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We knew, all of us, deep in our bones, that this day would come. The “Middle-Earth Limited Collector’s Edition” box set containing the extended versions of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies is coming. To say that it is “elaborate” would be a massive understatement.

I mean yes, we are in fact talking about thirty (30) discs containing every piece of bonus and supplemental material released to date. But that doesn’t impress you, does it? Mr. Collector, Mr. Completionist, Mr. “I Already Own Three Copies Of Each Movie On Both DVD And Blu-ray So I’ve Seen Every Behind-The-Scenes Snippet You Could Care To Rustle Up.” How’s about each film being presented in its own book, complete with faux leather cover? How about sitting those books on a very special wooden book shelf with a design approved by Peter Jackson himself? How about a recreation of the Red Book of Westmarch which contains official concept art and recreated concept art by Alan Lee and John Howe?

Yeah, piqued your interest now, haven’t we? Okay, so here’s the big question. How are you doing with money? Because you’ll have to drop a whopping $800 to own this limited edition set during the pre-order period. More details are available in the image below (click to enlarge). [click to continue…]

Whatever you’re smoking, be it tobacco or… y’know, some other thing, you should endeavor as look as cool as possible while you’re doing it. That’s where SVpipesdesign’s phenomenal custom-made pipes, modeled on characters from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, can come in handy.

These hand-carved wooden pipes don’t come cheap, though – the Gimli pipe will set you back a whopping $2,500, so you’ll want to be pretty bloody confident that sucking smoke through a tube coming out the back of a dwarf’s head is for you.

Check out some more of SVpipedesign’s Tolkien-inspired handywork below.

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HP lois malfroy

Do you ever find yourself thinking that those big-budget geeky  movies you like just make too much sense? Yeah, OK, we get flying cars and giant battles and spaceships and all that. But where are the odd religion references? The out-of-left-field sexual innuendos? The David Lynchian surrealness?

Thank you, bootleg movie subtitles. Even when the words you’re trying to translate are literally on the screen, you still provide us with the utmost in mistranslated hilarity. Now that’s dedication.

Let’s start with the most infamous movie mistranslation, the one that inexplicably substituted the Jedi Council for the Presbyterian Church and gifted the world with at eternal piece of internet vernacular. Iiiiiit’s…

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LOTR mythology

When it comes to trying to understand all of the different people, races, and creatures within The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, it’s easy to get a little confused. There is, after all, a lot going on.

Thankfully YouTuber CGP Grey is here to break it down for you in under 5 minutes.

Head after the break to watch the video.

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fly you fool

Proving yet again that he’s one of the most awesome person in the history of ever, Sir Ian McKellen posted this image with a simple “Fly, you fool!” caption.

I only wish it had lifted off and carried him away in the next picture, but that’s what imaginations are for.

Well played, Sir Ian.

You can check out the Instagram post after the break.

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Here’s some cool news for J.R.R. Tolkien fans. A recording of Tolkien from a “Hobbit Dinner” he attended in the Netherlands in 1958 has just resurfaced.

Jay Johnstone, co-founder of Legendarium at, discovered the tape’s existence and that it was in the possession of Tolkien fan René van Rossenberg, who owns a Lord of the Rings shop. I don’t doubt there were riddles told and the words “my precious” were used because von Rossberg is allowing the tape to be remastered and we’ll all get to hear it later this year.

The tape contains a recording of Tolkien explaining the meaning of The Lord Of The Rings, reciting a poem in Elvish, and more. Thankfully a preview is avaialble in the video after the break…

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life sized gollum

Gollum would like to greet all the guests that enter your home and show them his fish. That is not a euphemism.

Weta is offering a life size statue of the iconic character, and he would definitely add a certain vibe to any location. The statue is 55″ tall and since he is not cheap, you should have a perfect place to showcase him. He’s cast in fiberglass, and they only have a “strictly” limited number of pieces available. So limited you have to email Weta to make sure it’s available before placing your order. Hopefully you have a precious you can melt down to pay for this lifelike creature.

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If you didn’t read the Lord of the Rings before seeing The Fellowship of the Ring, you may have been confused by Gandalf refusing to take the One Ring and relieve Frodo of his burden. It seems like a wise person with good intent should be able to control the power, but as you soon learn, that’s the trick. DeviantArt user Benjamin Collison imagined what Gandalf would look like if he succumbed to temptation and wore the ring. Behold, Gandalf the Black. He looks like a wizard you really, really wouldn’t want to make angry.

(Ian Brooks via io9)

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

Gandalf stopped the Balrog of Moria, surely he can stop some pedestrians on a bridge in Central Park. At least, you’d think so. In this video, a man dressed as Gandalf shouts “you shall not pass” and tries his best to get people to stop. Most people laugh, take a picture, and move on. One passerby even yells a spell from Harry Potter at him. Poor Gandalf.

See what happens in the funny video after the break.

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