH, and her rider can operate both her jaws and arms using specially designed controls.

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trex replica

Don’t be the only billionaire on the block that DIDN’T get his kid a full-size T-Rex skeleton for Christmas this year. Yes, this is actually being sold by Hammacher Schlemmer (naturally) and the details are as follows:

Spanning 40′ from tail to snout, this is the life-size replica fossil skeleton of Stan, a Tyrannosaur first unearthed in South Dakota’s Black Hills in 1992. Found in a disarticulated state (each bone was separated from the others), Stan’s skeleton fossilized over millions of years with little-to-no distortion or crushing, making him the most complete (190 bones) male Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. This museum-quality replica is expertly crafted using GI-1000-grade silicone molds that impart stunning, authentic detail to the polyurethane resin casts that faithfully preserve the healed injuries Stan suffered during life, including a broken neck and ribs as well as puncture wounds in his skull and lower jaw. Supported by a cleverly concealed steel structure, Stan can be customized into any anatomically possible pose desired by a complimentary assembly crew, whether vertically at 15′ tall as if surveying the landscape or horizontally at 12′ tall as if lunging for prey.

It costs $100,000, but that figure includes and assembly crew that will pose it however you like. Personally, I would want to buy a giant Optimus Prime sculpture and recreate this tattoo.

Product Page ($100K via Gizmodo)

creepy trex

Wherever I go… it wont stop staring. Oh, no! It’s a possessed paper dinosaur! Kill it with fire! Kill it with fire!

Ok, sorry about that. Yeah, this cutesy-but-still-kinda-creepy T-rex statue really pushes my buttons. I guess I have master illusionist Brusspup to thank for that–the devious trickster was inspired by the famous dragon illusion by Jerry Andrus, which involves designing a 2D figure that’s titled at just the right angle to give the illusion of movement. Brusspup shot a nifty video so you can get a better idea of how the statue works.

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Yes, that’s a scrap metal T-Rex sculpture and it is the most awesome of all sculptures. It was built by John Lopez who has been making western and rodeo themed bronzes for the last ten years. This one was made in honor of Sue, the T-Rex specimen that was found in his home state of South Dakota.

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family was delicious

The title for this sticker says all you really need to know. It also qualifies and my new fave product title on the internet:

Your stick family was delicious t-rex t rex eating stick figure family funny vinyl decal bumper sticker nobody cares about

I mean, really, doesn’t that say it all?

Product Page ($5)

dino wedding

“Tyrannosaurus rex attacks wedding party” sounds like a headline for a future movie on Syfy, but it actually happened. Mostly. This AWESOME photo was taken by Quinn Miller. The wedding group just had to find the right spot, and the dino was photoshopped into the background – or was it?

Folks: if you’re planning a wedding, the bar has been raised. It’s been raised to the stars.

Make sure you click the image to enlarge and see all the hilarious facial expressions.

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Unless Jurassic Park becomes a reality, there’s no chance of you bagging a T-Rex for dinosaur meat ad the ultimate hunting trophy. However, thanks to polyresin and a market for strange wall decor, you can at least pretend you did.

This T-Rex trophy provides the look and a handy metal keyhole mount for display, but it only measures 14″H x 14″, so when you BS your harrowing tale, you’ll have to spin some yarn about killing a mini tyrant lizard.

Product Page: ($70)

This 17″ hunk of sculpted resin awesomeness was created by Joe Simon and painted by Mangrasshopper. The work is titled “Another Big Hunt” and measures 17″ tall from the top of the Predator’s blade weapon to the bottom of the base. We only wish it was available for sale—or the concept was being released as a movie.

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