the avengers

disney women of color as the avengers

Art by ellephantidelli.

Lilo as Loki is my personal fave.

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lego helicarrier 1

The helicarrier from The Avengers is made to be built from LEGO bricks, and LEGO Ideas (formerly Cuusoo) user ysomt came up with a design that uses 22,694 of them. Isn’t it a thing of beauty? He reviewed stills from the film and did his best to make the helicarrier screen accurate and get the proportions just right. It measures 85.4 by 45.3 inches so you’d need to clear a big space to build and display it. If the project receives 10,000 votes, this beast of a helicarrier could become an actual product on store shelves.

Vote to make the LEGO helicarrier a reality at LEGO Ideas.

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adventure time avengers header

Oh my glob! What if the characters from Adventure Time transformed into Marvel’s Avengers? Comic Book Resources featured the mash-up in their latest edition of “The Line it is Drawn,” and you know what? It was simply meant to be. You’ll find Jake as Thor, Jack hanging out with Thor, LSP as Captain Marvel, and more. I’d like to see all of these drawings animated!

Jake/Thor art by Mathieu Parent.

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superhero rockstars 1

It stands to reason that superheroes could be talented musicians. They have all kinds of extraordinary skills, and maybe their enhancements would make them better at playing instruments. Artist Andrés Moncayo imagines such a world and has drawn members of the Avengers and Justice League as rock stars. The combination of music and superheroes works exceptionally well.

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i.chzbgr copy

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baby face avengers

Ever wondered what kid versions of the Avengers might look like? In Ben Oliver’s mind, they’re precious but also disturbing. The artist created this montage of the superheroes plus Nick Fury in caricature style, and it the art really captures their personalities. But, the grown up faces on toddler bodies really weirds me out. I can’t unsee this.

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Shield Acura_Upload

This isn’t a re-creation, but one of the actual 2011 Acura MDXs used in The Avengers. It’s one of only ten made for the film and it’s being auctioned off on eBay to the highest bidder. The car is just like any other Acura MDX on the inside, complete with tech package and leather seats, but the outside is another story.

Cinema Vehicle Services gave it a new matte black paint job, bigger tires, a light bar on the roof and a push bar up front with LED headlights. Later, the studio added a few finishing touches like S.H.I.E.L.D logos and a serial number to make it screen ready. It has a Buy It Now price of $42,900, but you’ve got six days to put in a bid so you’ll be ready when Agent Coulson shows up in need of a little help managing the latest threat to planetary security.

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These Avengers assemble with The Force thanks to redditor OdoWanKenobi. He took his Hot Toys The Avengers collection and put them in the clothes of Star Wars characters. It all works pretty well, even the freakishly huge Yoda-Hulk.

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If you heard a really loud, high pitched squee from the West Coast direction of the planet, that was me finding out that James Spader had been cast as the Big Bad in Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

Per the Marvel press release:

James Spader will face off against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the villain in Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the sequel to 2012’s record-breaking “Marvel’s The Avengers.” The Emmy Award-winning actor will play Ultron in the Avengers’ much anticipated return to the big screen from writer/director Joss Whedon. The film comes to theaters on May 1, 2015.

Some part of me always knew that Steff from Pretty In Pink was going to survive whatever “lesson” he got thanks to John Hughes and grow up to be an evil SOB. This just seems like the natural conclusion to his need for power.

Plus, the header pic tells you what I already knew. RDJ and Spader just…work. (yes, I’ve loved them both for that long)

Definitely planning to keep an eye out for more news on this one. Thanks Marvel, you made my year ;-)