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Doctor Who becomes Doctor Loo with this cozy TARDIS toilet installed by Warmley Waiting Room. The Bristol cafe is alongside the Bristol to Bath cycle path, and when the owners of the cafe purchased a replica TARDIS, they figured why not make it functional? The inside of the TARDIS features Victorian decor, and the light on the top is rigged to a motion sensor and indicates whether the toilet is in use. They have a doorbell installed in the cafe that makes the whooshing TARDIS noise, and they like to set it off when people are getting their photo taken with the TARDIS.

I imagine the TARDIS will bring some new faces to the cafe. I’ve certainly added it to my list for whenever I make it across the pond.

Image via Warmley Waiting Room’s Twitter

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tardis london 1

Doctor Who returned this weekend with the premiere for season 8 and the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. His first adventure with Jenna Coleman put them into Victorian London with a dinosaur. Naturally. To promote the new season, BBC One plopped a crashed TARDIS and dinosaur bones in London’s Parliament Square. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman even made a made a surprise appearance at the site on Friday.

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matt smith and stan lee

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Bring a little bit of the great beyond into your bathroom with new cotton towels from ThinkGeek. They have two towel sets available: one features the TARDIS from Doctor Who and the other has the Enterprise from Star Trek. Each towel set includes a bath, hand, and face towel, and you’ll be prepared for anything if you carry them all at the same time.

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You love to read, but how to keep all your beloved books organized? This set of bookends splits the TARDIS in two to hold all your books in a neat and tidy row. It measures 6.5″ x 4″ x 4″ and is currently available for preorder with delivery expected later this month.

Product Page ($54.99)


It seems the TARDIS has run into a little trouble by the looks of these set photos snapped by Colin Waymark. They’re images from filming that is taking place in Cardiff and they have Peter Capaldi wandering around a smaller than usual TARDIS. Why? We don’t know. How? We don’t know. All your questions will have to wait until new episodes air, and even then we’ll probably all be left with more questions than answers.

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tardis key evolution

It’s always struck me as a little odd that the key to the TARDIS wasn’t more intricate. On one hand, a plain key suits the Doctor, but on the other hand, I’d love to collect some artful keys. It turns out a few of the previous Doctors had fancier versions, and you can see them in Terrasolo’s key collection.

She made the piece to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, and she used screen caps and production photos for reference. Where she couldn’t find quality images, she made an educated guess. For example, she’s not sure if the Sixth Doctor’s key was ever seen on screen.

You can see a larger image and read more about her process for creating the replicas over at DeviantArt.

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sonic wand 1

Calling all Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans! This post is for you because it features a sonic screwdriver wand in a TARDIS-inspired wand box. I think both Harry and the Doctor would consider this creation a magical mash-up.

Both designs are by Instructables user CabbitCastle. He was asked to make a wand fashioned after the Tenth Doctor’s sonic. He created plans in Photoshop and used a lathe to fabricate the wand while the wand box was made from poster board and foam pads. He wrote thorough tutorials for each project so you can create a sonic wand and case of your very own. This craft is definitely going onto my to-do list!

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Sure, The Doctor may have his sonic screwdriver, but we 21st-century humans have something almost as good: smartphones! The only drawback is that you have to charge them frequently. But now Doctor Who fans can charge their smartphones, especially their iPhones, with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand. It’s laser-etched, and is made from blue acrylic. It also holds a notch for a charger. Added bonus: you don’t need The Eye of Harmony to power this TARDIS! You’re welcome.

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Now that Doctor Who is a go for Lego, the concepts are starting to trickle in to Lego Cuusoo. This idea for a Doctor Who Lego Set is definitely the most promising thus far. The design is the work of Andrew Clark who has been designing video games for the last 13 years but clearly has found his true calling.

The 530-piece set would include TARDIS interior and exterior walls, interior console, street, interior base, K9 and a Dalek. He’s also proposed 2 Doctor minifigs and 2 Companion minifigs that he hasn’t quite decided on yet. His suggestion is to have one older Doctor and one newer Doctor to make all the fans happy. There’s also the possibility of a Weeping Angel and even a Cyberman.

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