CES brings out all the coolest gadgets, and these wireless speakers from Massive Audio are no exception. They work with an iOS or Android app and can be paired together so you could have a small fleet of Daleks playing your favorite tunes. The design is wonderfully detailed and even includes a glowing blue Dalek eye and a lit TARDIS light.

Even better, there are sound effects so you get 6 TARDIS noises and the Daleks will yell “Obey!” and “Exterminate!” jut like the real deal. There are also two different TARDIS-themed headphones and, if you were at the show, there was a life-size Dalek roaming about the booth blasting tunes.

According to Mashable, Pricing will be $120 for the TARDIS speaker or $150 for the Dalek with a “Dalek Sec” variant that’s black for $120. Headphones will run for $60 wired or $120 wireless. Expect to see them go on sale in late spring.

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nerd viewing party

We have a fun update on our story about LeAnn Moder and the TARDIS that earned her a letter from her Homeowners Association.

After receiving the letter, LeAnn decided that, instead of putting her TARDIS away, she’d host a Doctor Who viewing party instead.

We also have a little bit more info on LeAnn’s HOA and the overall reaction to the letter she received. While some people on the internet got a bit outraged (outraged on the internet? NEVER!), LeAnn herself isn’t upset at all. In fact, she loves her neighborhood. She’s taken all of this in stride and with good humor.

All in all, I’d say things worked out pretty well and, as it turns out, Pinellas County, FL has some pretty devoted Who fans.

You can see her comments and pictures from the event after the break.

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This is an excerpt from a letter sent to LeAnn Moder who lives in Lexington, Florida. She had a full-size TARDIS built for her wedding (where are those pictures LeAnn?) and the homeowners association took issue with her having the blue box in her driveway. The expectation is that she will remove this eyesore posthaste, but her response to them is priceless. She said on her Facebook page:

I’m slightly amused by this….I maintain this is a mode of transportation, therefore I have every right to park it in my driveway.

We couldn’t agree more.

(Nerd Bastards via Topless Robot)

tardis bed 1

If you have regular visitors but would like to utilize the space in your guest room when it’s not being occupied, a Murphy bed is the way to go.  But one possible problem: they’re not cheap. When blogger Stubbs of The Stubby Thumb was put off by Murphy bed prices, she decided to make her own and to give it some Doctor Who flair. I mean, the TARDIS is possibly the best choice for a hideaway bed.

She crafted the entire bed herself and while she mentions it’s not an exact match to any of the TARDISes seen in the series, her design had to fit the space available. I think we’ll let any inaccuracies slide on this one. In fact, I hope she expands the Doctor Who theme to include the entire room.

See more pictures of the bed (including the awesome Tenth Doctor bedding) after the break.

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tardis bed 2

I have no idea who actually built this bed, but I do know I want one and I want it now.

Seriously, the BBC needs to license this TARDIS bed and sell it at Ikea or something. Because I need it in my life.

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pumkin tardis

We’ve seen similar TARDIS pumpkins before, but this one definitely takes the concept up a notch.

(via Reddit)

wedding tardis

When it comes to geek wedding proposals, this one’s definitely up there in the “doing it right” section. Not only did redditor Muffinman5423 build a TARDIS, but he put the proposal on the TARDIS itself and then gave his fiancé a key to the TARDIS along with the ring.

I’m also going to give him extra points for TARDIS placement.

It’s a very sweet video and you can check it out after the break.

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tardis guitar 1

If you’re ready to make your music sound bigger on the inside, you need to order a Police Box cigar box guitar from R Brand Guitars. They designed this instrument to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and the box guitar features the blue TARDIS police box and Gallifreyan designs on the neck. They’re made to order, and R Brand Guitars is only crafting a limited number of these beauties. They’re $150 each, and while they probably can’t go through time and space, they can produce lovely tunes.

More photos of the custom guitar after the break.

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You’ll have nothing but sweet dreams about The Doctor with your very own TARDIS headboard. It’s primarily built out of wood with the addition of dry erase boards for the windows and some vinyl letters. And this is even bigger on the inside, as the doors actually open to display a series of shelves for storing your books, a sonic screwdriver, and maybe even a fez.

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TARDIS Stroller 1

If you’re a geeky parent and want your kid to travel in style, a TARDIS stroller is definitely the way to go. Twitter user Vanja Vinter made this galactic set of Doctor Who-themed wheels, and it does look bigger on the inside and quite comfortable. Can I get one made in an adult size?

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