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Warner Bros has confirmed that The Official Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will be available on September 24th. This incredible set includes six discs as well as loads of memorabilia.

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Bat Logo Bookshelves

Bookshelves are almost as attractive to me as books. Though I often go for straightforward designs that can fit as much media as possible, I love the way these Bat Symbol bookshelves look. Etsy seller Fahmi Sani came up with a couple of designs based on Christopher Nolan’s movies and the more classic black and yellow look. I think they’d be perfect for storing DVDs.

They’re made to order; and we recommend checking with the seller about timelines beforehand. Note that they do not come with an actual Batman.

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The Real Dark Knight

The Real Dark Knight

Not who you expected, huh?

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This officially licensed Batman 16GB USB flash drive is part collectible, part functional gadget, and more than a little odd. It’s an ABS/PVC bust that measures 10cm tall with a head that is the actual USB drive. So, you behead Batman to plug it in, then the eyes and Bat logo on his chest light up—which makes him beheaded and possessed. Each one comes with a unique serial number that can be read by a smartphone with NFC.

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Screen Junkies has finally turned the magnifying glass that is their honest trailer on The Dark Knight Rises. It makes a lot of valid points about the film such as the minimal Batman time in the movie, the way the aspect ratios fluctuate, and as usual, they find all the plot holes and punch through them. I may not always agree with what they point out, but honest trailers do make me think about movies differently. They also make me laugh.

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The rumors can finally be set to rest as it’s now official that The Dark Knight Rises will be available for digital download and as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with collectible cowl packaging on December 4th. We first saw some concept art about a month ago and it looks like that sneak peek was pretty accurate.

The combo pack also has cool extras like a documentary with all five Batmobiles together for the first time, Ending the Knight which includes 17 featurettes on how the movie was made, a featurette titled The Journey of Bruce Wayne, trailers and art galleries.

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TDK Doesn't Rise

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Batman Pothole

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Batman Russia

That’s a real photo untouched by Photoshop right there. Awesomely enough, the Russian Millitary Intelligence Agency’s insignia has Batman’s logo right smack in the middle.

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The Dark Knight Rises Concept Art

I’m sure you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises by now. Remember that scene where Batman finally faced off with Bane? He took a huge beating from the masked villain, who was stronger, fitter, and hungrier for blood and victory. Bane beat Batman to a pulp and eventually ripped the mask off of Bruce Wayne’s face. As he walked away, he dropped Batman’s broken mask for all in the sewers to see.

That scene is the inspiration for this concept Blu-ray collectors edition packaging. If the powers that be decide to do something like this, I’m totally going to get one. (Even if they didn’t, I’ll probably still get a copy. But, you get the idea.)

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